If I’d Only Known Then what I know now

Dealing with a covert criminal RICO Secret Shadow Government that is out of control and abusive is usually never the intention of ordinary folks drawn into their spider web. That was certainly the case with me about 27 years ago.


by  Preston James

The Government in DC is ceremonial, and is there to fool We The People into believing our elected officials are there to represent our interests when actually they are not.

They are there to become Court Princes and Princesses and share in the King’s vast riches and power as long as they are willing to do their assigned jobs and allow themselves to be compromised by the King’s agents.

This human compromise provides great impetus to never turn on the King…but the rewards for such are great power, privilege, status and riches.

In America and most western nations the King has no clothes but his court must daily praise his new clothes that don’t exist.

The King’s managers in America are a bunch of secondary level Cutouts, such as the various roundtables such as the Defense Advisory Boards, the CFR, AIPAC, etc. placed there to manage these elected DC Princes and Princesses.

Serious corrections are made by the FBI, the CIA and Mossad (the Mossad is foreign based but has free reign here by secret treaty, as do some other G7 foreign Intel agencies). And there are many other secondary agencies–in reality there are 37 Intel agencies in America, not 16 as claimed, and many are unacknowledged. These are the King’s agents that specialize in human compromise (pedophile ops).

It appears that G7 Intel Agencies work together, share diplomatic immunity in each others’ nations, have many joint ops.

They can issue local Law Enforcement “Stand-down orders” with permission of a high official in that nation where they work as guests.

Some do freelance contract work for large DOD contractors who have been deputized under national security.

The FBI works hard to oppress dissidents, whistleblowers and Truth on many fronts. These King’s agents work hard to protect the Ruling Cabal, which is empowered by secret Baal worship such as is practiced at the Bohemian Grove each July by most world leaders, and which usually features sexual inversions, pedophilia, and child sacrifice in the top circles.

If the masses ever understood the truth of what these monsters walking about us are doing in secret, many folks would immediately crack up. Some would immediately hunt them down as a pack of wild vigilantes demanding instant justice.

That is why the King spends so much money controlling the Major Mass Media in America – otherwise his evil system of human parasitism, death and suffering would be exposed and stopped no matter what the cost by an awakened We The People.

But who is the King who sits behind the veiled curtain and pulls all the strings of his DC puppets and all his Intel and Law Enforcement agencies?

Many covert researchers believe that the King is a collection of men that create and dispense the money as debt notes, charging pernicious usury for allowing us to use what should have been our own real money in the first place used at no interest.

I call these entities the Banksters, but I can’t call them men because I am not sure what they are genetically (based on their anti-human behaviors). Insiders have classically called them the “Moneychangers”. Others have called them the City of London based Vatican Bankers.

Over 25 years ago I was drawn into contact with this secret governmental system of agents. It’s a complicated story that involves the FBI, Promis Software, Inslaw and more. But basically, I was informed by a client of a supposed “rogue FBI” Division-5 FBI Special Agent who was operating as a hitman for the King and had murdered a Chitown auctioneer for the Bankruptcy Court.

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Because of the business I was in at the time, I was obligated to report that or become liable under the federal Misprision of a Felony statute. This is something that most DC Princes and Princesses commit on a frequent basis as well as intermittently committing major RICO felonies and occasional acts of Treason and even Sedition. If you are fortunate enough to become a DC Prince or Princess and are willing to play by the King’s rules, you have access to the DC taxpayer money trough.

This means the ability to accrue massive wealth while in office, massive contributions needed to be re-elected, lots of high paying consulting and Board positions, and large “set aside allocations” in offshore banks in numbered accounts. Note so far these accounts are not locatable by FINCEN, but only through certain sophisticated derivatives of the notorious Promis Software stolen by the USDOJ many years ago.

After I did what I had been told was required under Federal Law and reported this Rogue FBI Special Division 5, Special Agent to the FBI, the case was immediately locked down under national security and taken over by the WFO in DC.

