Warning: New York Terror Target


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is well above the level of “chatter.”  This was received from intelligence sources.  It is in the hands of US counter-terrorism officials at this time.  This is published as part of a policy of not withholding information.

VT does not guarantee the source nor veracity of what is below.  We are publishing this in an attempt to derail a terror attack.  This means I believe it may well be true. g

“After the French-Israeli provocation on the Russian plane, and the attack in Iran, last week, we fear that a major attack scheduled on the UN buildings years ago, 9/11 type attack, or submarine, boat attack could target the UN building this week.

We pray Allah that nothing will happen but we know the Israelis much more deeper than anybody else on earth. We are able to disable them, even if twitter is censoring us, we had the Russian plane in our radars. We believe that if any false flag attack happens in New York this week, it is the work of the Israelis, using their terrorists networks in Paris, London, Miami, New York and Toronto.

Hopefully nothing will happen, but Trump is in bad shape, his plan for the ME is not applicable under international law, so Tel Aviv might think that destroying the UN, international law, would make their plans work. (Note:  Bolton’s threat against the ICC, arrests of judges, etc., is a partial confirmation of this)

Transferring the UN to Jerusalem is in the israeli plans… Like genociding the remaining Palestinians and the other Arabs and Muslims in the West. These are the real plans, so France and Israel, like during 9/11 are hold accountable of any terrorist attack this time, they will face express justice. Let’s see if Netanyahu, his minion Trump, and his masters are courageous and attack the buildings… blame Muslims or any other country once again!”

VT is censoring the message from here onwards.  Sorry.

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  1. Khalid, unfortunately,Pisrael’s stench has now infiltrated America not to mention Britain and France. The stench of Pisrael is that of rotting corpses, lies and thievery. It is the stench of zionism.

  2. When one person kills another, there is
    immediate revulsion at the nature of the

    But in a time so short as to seem
    indecent to the members of the personal
    family, the dead person ceases to exist as an
    identifiable figure. To those individuals in
    the community of good will and empathy,
    warmth and compassion, only one of the key
    actors in the drama remains with whom to
    commiserate—and that is always the
    criminal. The dead person ceases to be a
    part of everyday reality, ceases to exist. She
    is only a figure in a historic event. We
    inevitably turn away from the past, toward
    the ongoing reality. And the ongoing reality
    is the criminal; trapped, anxious, now
    helpless, isolated, often badgered and
    bewildered. He usurps the compassion that
    is justly his victim’s due. He will steal his
    victim’s moral constituency along with her

    • The above quote is made from a victim’s family member of Tookie Williams . . . the Crip gang-banger founder. He murdered 5 people that they know of, brought PCP into the black community (thanks CIA).

      But, the statement can be used on ALL THE VICTIMS . . . and the souls that were not allowed to fill out their life naturally . . . but were sacrificed by, and to, the DEATH CULT which runs this fvcked up planet.

      So the whiny little bitches do it over, and over, and over again. And get away with it. Only THEY had the holocaust . . . because they’re left to whine about it. The dead in WW II? In Russia, Germany, France, England, U.S. and parts in between.

      I saw a plate of Alexander III on the Antique Roadshow tonight. Someone bought it for $400 and brought it in to get it appraised. They “authenticated’ the plate, and totally glossed over the entire DEATH, murder of the Tsar in front of his children. The rednecks in Birmingham were so happy to hear that the plate they paid $400 was Antique Roadshow appraised at $2,000.

      Yes, This is America. We feel so much happiness from owning murdered people’s property.

      The Babylonian/Talmud/Khazar/Bolsheviks/Zionists . . .

    • The above quote is from a victim’s family member who wrote that to be used in the Los Angeles District Attorney Response to Clemency Petition. The clemency petition was filed by the gang-banger, and his court-appointed law firm. Clemency? He showed none to his victims.

      The deep state of Israhell pushes the envelope, kicks sand, flicks shit, bitch slaps, and that’s just the nice things . . . they plot, plan, carry out, murder, assassinate, and pay for it all through money they get from . . . . our drunk Uncle Sam.

      It costs MONEY to regime change. And they’ve been getting it from drunk Uncle Sam for decades. Oh, and the blood diamonds from the South African mines that they run through Schipol under the watchful eye of ICTS International . . . the Mossad / Ben Shit airport “security” company (who was contracted by Logan airport on 9/11, btw) . . . fencing off the Tsar’s property financed the Bolsheviks, it’s how they run it all.

    • I of course refer to the official cause of death. I am open to the possibility that the kidney disease may have been induced.

    • Very appropriate post MOAB! What a very different and enjoyable world it would be without these empowered sinister demonic Bastards.

  3. Come on, Gordon. Release the 911 Sandia nuke report, sanitized as necessary. Show the world the Israelis did it and take these bastards down. They are inhuman. Their Talmud sys that we are not even the same species as them. Is it a surprise that they treat all but their own with such contempt? Hoping the Russians grow a pair and close the Syrian airspace and put the Zios in a cage where they belong.

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