Oslo – A Criminal Political Fraud

"Oslo peace" did not bring peace

I was in Washington, DC watching the ceremony of Israeli killers and murderers shaking hands with Yasser Arafat, who was the most corrupt, incompetent and fraudulent leader in Palestinian history.

I watched as many local Palestinians and Arabs were tripping over themselves as they received invitations to attend the ceremony of the signing of the Oslo Accord, a political and criminal fraud perpetuated by the Arafat’s Palestinian leadership and the PLO.

Oslo was never about ending the Israeli Military and Settler’s Occupation, nor it was about Jerusalem and the Palestinian right of return. It was a financial and security contract between Israel as an occupying power and the PLO as a servant and contractor of the Israeli Occupation.

One only needs to read what is written about Oslo. How it came about, the negotiations that took place, the team of Palestinian negotiators to know that Arafat and the PLO dispatched the most incompetent, if not the most stupid team to negotiate Oslo?

While Rabin went out of his way to hire the best Israeli and American jurists and negotiators outside of the Israeli government, Arafat on the other hand, lacking any credible team of negotiators or competent lawyers or experts, dispatched a team of two persons lacking any competency in any field, or expertise other than presiding over $ 2 billion in investments that simply disappeared (SAMED Industries) and were never accounted for. They hardly spoke or understood plain English let alone understood the complex legal “Talmudic” language of the Israeli team.

While Israel threw at the Palestinian team a list of over 100 questions of what is their vision, the clueless Palestinians’ only concern was to secure a political and financial future for Arafat and the PLO, which they did. Saving Arafat’s political fortunes and replenishing the looted PLO billions were their only priority.

In return for full unconditional recognition of Israel and its Occupation, Arafat was satisfied to have Israel recognize the PLO as the “sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”, thus securing the political and financial future of the PLO, locking the future of the Palestinians to an organization that lacks legitimacy and credible governing institutions.

As it happens, Arafat came back with all those who failed to “liberate” Palestine, a team of thugs whom he appointed to head his Preventive Security Forces and money-hungry cronies, ensuring the safety of his “regime” and the safety of the Israeli Occupation and the criminal trespassing settlers and the opportunity of financial windfalls for his cronies.

Many people, especially the Palestinians, simply forget that it was Arafat and his recognition of Israel that opened the doors to Israel in the Arab and Muslim world. Of course, this gave Arabs and Muslims a simple argument – if the Palestinians represented by the PLO can recognize Israel and open channels of communications why not the Arab and Muslim countries?

Oslo accord ceremony

To further illustrate the corruption and incompetency of Arafat and the PLO, there was never a credible legal department, since Arafat ran the PLO as his own private domain, marginalizing the discredited and shameless Palestinian National Congress that he used as a door mat. Until today, the PLO lacks any credible governing institutions.

When the PLO began to negotiate with Israel after Oslo, Arafat and the PLO discovered that not only had he selected incompetent, almost illiterate ministers to negotiate with savvy, well-educated Israeli counterparts, but he lacked the kind of expertise needed to negotiate important issues such as water rights and borders, etc.

Then came the Adam Smith Institute (British) to the rescue, hiring some of the best legal Palestinian brains from around the world. But then how can a professional team deal with incompetent and stupid political appointees who have no use for well-researched papers, and who prefer to “wing it” rather than deal with a well-prepared Israeli team that came with maps, dates and position papers? There was no comparison between the well-prepared Israeli negotiators and the incompetent, inept, political cronies of Arafat.

A friend of mine, an expert on water and water resources at the World Bank, said that Israel during Oslo and after Oslo came to the World Bank seeking all the data and research on water and water resources of Palestine. The PLO never even bothered to seek similar information.

It is so sad and tragic that the majority of Palestinian political and influential thinkers never dared to addressed or raise questions about the incompetency and corruption of the PLO and its leadership, preferring to give excuses for such leadership over the last 50 years.

One only needs to think of the more than $ 50 billion the PLO saved Israel over the last 25 years by managing and paying the civil administration of the Israeli Occupation; more troubling is the one billion dollars annual budget that goes to the Palestinian Security Forces that never saved one single Palestinian life, nor one single olive tree.

It is unlikely that the Palestinian people will ever hold the PLO and its leadership accountable for all of its failings, never mind about its legendary corruption. They have no one to blame but themselves.

I wonder what all of those who tripped over themselves to attend such an historic and tragic crime at the White House lawn have to say after witnessing the last 25 years of the most criminal fraudulent enterprise to manage the Israeli Occupation. For Palestinians, the Oslo Accord was a political crime that rises to treason.

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  1. Freemasons have competing interests & are willing to wage legal, political & military warfare in order to further their respective interests. I believe that one cannot make a sweeping generalization that they are all one. The only thing that they have in common are the respective Rites; which can be viewed as no more than a set of protocols & the degree of advancement in said protocols. The key is to identify with the one that suits one’s temperament and interests, both intellectual and personal.

  2. I agree, he was a puppet playing the controllable villain role in the political world of stagecraft. He was an electrical Engineer, and his favorite car was the ’55 Ford Thunderbird. I never figured him as a hard case!

  3. Any border beyond the UN-suggested 1948 borders are Occupied Palestine. The Oslo Accords can be viewed as a sell-out inasmuch as they confirmed the 1967 borders as the legitimate border of Israel. They are in direct violation of the post-WWII UN regulation that territories acquired by war cannot be annexed to a country. They can also be seen as a land-for-peace effort by the PLO.

  4. Sami: Doesn’t this confirm the dictum: “Ignorance is bliss”? They were flim flammed, had, conned much like the rest of us in America are being so conned today by the whores in Congress, mostly all dual citizens, who have sold us out to israel, and run up an enormous debt to the sky. Only when the massive debt collapses will we really know how much it is.

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