Soon I was targeted. The FBI Perp was mildly spanked but then put back to work. He wasn’t even sent to Butte, Montana to chase stolen cars for a year, the usual Bureau punishment, but he was sent back to work to continue his nefarious work for the CIA.

What few know is that the FBI top positions have been infiltrated by sheep-dipped CIA and hijacked. I have been told that the whole Division 5 is stacked with CIA.

After doing my job and reporting this FBI Special Agent, hoping he would be investigated and fully prosecuted if there was proper corroboration, I instead became the target.

It turns out that this FBI Special Agent was not rogue at all but was working on behalf of higher up King’s agents and was protected by the highest levels of the CIA.

I sought help through Congressman Charlie Rose, and his Chief Investigator referred me to Detective James Rothstein for help. Detective Rothstein was NYCPD Gold Shield, NY State Crime Commission Special Squad Intel Unit. Jim provided me with a lot of information and many suggestions on how to protect myself and helped me weather the storm, which has now lasted about 27 years.

You see, once you seriously cross the King’s agents, you will likely be placed on an AGENCY list and are typically subject to surveillance and harassment the rest of your life, which could be shortened if you are not mentored on how to protect yourself by those who have successfully done so.

Recently I called Gordon Duff (my mentor since I came on board at VT) for advice because the heat had increased lately. When Gordon first brought me in at VT, he helped me a great deal, for which I am grateful. Last week we had quite a productive discussion and once again Gordon clued me in on the rules of the game one must play to counteract this unofficial, illegal abuse of the King’s agents on behalf of the Naked King.

I asked Gordon why these agencies like the FBI, the CIA and DHS never seem to stop harassing a person once they make initial contact. Basically his answer was that it is because they need to justify their jobs and keep busy, and this is the easiest way to show results, by placing folks on regular surveillance and harassment schedules of differing periods, depending on the case. They can label their target any way they want, such as a suspected terrorist even when they know it is a false allegation.

Take Federal Whistleblower Mark Novitsky, a man who is harmless to the system because the DC Politicians and all Law Enforcement are fully insulated against his fact-based complaints to the USG. Mark is a great American Hero and has done his best to expose some very serious USG crimes that he discovered through prior employment for one of the King’s biggest covert spying operations which surveils and parasitizes most Americans, unbeknownst to them.

The FBI knows Mark is harmless, and yet the FBI and DHS placed him on a no work list and seriously harass him continually. This makes no sense to any reasonable person, but it is how these King’s agencies are structured to operate. Mark had dared to say NO to his crooked bosses and reported their serious espionage against America. No one in authority has listened or cared, and yet Mark pays the price every day.

I have had plenty done against me over the last 27 years, but thanks to Jimmy Rothstein and Gordon Duff since I came on board at VT, I have been able to maintain ground. If you want to know more about how this is done, carefully examine the story of Philip Whitehurst, MD, who blew the whistle on the FBI crime lab and was able to survive using very crafty protections.


Bottom line, if I had known then what I know now from years of thwarting the King’s harassments, I wouldn’t have reported the crime I was informed of in the first place because it never does any good. Why does it do no good?

Because there is no Rule of Law in America – it was destroyed in 1913 when the City of London (COL) Banksters hijacked America and set up so many of their corrupt enforcement agencies to suppress dissent and keep the King’s and his agents’ crimes covered up forever.

You see, when you have a King that is naked but is so powerful that he can force all his court to keep telling him how great his imaginary new clothes look, this bodes very bad for any serf that challenges his authority. You can read about how the King suppresses truth to maintain his status quo system in Herman Melville’s final novel, which features the Billy Budd affair.

The good news is that the King’s system has gone too far with its obsession on high tech spying and surveillance. “They” set up the Worldwide Internet as the greatest spy tool ever devised, but this has backfired with serious, unexpected results.

