US Goes Rogue all the way on Russia Blockade Threat


[ Editor’s Note: The US is asserting it has the right put a naval blockade on Russian energy exports, even if our EU and NATO allies choose Russia as a more cost effective and dependable supplier.

Did thousands of Americans die at Pearl Harbor as part of a Roosevelt bailout of his failed New Deal?

A naval blockade is an act of war. If you doubt this, ask the Japanese. A declassified document that David Irving dug up exposed how Churchill and Roosevelt toughened the State Department’s demands on Japan that, if it did not pull out of Manchuria, the US would blockade all scrap metal and oil imports to cripple Japan’s major industry.

They knew Japan could not accept this and would be pushed into a preemptive naval strike to secure its oil lines, presumably on Manila.

They were wrong about Manila. Roosevelt desperately needed war, as his much ballyhooed New Deal program had not created any permanent jobs.

I am not the only one who thinks that Trump, the NeoCons and the Deep State folks are borrowing a page from world war ignition techniques. We have been concerned that, with the US growing a huge national debt and with the need to keep the debt bubble afloat, it would have to go into PacMan mode, gobbling up every potential competitor.

The US Interior Secretary has rolled out a classic colonialist tactic of making serf colonies buy at inflated prices to ensure high margins for elite profit-takers.

To date, the US public and all of its civic institutions are standing down in opposing this trend, which cannot result in a happy ending for the public. But, the public will not be able to play the surprised victim when the hammer falls Jim W. Dean ]

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Not mentioned in this latest US threat is how King Salman, and the rest of OPEC, including Russia, are not taking oil production orders from the US as if they were colonies

– First published – September 30, 2018

The United States could impose a naval blockade on Russia if necessary to limit its role in controlling global energy supplies, according to a senior US official.

“The United States has that ability, with our Navy, to make sure the sea lanes are open, and, if necessary, to blockade … to make sure that their energy does not go to market,” Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said Friday at an industry event hosted by the Consumer Energy Alliance.

Zinke underscored that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, along with the shale energy boom had put the United States in an advantageous position over Russia, by making the country less dependent on foreign energy.

The administration of President Donald Trump has fiercely opposed energy projects by Russia, including the Nord Stream II pipeline to Germany, because it would give Moscow leverage over Europe. Trump has been pressuring European countries to purchase more US natural gas and reduce their dependence on Russian energy.


“President Trump has been clear: America has to be energy dominant,” Zinke said. “We have re-lit the pilot light of American energy under this President. We are incorporating industry innovation, best science and best practices to improve reliability, safety and environmental stewardship. Our energy strategy is ‘all-of-the-above,’ leveraging every source of energy to take our nation forward. I am bullish about America’s energy future.”

The secretary said he believed Russia had asserted itself more forcefully in the Middle East in an effort to control the energy market there.

“Russia is a one trick pony,” Zinke said. “I believe the reason they are in the Middle East is they want to broker energy just like they do in Eastern Europe, the southern belly of Europe.”

On Iran, the official said, the Trump administration was following a similar strategy in order to squeeze the oil exporter out of the energy market.

“There is the military option, which I would rather not. And there is the economic option,” he said. “The economic option on Iran and Russia is, more or less, leveraging and replacing fuels.”

“We can do that because … the United States is the largest producer of oil and gas,” Zinke said.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, President Trump indicated that the US was ready to “export our abundant affordable supply of oil, clean coal, and natural gas.”

The remarks came after OPEC countries and Russia ignored Trump’s call to bring down oil prices and increase their production to make up for the upcoming US sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

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  1. My grandfather, E.V.Paul, was a senior Public Servant and Head of a Government Dept under the Fraser coalition government that was formed in New Zealand at the beginning of WW2, 1939 for us. My father was Most Scientific Boxer in Wellington and a trained soldier in the Territorial Cadets. The NZ Govt was privy to the outcomes of the ABC Washington Military Conference of February 1941, when the future direction of the war was planned. This is the crucial event that verifies the supressed Machiavellian Manouvres to bring the USA into the war and the blockades that directly led to Pearl Harbour. The Japanese Navy fleet was triangulated with RDF in Aleutians, Hawaii, Malaya and Dutch Indonesia all the way across to Hawaii.

    The ABC Conference decided on a Germany First Policy and New Zealand was to leave the Fully Reinforced 2nd NZEF Division in the Middle East, along with Australians and Indians and Sth Africans and Highlanders to guard the oil. This ultimately resulted tin Alamein in late 1942 at about the same time as Midway.

    The plan was for a holding action in the Pacific and my father was conscripted and in Fiji within six weeks, straight after the ABC Conference. Ordinance was limited to say the least and effectively the so-called 8 Brigade Group was two battalions of Kiwis and two from the Fijian Defence Forces.


