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  1. LMAO. I know things are a little out of whack with all the agitprop & dysfunctional flouridated opiated zombies but, Mandelbrot’s Multiverse Set & Schumann Resonance are not only specific distinctive expressions of real science natural forces in play regarding hominids & other organic life forms. Whether it ends up being Electric Universe/Quantum Physics theory regarding creation enigma (which it most likely will be or similar as more discoveries & research paves the path to real enlightenment vs simulacrum of pseudoscience being propagated) she clearly is not Mensa Society emeritus. She usually puts out some truth diffused w/ more dis/mis HUMINT/RUMINT info. The Universe features a cacophony of proof regarding MandelBrot’s Set. Bacteria, Viruses, Immuno-Nervous system complexities, Schumann Resonance (7.83 HZ) Electro Magnetism design indicate we are from here. Fermi’s paradox still applies despite all the Ziowood MAGI-ck show special effects. Critical thinkers must be an endangered species. SMDH

  2. Not sure I understand the article title, as it does not appear that Hudes is claiming Homo capensis to be of alien origin.

  3. Last night I listened to an interview with John Lear on an old Art Bell show and to say the least it was very interesting.
    Whether or not you may believe anything he says or part of what he says or all of what he says, irregardless, makes for a very interesting and at time disturbing revelations concerning alien visitors and the interaction between them and us.
    The idea that some of these politicians are reptilian is a bit farfetched unless they can be forced to give up DNA to prove they’re human, the Gods forbid that we will all be forced to do so.
    These revelations always bring out the religious extremists, the kind who claim UFOs and aliens are actually demons from hell and yes I knew someone who actually believed it….son of a Baptist preacher; which leads me to the idea that this is being implanted into certain religious congregations by government insiders for what ever reason we can’t as yet fathom.
    John Lear went into some very revealing detail as to the extent the government will go to in covering up the existence of E.T.s. Some of which are very disturbing.

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  5. I once contact her asking for some facts about some claims she was making. Her response convinced me she is full of shit as a christmas turkey and a complete fraud. I am open minded on the topic , just dont believe she knows any thing about it.

  6. I don’t understand how the popes could be a different species with a big head hidden by a funny hat. After all, they came up through the ranks before they joined the College of Cardinals. I am interested in the notion that the Earth is controlled by non human entities. There has been talk of “infestation” ceremonies in the Rothschild Clan; of the Royals being “Lizards”, of shape shifting politicians and corporate leaders. With the truth being liken to looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack of disinformation; I remain facinated with the subject. Hopefully VT can expand what we know about what is called the Deep State or what I call the Insane Criminals.

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