Russia Starts Sending Advanced Electronic Military Hardware to Syria



  1. Israeli slime ball Bibi must be chomping at the bit to launch another airstrike, if not multiple ones simultaneously to prove he can do anything he wants. It would make my decade to read 15 IDF aircraft destroyed over Syrian territory, one damaged, pilot ejects, captured by Lebanese forces.

    Some would find that to be a feel good story! Me for one!

  2. It must be clear now to the planners in Russia that neither the U.,S,. nor Israel can be trusted in any promises they make. Russia must begin planning to develop major military bases in Syria, Cuba and Mexico and possibly South America too in order to protect its own security from the outlaws in israel, U.S. and E. U. who hate it so much. Russia is no longer the former Soviet Union as many ignorant fools in America seem to believe. But all they understand is military armed force so Russia must grant them their wishes. Israel also did 9/11/01 but blamed it on Muslims. Russia may have to turn Israel into ashes to prove to the world it can do it to protect its own security.

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