Important: Makow, Shamir and Unz – Judeo-Zionist disinfo stooges


by Ian Greenhalgh

Introduction by the Senior Editor:  There is no one beyond Ian Greenhalgh in analysis of genuine history.  By genuine, I mean history devoid of the stench of laundered fakery that has now taken over most professional journals and the sad remnants of history departments at universities.  When I was in the History Department at Michigan State, so many years ago, among the dozen or so CIA/USAID plants, some close friends, I was engulfed in what I now recognize as bullshit and mediocrity.

The stars there, Hooker, Varg, Marcus, used me to launder papers otherwise banned, often through publications behind the Iron Curtain.  This was nearly 50 years ago.

No, no one is left and I am still publishing in Russia and banned from Facebook, YouTube and Google.  This piece of flummery, caught by Ian, was being promoted around the web by a naive former MIT professor who is an excellent person.

The disease is simple, anything that sounds “cutting edge” or “revisionist” is now pushed around in emails by well meaning idiots as “of substance” while cursory examination exposes a stench that could drive a skunk to suicide by semi.g

I have to wade through a truly massive, overwhelming amount of fake news, deliberate misinformation, false narratives, red herrings and assorted other forms of what we shall crudely group under the somewhat unsatisfactory label of ‘disinfo’; it is a large part of my job at VT to sort and filter, to find the pearls of good info in the torrent of bad.

Every so often, I come across a nugget of disinfo so astoundingly blatant, so completely fraudulent and downright deceitful that I have to admire the hutzpah of the producers, while simultaneously fighting back the urge to gag at the sheer intensity of the stench of bullshit.

Let me present the latest stinking pile of male bovine faecal matter to come barrelling down the disinfo pipeline that is referred to as the ‘alternative media’ and boy is it a bold and ambitious attempt to deceive and misinform. It comes courtesy of the writer Israel Shamir and is a long article, based on the work of Ron Unz, that purports to debunk the ‘myth’ that the Jews were behind Bolshevism and the Russian Revolutions of 1917, while simultaneously rehabilitating the reputation of Communism as practised by said Bolsheviks:

Unz and Shamir lay it on thick with the lies and deceit, making claims such as the original Bolsheviks, contrary to the statement of one V.V. Putin and the burden of historical records, were not actually 85% Jews. I won’t bother myself nor bore you by going through the whole gamut of such ludicrous claims these two clowns make; rather, let it sufice to read this most telling quote:

“The heavy financial support of the Bolsheviks by Jewish international bankers” is also a myth. Ron Unz discovered an old red herring of the Jewish banker Schiff funding the Bolshevik cause.”

Excuse me? What now? Ron Unz proved what? Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is 100% unadulterated, pure bullshit. Yes, the Bolsheviks were funded by Jewish international bankers, Lenin was the conduit for Jewish finance that passed from Switzerland to Russia via the Berlin bank of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, which was run by Max Warburg, a Jew who happened to alo be head of the Kaiser’s intelligence service. Trotsky was the conduit for more Jewish finance from Wall St. and one of the key figures behind that financing was Paul Warburg, brother of Max ad architect of the Federal Reserve. As for Jacob Schiff, he was right in the middle of it all, one of the key figures.

Here is an article I published in January 2017 on the subject of Jews and Bolshevism, this is the truth, and starkly contrasts with the huge, stinky disinfo turd that is Shamir and Unz’s piece:;

These are solid historical facts, there is zero doubt the Jewish bankers were responsible for financing and fostering the Bolsheviks and directly responsible for sending Lenin and Trotsky to Mother Russia, backed by huge amounts of Jewish finance. Therefore let us not even bother ourselves to further dissect and refute the writings of Unz and Shamir on this subject, that would be a waste of our time, which is one of the goals of this type of disinfo.

The same Judeo-Zionist criminal oligarchy that was responsible for the Bolsheviks and the subsequent wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of Russians, to say nothing of their myriad other grand crimes, is still around today and still as active as ever. They are still employing hacks to write propaganda and spread lies today, just as they did in the past; back then Lenin and Trotsky, among others who would goon to more significant careers, were both editors of newspapers for a time prior to becoming mass murderers in chief; today we have the likes of Boris Johnson, who spent years in journalism before turning to politics, but is no less of a tool of the crime cabal that Lenin or Trotsky were.

Rather further down the food chain we have the likes of Israel Shamir, Ron Unz and Henry Makow, I include Makow as he has been actively promoting this disgusting article by Shamir and Unz, publishing it on his website and promoting it by posting the link to the article on Twitter and other social media; not that I hadn’t long ago identified Makow as a disinfo stooge, but this latest incidence is just further confirmation.