    • The time from Pearl Harbour until the Battle of Midway in August 1942 was a thoroughly laxative experience. The Cracking of Code Purple, the Jap Naval Code enabled the USN to redeploy their carriers from Coral Sea to Midway. ‘Harry’ Harris, former CINPAC and current Ambassador to Australia, may well reflect on the wisdom of war inducing blockade, given the fact of his father’s unexpected swim after the “Lady Lex” went down into the Coral Sea. Do we want to allow the Same Sick Crew (The Lobby – You Know Who) to dictate American Foreign Policy and send our sons off to war?

      New Zealand sits at the epicentre of the World Ocean and the largest Naval Circle on the planet. Ron mark’s recent decision to replace the ageing P3C Orions with modern reconnaisance aircraft is a massive contribution to the Five Eyes, especially given that George Schultz said: “New Zealand is a dagger pointed at the heart of The Antarctic”. The No3 Squadron RNZAF made a valuable contribution with reconnaisance up “The Slot” from Guadalcanal after October 1942, with Hudsons to free up the attack bombers.

    • My father had a fairly dim view of the USA Military and knocked out the USAF Defence Attache at a tennis court in Wellington after he came back from Fiji for Commissioning and redeployment to New Caledonia. He told me that at least fifty Officers were sent home from New Caledonia after a hidden camera at a Marquis tent spotted a melee “playing ring a ring a rosie”, in my father’s words. Father Pharissey (sp?) of the St Columban’s Mission Society was Parish Priest at the Subic Bay Parish during the Vietnam War and was particularly scathing about the US Navy.

      Notwithstanding, most Americans are Good Human Persons and the future of the world depends on the Integrity of the US Military to uphold The Constitution. The Internal Enemies are All The Usual Suspects, posing as “Allies”. The World is watching.

      Semper Fi.

  2. Our agents of Satan jooish masters of the universe and of discourse have wanted 3 world wars for a long time now in order to control the whole world and usher in, whether they know it or not, the reign of anti-christ. Our Lady of Fatima said in 1917 that various nations would be annihilated if people did not repent of their sins and stop offending God. She also asked that we pray the rosary every day to receive the grace we need to know and do God’s will, and thus save our immortal souls, as well as obtain world peace. See and/or

  3. I’m a car salesman. How can I get my US military to ensure everyone buys my cars, and my navy to blockade all transit routes of my competitors?
    I never saw Russia as a 1 trick pony, and I can’t imagine of any intelligent person thinking it is. What I do perceive is my nation (the USA) in near panic mode, and ready to risk all to maintain dominance. The party thinking may very well be; war with Russia is winnable today. It may not be in a few more years.
    China is key here. It can no longer remain an observer on the sidelines, as it is the next target. China and Russia need to sign a mutual defense treaty similar to NATO membership, where an attack on 1 is an attack on the other. This would cool Neocon jets.
    The solution to all of this nonsense is to crush the Central Banks.

    • War winnable with Russia?
      If the US really thought that we would have another Vietnam, another Afghanistan, another Syria, another Lybia, another Iraq, another Korea. And a completely destroyed US with the war being taken to their own territory. How would that be for a new US experience?
      Hope I never buy a used car from you because the only war the US has ever won is the American Civil War- fighting against themselves. Do you honestly think that China is an observor on the sidelines ONLY?

  4. I can see another motive here: If Russia succeeds it will create a great deal of competition for America oil companies who have had a monopoly for too long and that includes that awful fracking industry which relies on Wall St. to keep it going. Recount several years ago when Fraudi Arabia flooded the oil market to the point where the price of a barrel of crude went down to $28.00 and the fracking industry went down. Thousands were unemployed and companies went bankrupt. Wall St. investors pulled out in droves.
    Of course it’s all about money.
    America is running out of time.

  5. Fracking is the worst environmental disaster since the Ohio River caught fire. The destruction of underground aquifers is horrendous and costly to everyone just for the sake of the bonus for CEOs. Fracking nay also be responsible for the number of sinkholes that have appeared .

  6. Most Murcans couldn’t recite the Bill of Rights or even the First Amendment for that matter.
    Victims of public edumakation.

  7. Hubris, arrogance and insouciance is what makes up the tRump administration. Apparently stinky Zinke has no idea what sort of cow pie he is stepping in. Montana is a backward state with fewer people than Detroit who are just as dangerous as anyone within the city limits. Most of them still consider themselves as cowboys… injuns to kill though, and the state average IQ must be under 70. Zinke is living proof of this.
    Movin’ to Montana soon
    Gonna be a denil floss tycoon

  8. The one constant in any of this, is that the Zio’s always fall back on the same “business plan” which they’ve used for the last three centuries. Predictability, arrogance, and greed, are their weakness.

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