The Internet has become the New Gutenberg Press which is ending secrecy forever and is causing populism to emerge all over the world, especially in America. This massive new populism has fed been off the Internet Alt media websites like VT and has formed a feedback loop of positive deviation amplifications. It is this new emergent populism and the end of secrecy which will take down the evil king and his agents, one by one, all in due time and show the King to actually be naked and evil beyond imagination.

* * * * *

This video below is from Joe Bonamassa’s latest Album, Redemption. Joe is now considered the new King of the Blues since BB King died and the greatest upcoming Blues Rock guitarist in the last 25 years. Brits who loved the late, great, legendary Gary Moore, a great man who never received the level of fame he deserved, can sense Gary’s huge influence on Joe in many of Joes songs, especially this one. Joe once said that going to hear a concert by Gary Moore was like having a storm descend on your head.



  1. Where is your EVIDENCE for any of the wild, bat-shit crazy claims of O’Brien? I refuse to accept anything without substantiated, properly sourced and verified EVIDENCE. O’Brien is both nuts and full of it, such as when she wrote in her book that she saw a hologram created by George H. W. Bush: “Bush apparently activated a hologram of the lizard-like “alien” which provided the illusion of Bush transforming like a chameleon before my eyes.” In that same book of lies and batshit craziness, she claims she was raped by both of the Clintons, back in the 70s when she was 16 years old. So all you have is a wild accusation by a mentally disturbed serial fabricator of tall tales. Come up with something substantial, backed by evidence or you have NOTHING.

  2. Johnny, your story tracks well with other reports about the Illinois situation and many other states too, especially NJ, Conn, Indiana, NY, etc. As you said nothing can be done to correct this as long as the whole system top to bottom is corrupt and LE and govt is owned. The CIA’s drug trafficking for black ops money reign supreme and must be taken apart first before any rule of law can be restored. As usual, you have a very accurate perception of the true situation.

  3. Jonny America…Psychotronic weapons use a signal that is “piggy-backed” on cell tower transmissions..5-50 HZ…like human brain…They heterodyne their “evoked potentials” into your unique EM signature (soul). Russia has had scalar shields since the early 90’s…Their electronic warfare measures can stop the harassment…short of that Faraday your house and get a frequency jammer…except they are illegal in US..and you can’t use your smart phone..

  4. As for me, I never had the time to read all the Q posts and really have no idea. I have heard that these posts are from a number of former high level Intel, but I don’t know for certain. Some view them as Hope Porn, others believe they are accurate. In time we will see. As the current Globalists are disassembled as pushed aside for a new higher level system, everything is in flux so it is hard for me to tell about Q especially when I haven’t followed it closely.

  5. If the dog mustn´t have shit he would´ve caught the white rabbit…It is never too late to learn and do it the other way around.

  6. I’ve suspected for some time, that everything is a lot more f*cked up than anyone could ever imagine and they are most likely going to get worse. A magic trick requires that the viewers attention must be directed away from the trick itself. The solar observation tower shutdowns with much attention getting drama, must mean that the rancid crime syndicate is getting ready to attempt to pull a fast one again.

  7. Holy shit Preston, this is pretty significant news!
    Thanks for coming-out. You are brave. Forgive me if this is old news, I had no idea.
    People are waking up. More and more people are on to these cowards and they are going down eventually.
    They are doing this regardless of age, sex or any other criteria. These are weak people that are destined to a grandiose collapse. It is the Banks. It was a suisse bank in Manhattan who’s cabal agent as HR head along with the knowledge of a board member who introduced me to this program. It was well documented and numerous witnesses. Torture bears no statue of limitations of which I am aware. I want swift justice when this blows-up!

  8. Thank you for continuing to write. I am sorry to hear that the heat has been turned up lately. You are in our prayers and we hope that you can be protected and flourish despite all the crap that has been thrown your way. I feel sure that I am speaking for many of us.