Unz cropped up in an email discussion recently and Gordon had this to say:

“Unz is a fake, he is working for the bad guys. He leads a trail of bread crumbs back to Tel Aviv that any counter-intel amateur can’t miss.”

In summary, the way to approach these disinfo turds is quite simple – once you recognise the smell and realise it is a turd of disinfo, then do not waster any more of your time by reading it, even if your goal is to derive vicarious pleasure from refuting it’s lies. Nope, just pass the stinky old shit by and take note of who wrote it, who published it and who  promoted it, as these people will most likely be disinfo stooges.


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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. @Ian Greenhalgh, with all due respect, I think you misunderstand the nature of Ron Unz’s web site and are being hasty in labeling Unz as a disinformation agent. Aside from his American Pravda series, he’s basically a free speech and alternative media advocate that allows people to post contrarian views from different viewpoints. This essay on “Red ZOG” is ludicrous but is basically the opposite of most of the other numerous articles on the Unz Review that deal with the nature of the Bolshevik revolution. As for whether Unz is a disinformation agent acting in bad faith, I find it a little difficult to believe. Whatever his motivations are, his articles simply are far too damaging, it seems, to conclude that he’s somehow really working for the ADL or Jewish lobby or whatnot.

    • Unz is very much a disinfo asset. Don’t think we make this statement based on just one article – we have looked into who Unz is, we have sources and do our research before we make such statements.

  2. To state the obvious, having discredited sources (e.g. Alex Jones) post the truth mixed in with disinfo is a good way to discredit the truth in the eyes of the mass public. This is why controlled disinfo sources are sometimes allowed to post the truth on things the deep state would rather not have the public believe.

  3. According to Solzhenitsyn, the so-called Russian Revolution was not a revolution, but a hostile takeover, that for some reason, doesn’t even get lip service in the West. The slaughter of 66,000,000 Russians, not counting the millions of rapes, robberies and political incarcerations in notorious hellholes, should be a warning to all, since it could and most likely will happen again in some form. Some Bolshevik caused death estimates, go over 100,000,000. Forget trying to furnish Trannies with a place to pee and entertaining feminist weird think, now is the time to train your children as warriors.

  4. Your opinion of Ron Unz just may ne correct. He recently completed a series of revisionist articles title American Pravda. He followed that up with an article concerned with why the ADL, and other Zionist hit/hate groups haven’t attacked him. Your little expose is probably the reason.

  5. I’ve already moved past Alex Jones to the point that I did not know whom you were referencing by stating “Jones”. I misread the word as Jonas and thought you were attacking a fine journalist. Alex Jones is a dead man walking.

  6. There’s a term for Talmudic logic: pilpulism. In The Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed wrote:
    “What was actually permitted in the synagogues and schools was a unique form of dialectics, designed still further to strengthen the edifice of The Law. The disputants were merely allowed to prove that anything was legal under the Talmud; one debater would state a proposition and another the contrary, each demonstrating that The Law allowed it!
    “This practice (the brothers Thoreau [i.e., Jean and Jérôme Tharaud] give glimpses of it in their books) was called ‘pilpulism.’ It gives the key to a mystery which often baffles Gentiles: the agility with which Zionists are often able to justify, in themselves, precisely what they reproach in others. A polemist trained in pilpulism would have no difficulty in showing the Judaic law ordaining the enslavement of household Gentiles to be righteous and the Roman ban on the enslavement of Christians by Jewish masters to be ‘persecution’; the Judaic ban on intermarriage to be ‘voluntary separation’ and any Gentile counter-ban to be ‘discrimination based in prejudice’ (Dr. Kastein’s terms); a massacre of Arabs to be rightful under The Law and a massacre of Jews to be wrongful under any law.”

  7. Unz wrote a prior article that shares your perspective. His site agreed to host a counter article to the Unz article that was written by Shamir in the interests of allowing a wide range of opinions. I don’t think it is fair to accuse Unz of participating in disinfo simply for allowing a rebuttal. More sites should allow debate of ideas – at the very least, it is good to know how the other side argues their case.

    The original Ron Unz article which goes against many of the points of Shamir’s can be found here:

  8. Good advice ian: “do not waster any more of your time by reading it, even if your goal is to derive vicarious pleasure from refuting it’s lies”. Agree with you on many points, though I still have to arrive at an acceptable definition of my viewpoints developed from studies in political philosophy.

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