Pravda: The Israeli Air Force bombed the confidence of Russia



  1. I know for sure, that in this “Babylonian” war in Syria, with so many different participants, the real truth won’t be opened. It is military. It is a war. It is dirty policy. It is a huge bunch of “ifs”&” fors”. There is also a great fault of my country. Too selfconfident and forget that it is a dirty war and full of intrigues. The past experience do not teach. Unfortunately, our soldiers know how to fight, but don’t know the intrigues or dirty games…

  2. It is time to go to the back yard and to dig out the Mosin rifles. If this crime will stay like the one hit by Turkey, Putin will loose his credits from Russians. Nation demands answers and action. We don’t need Zakharova now. We want Shoigu.

    • @Khalid.: first of all, – thank you for the condolences about the plane, in the other article.
      About ” digging out Mosin rifles from the back yard” (ogorod in rus.) is our saying when smth.happened and you need to take urgent measures : )

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