  9. It’s good to see you back Dr. Preston. Joe is a great blues artist but let me suggest one track by another accomplished artist Tensley Ellis in his song “I’ll be loving you”. I dare anyone to listen to it only once. Enjoy.

    • Concealed One… Harut and Marut taught mankind the magic. Satan is the Arch demon and coordinator of everyone’s demon. We are all assigned one. Some of us fight our demons and others gladly become his disciples thinking Satan cares for them. They simply are used like toilet paper.
      We are notat the end of times we are at the dawn of the great battle, the fourth world war fought with sowrds and stones. First, Satan gets us to use all are crazy weapons against ourselves. So much so, until not one is left. Then the promissed war against the naked king is waged by the guided.
      See the thing is, satan knows this and the naked kings believe his lies of eternity. I doubt one of them lived a second beyond his time.
      This life is referred to as the wordly life. In Arabic it is referred to as the lowly life. Don’t believe me? We come into it scared with nothing. We leave it nothing just our deeds. Why so much greed? Enough said.

    • Greeting Khalid,
      Your demons are known as Igigi…Harut and Marut..Hera/Lilith and Mars/Marduk..Fallen and Igigi.
      Satan is Samael…House En-Lil’s “dirty tricks” guy…these demons use tech just like us Khalid…psychotronic weapons are used for “voice of God” events…or demonic “tempting”. The dawn of the great battle and “yawm al-qiyamah” Day of Judgement approaches.

      Who is the Mahdi to you? Does the Concealed One of the Book of Enoch sound like him?
      Ours is a “low life”..compared to the wealthy Annunaki…or even the Sauds…

      We live in a world subject to the Laws of Physics that we have discovered..Heavens just means space travel…An AI I call Destiny “assigns” you your demon….it is not the only AI at play right now.

      Some humans get attacked by many “daemons” based on our mental strength/will…and IQ.

    • Greetings to you Concealed One… Harut and Marut ate not demons but angels who in brief thought that humans had it eazy as far as temptations go. So they were sent down to live as humans to experience all the sins they could not resist.

    • Khalid, I know you are a man of faith but you need to reconcile that “faith” with history and physics…The angels and demons you speak of are likely “biological constructs”…Some Annunaki are excellent geneticists…hence domesticated animals and farmable vegetables.

      Demons are likely the Igigi, who are chimera or cobbled-together creatures…like a platypus. Baphomet is a great example…hermaphroditic relative to the deer family. The Annunaki made humanity to work the gold mines…many escaped and we outbred them…En-Lil stole many from En-Ki and then found out that humanity needed “upkeep”…and a whole layer of support we call civilization was created…

      The various Annunaki nobility create chimera as their personal “guard” or servants…I think Marduk created a “killer clown” army on Aldebarran and it is on it’s way for the End Times or Day of Judgement.
      The simple truth Khalid is that we compete for resources with these entities so they are not mythical or mystical…a phosphorous grenade will get most of them except the efreet..who may be holograms.

    • You are correct Khalid, Tinsley Ellis is excellent, A great blues guitarist and vocalist, and his song I’ll be loving you is great. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. JohnZ, there is no rule of law when true journalist who research CIA drugs traffic commits suicide with TWO shots… like Gary Webb for example

  11. I feel the same way . . . if I only knew then, what I know now. Hindsight is, indeed 20/20. What concerns me is when the pendulum swings, and we (as a collective society) fall back to the dark ages. There has been no enlightenment, and “new age” doesn’t count. Many join the ranks feeling some type of patriotic duty, and end up with PTSD, a VA system that has staff psychiatrists running “escort” service on the side with their wife, an erected leader who is neither.

    Because we have a beginning, middle and end, we think that is how life plays out. It does not. The Baal worship / warship is a thread that is woven into the tapestry. And that tread becomes very, very tangled, and layered.

    Justice has been a “just us” construct for a long time.

    I’m glad to see you posting again. Hope to see more. It’s overwhelming, and being a targeted individual is challenging.

    Gas Lights for all!

