Syria to get Russia’s S-300: Here’s what you need to know about the missile system



    1. This is another unintended consequence that will potentially allow the Russians to demonstrate the S-300 for real. Many other countries will be watching this.

      The MIC in DC and especially the US SAM manufacturers will be truly pissed of with Israel for giving the Russians the opening what is win/win for them. Israel reduces attacks, win as deterrent; hits an F-16 etc, win as a system, misses a target, Syria’s fault. If it is fired in anger and hits an IAF plane, one of the best AF there is, it will send shockwaves throughout the World. This isn’t a F-18 downing a 30+ year old Su with its second missile, this is for real.

    2. It appears that the S-300 systems began arriving last week in Il-76s that flew the direct route over Turkey (transponders off on that section!) into Russia’s airbase. The 14 days quoted seems to be the time to operational rather than delivery. It is probable that Pantsir are coming with them.

      Given the short timescale and the importance it must be highly likely that these systems will be branded Syrian Government for political reasons but operated by RuAF crews, maybe until the war is over. That is only Russians in the front row of the control consoles with lots of Syrians hanging around. Then if an IAF aircraft is hit the Syrians claim the glory and political hit from the US whilst the Russians sit back and smile getting some pats on the back. If it misses then it is down to SyAF lack of training.

    3. The Syrians have had the S300s for some time, though evidently not enough. Other sources say the Russians are delivering the S400s now.

      • The Israeli Air Force might do well to remember this newly refined detail of Syrian military etiquette in future:

        Surprise visits will be given an X-300 welcome by the surprised.

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