Bombshell: Secret American Laboratory Performs Deadly Human Experiments in Caucasus’ Georgia

Sarin for Syria, Swine Flu for Russia, poisoned pharmaceuticals for the US and lots of dead Georgians to test it all


In order to make the world safer, the US is developing a weaponized cholera virus at the Lugar Laboratory in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The proposed mortality rate for this “product” will be 50% and there will be no vaccine.

To VT, this sounds like a biological weapon, not research.

Video is subtitled.  This is a VT story, broken by our Jeffrey Silverman who has had to go into hiding.

Documents VT is holding prove the US has moved its germ warfare program to Georgia and other nations near the Russian border.  There, the US is weaponizing and testing a variety of diseases under the cover of “mysterious outbreaks.”

VT is holding thousands of pages of documents outlining violations of treaties prohibiting the development of biological and chemical weapons, the only treaties the US is still signatory to.

Is this one of the reasons John Bolton threatened to arrest (assassinate?) judges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague if Americans are indicted for war crimes?

Veterans Today tells Russian audiences where the poison gas used inside Syria really comes from.

Georgians, who have stupidly hosted this bio-weapons facility since 2011 now suffer unheard of diseases.

VT’s Jeffrey Silverman

Worse still, fake testing done at the Lugar Lab has fast tracked fatal pharmaceuticals onto the American market.

Watch the video, all of it.  Comment and discuss.g



  1. What about here at home, like in Madison, WI…?

    “After Kawaoka reported this month that he used genes from several bird flu viruses to construct a virus similar to the 1918 pandemic flu virus that killed up to 50 million people worldwide, British and French scientists called the research “absolutely crazy” and “madness, folly.”

    “The whole thing is exceedingly dangerous,” Robert May, the United Kingdom’s

    former chief science adviser, told the Guardian newspaper.

    “If society, the intelligent layperson, understood what was going on, they would say, ‘What the F are you doing?’ ” Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, told the Guardian.”

    • Johnny, pssssst dont wake up the “intelligent layperson” in his peaceful slumber. Pointing on “others’ far, far away is less painful and distracting.

  2. We are all formed from ONE CELL.

    That one cell, divides, and then that divides . . . and so on and so on.

    When left to develop into maturity (and I use the word “maturity” in a relative term. We are NO WHERE NEAR a “mature” species) there are over TRILLIONS of cells . . . muscle, tissue, fat, brain, blood . . . that make up our individual, unique constitutions. Our souls, and lack therefore, resides within.

    NONE of which are respected by these deeply disturbed mad zionist. We are immediately vaccinated, and the chemicals introduced into our DEVELOPMENT . . . into the cells . . . prevent us from ever reaching our full, unadulterated, pure natures. We are all inoculated . . . and altered. They poison the food, our government ALLOWS: GENETICALLY modified organisms (GMO) to be included in our food supply.

    Natural foods that our trillions of cells have grown accustom to PROCESSING . . . and now creating cancers. And all the doctors make money from the cancer seeds . . . THEY HAVE SOWN in us.

    So WTF do I really care about “deadly human experiments” in Caucasus, Georgia? I’m a WALKING experiment . . . and no one seems to care about what they did to me, or the trillions of others throughout their evil reign, over the course of thousands of years.

    Now it’s pinnacle.

    Critical mass.

    Bombshells and altered cells . . . for all!

    • MOAB… it is not as bad as you think. I would just point out the obvious of which you know so well, but too many livid atheist would come out of the woodwork. There are forces of good and good people doing what they can to slow the pendulum swing. It is a duality after all.

  3. i always wondered if these secret labs were working on viruses that target specific DNA codes and are designed to wipe out entire races,,one has to wonder is the Chinese working on one that targets ethnic Europeans/whites,,is the Israeli’s working on one that targets Arabs and vice versa,,should we be working on one as a counter measure to assume a mutually assured destruction should another country target our population?..
    i will say this if i was of African descent i would feel extremely worried about a DNA specific virus..

    i cringe to even think about what goes on in those labs..

    • Well over 20 years ago, I remember hearing a rumor that Israelis were working on a virus that would target Arab DNA, but they were having problems because Jews have a trace of Arab DNA that made them vulnerable, too.

      Just a rumor, there are a few things wrong with it, but just thought Id mention it…

      Targeting specific groups of humans by their race was probably the FIRST thing attempted in bio warfare.

      A worldwide referendum would probably ban all bio-warfare uses. We don’t want ’em, its our leaders herding us right into the slaughterhouse, AGAIN…

  4. Bombshell? Oh, yes surely another one of the same old kind so well known to US after celebrating over 100 years of Rockefeller University/Foundation, worldwide Bio warfare killing sprees and human genocide. Let’s write a few more books about it before we go back to sleep again and after congratulating Billiboy Gates for his good work on the fallen and unworthy human garbage in the 3rd world that has to go. “Jews r US” headquarter is not in ISrael! It is proudly made in America and loves America to its death though is patented and copyrighted by the almighty kingdom of Zion which is always on time when it comes to collecting “debt”.

  5. Slam Dunk case against the US if the other documents are as damaging – at least in the old days where a few good men in the Government were still working for Our Country. Looks like plenty of witness’s would come forward too. Thanks to Jeff Silverman { wherever he may be } – always have room here. Veterans Today has had sooo much Pulitzer Prize research thrown out to the Public that it must be frustrating to read and see what the US/ West has become in regards to the 2013 Propaganda Laws and their puppet MSM vs. real journalism. The whole western sphere seems to have been Hijacked – and everything in it – Almost. Thanks VT