Pravda: The Israeli Air Force bombed the confidence of Russia


Agreements on the prevention of dangerous incidents in Syria between the parties involved in the conflict are, however, not to enjoy the very fact of their availability, but for a specific benefit. The death of the reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian VCS is an obvious product of liberty that the Israeli Air Force allowed itself in the Syrian sky.

The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged the fact of the defeat of the Russian aircraft by Syria’s air defense systems. The fact that the Israeli military warned its Russian counterparts stationed in the UAR at the invitation of the government of the country, a minute before the Israeli Air Force’s operation on targets, also spoke about it.

By what right, in principle, do the Israeli air forces strike on the territory of a sovereign state? It seems to be a simple and obvious question. It would be nice if Syria declared war on Israel or the Air Force of the SAR systematically attacked the positions of the Israeli army.

So far, only the Syrian military has found Israeli ammunition, supplies and weapons from terrorists fighting against the government army, and not vice versa. And dozens of air raids, and not always the targets of the Israeli Air Force are terrorists.

You can imagine what would be a cry if the Russian VCS at least simulated a call on the goals, say, in Ukraine. Yes, even if they invaded the airspace of the neighboring country with Russia, justifying this violation by the interests of their national security. And then they bombed, the units of the Syrian army were shot, as in a dash.

No one hides the presence in Syria of Hezbollah fighters, which Israel considers a terrorist organization. There are organizations that are recognized as terrorist in Russia, but Israel does not consider them as such.

The mere participation of the Israeli military in the evacuation of some of the filmmakers from the White Helmets, along with other “good” terrorists, already speaks about Israel’s selective succession in the fight against this world evil.

The desire to adjust the policy of Syria, apparently, played a cruel joke with Israel. Predictable Assad quite satisfied his Israeli neighbors until he had an opportunity to try his luck and, together with the US and his other allies, try to bring pro-Western forces to power in the country. Fatal mistake.

The castling of radical Barmaleys with black banners, which are far more dangerous than the one hundred Asadov, probably impressed Israel. The consequences of the actions of Western democracies was the absolutely predictable introduction of units of the Iranian army into Syria and armed units of Hezbollah.

And what they wanted? The Syrians had to somehow defend themselves against terrorists who were going to create a caliphate on their territory. Sow the wind, reap the storm. Now the government of Israel is throwing lightning, and it was possible at least not to participate in the sawing of the bitch on which the balanced Bashar Assad sat.

Agreed with the Russian military on the prevention of incidents – fulfill your obligations, and do not get upset from the realization that the Israeli pilots were smart and hid behind a Russian airplane. The size and suddenness of Russian savvy can be extremely surprising to us, the citizens of Russia, if the dialogue begins in the proposed “patsan” format.

The Russian military has already spoken about the possibility of supplying Syria with the S-300. They did not do this at the request of Israel, which feared for the lives of its pilots. For their pilots who are bombing a sovereign country, they are afraid. For the Russians, therefore, you can not worry. At least, a strange partnership.

The only state with which all the countries of the Middle East region and the Persian Gulf speak and listen to it are Russia. Already with the Golan heights, they sorted out the concerns of Israel. For sure, Russian diplomats are also working with Iran to minimize the threat of a military conflict that threatens the entire region with an imminent catastrophe. And suddenly such a turn.

Perhaps it is true to take Russia and close our eyes to the interests of Israel in the region, since they do not pose the lives of the Russian military and existing agreements in pennies? Or did they kiss so many kisses in the Kremlin with Comrade Yasir Arafat that they are ready to experience fate on a new turn of history? What is the creative idea of ​​Israel?

It is clear that this Syrian missile struck a Russian aircraft. But after all, the Russian plane would not have been in a dangerous area if the Israeli military informed in time on their plans, and not for a minute, as they did.

Being covered by a Russian plane also does not look very much like a partner. IL-20 is not a high-speed maneuverable fighter, to instantly gain speed and leave the line of fire. The Israeli military knew this. They saw a Russian plane on their radar.

As there everything will develop with the tragic introductions to the partnership relations between Russia and Israel, it is hardly possible to predict now who will. The Russian Defense Ministry has already called the actions of the Israeli military hostile and declared their right to retaliate, which is quite logical under the circumstances.

Conclusions and an adequate response from Russia in this story should be noticeable and sensitive. Including the provision of security for Russian servicemen in conditions when any arrangements can be ignored by the other side when it pleases.

Perhaps, and act in the proposed conditions as decisively as the Israeli military does? Behave like an experienced driver who realizes that not everyone follows the rules of the road?

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  1. I know for sure, that in this “Babylonian” war in Syria, with so many different participants, the real truth won’t be opened. It is military. It is a war. It is dirty policy. It is a huge bunch of “ifs”&” fors”. There is also a great fault of my country. Too selfconfident and forget that it is a dirty war and full of intrigues. The past experience do not teach. Unfortunately, our soldiers know how to fight, but don’t know the intrigues or dirty games…

  2. It is time to go to the back yard and to dig out the Mosin rifles. If this crime will stay like the one hit by Turkey, Putin will loose his credits from Russians. Nation demands answers and action. We don’t need Zakharova now. We want Shoigu.

    • @Khalid.: first of all, – thank you for the condolences about the plane, in the other article.
      About ” digging out Mosin rifles from the back yard” (ogorod in rus.) is our saying when smth.happened and you need to take urgent measures : )

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