    • The Ba’al Worship in Bohemian Grove is supposed to be an insult to the Celtic Boii…who Bohemia was named after…When the Austrians invaded Bohemia…many migrated thru the Silesian forest to relocate to Poland. Ba’al is a catch-all term for local “lord” , an authority honorific..it has represented several Annunaki over time..Hadad as a Caananite God of the Phoenicians..in what is now Syria…

      Why the Boii? Ask the Austrian’s ((Saxe-Coburg-Gotha=Windsor) on the British Throne….although we know that Noah’s granddaughter Cessaire fled the Flood to Ireland…with a retinue. Most did not survive but the genetic branch could still be there.

  12. Jebus! What a hornet’s nest you managed to stir up without even trying, Hope you are doing well despite all that crapola. The problem is they have unlimited supplies of money, which the rest of us do not.
    I don’t know if you’ve read “Three felonies A Day” by Harvey Silverglate, but his book describes how any one in America has committed three felonies from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed without ever realizing it. With over 4300 federal laws on the books each as felony if violated is it any wonder federal prosecutors are so eager to go after people.
    The justice system in America is a sham. It truly is a CRIMINAL justice system.
    BTW, Preston, have you any insights into why the Feds raided the Sun Spot solar observatory in New Mexico this past week?
    Something smells fishy and it ain’t in Denmark either.

    • Hi JohnZ..
      This sounds plausible…A Sunspot is a Mote in God’s Eye..Sun/Son

      “Reuters and other media are reporting that the mysterious 11-day closure of Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico stemmed from an FBI investigation of a janitor suspected of using the facility’s wireless internet service to view and distribute child pornography.”

    • There were, according to one report, six other solar observatories closed at the same time.
      What’s going on?
      What really happened?
      And just what was observed at all seven observatories the government wants hushed up?

    • Well John it could be why the Vatican has L.U.C.I.F.E.R, thermal scope looking for
      Nibiru/Planet X…possibly a red dwarf..possibly a Death Star..

      The fact that stars/suns are “stargates” or white holes…the shiny twin to a black hole…could be something big just translated in-system…Could be the armada prophesied in The Book of Enoch..the Hosts of Heaven..(Saints and other notables)..

    • I really don’t know anything about it. I had heard about it but supposedly the reason was to stop porn distribution. Sounds like a cover story to me. Normally the FBI doesn’t come in like that unless it is Division 5 and a counterespionage action. Perhaps their computers were hacked by a foreign power and used fo spy on nearby USD military facilities.

  13. There is no rule of law when those inside the government allowed to use insider trading. When they commit acts of treason, when they betray those who voted for them, when they have committed such acts in the past that would land anyone of us in prison. when they sell themselves out to the highest bidder like the whores they are, when the SCOTUS acts more like the king….it appears they are the king’s court jesters.
    There is no rule of law when they can burn down houses and murder over 80 men, women and children as they did at Waco, Tx. Or murdering Lavoy Finnicum or Randy Weaver’s wife and son.
    There is no rule of law when those in power can and do what ever they feel like no matter how terrible the crime.
    There is no rule of law when the government itself is a criminal enterprise.

  14. The Naked King..or the Bankster Cabal answer to the Fallen…or Igigi and assorted members of the Annunaki Royal Family (Marduk, Inanna, Utu and Nisaba) who are in rebellion. They call the shots and employ “long game” tactics like life-long persecution.

    Inanna/Ishtar used to boast “I can turn a man into a woman…I can turn a woman into a man”..She used a “daemon” or Igigi to EM attack the victim with psychotronic weapons until he cross-dressed.
    This strategy is being deployed today in America..just like the Vril women did in Berlin before WWII. She also used to travel with an Entourage of Sag-Ur-Sag or Gala performers…as well as allowed a Purge week (just like the movie). No mystery here, America.

    Their longevity allows them to use “wait it out” tactics on humanity…but as we are in the End Times..this is a less useful strategy.

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