Was Churchill a Monster? Good Morning Britain Video


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  1. Churchill was anything but a great statesman. He was instrumental in creating a famine in India where one million Indians died. He remarked the best way to handle the Aborigines in Australia was to gas them, likewise he wanted to do the same to the German people and worse, use Anthrax against them. The fire bombing of Dresden was one of the great war crimes ever committed just behind the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Because of Churchill, all of eastern Europe fell into the clutches of another monster, Stalin. Then the fat, drunken little weasel complains about an “iron curtain” falling across that part of the world. Well, what would you expect?
    In Pat Buchana’s book, Churchill, Hitler And The Unnecessary War, Churchill’s actions, motives and reasons why he did what he did are spelled out in detail. This includes the run up to the first world war and what followed after the Armistice.
    That Churchill was a drunk, who appeared at every staff meeting three sheets to the wind, who owed his zionist masters for bailing him out four times from bankruptcy, and who ran away from London, every time the German bombers were sent out. A coward, a ruthless , conniving scheming little booze ladened politician who is as responsible for the two disastrous wars that could have been avoided if Churchill hadn’t been such an arse.
    If there’s one statue that needs to be torn down, it should be the one of Churchill in Washington, D.C.

    • And people died, and they died and they died some more, and the talking heads say “Yeah, well at least WE won the war.”

      Do they not understand how many people died because of these leaders?

      They notion that the U.S. “nicked” the land from the natives . . . gee, when they put it that way, it sounds so unobtrusive.

      Lives don’t matter.

  2. Bloody British! They are responsible for the unjust, ‘Peace Treaty’ after WW1, because of that horrendous one sided punishment, placed upon Germany and the Astro-Hungarian Empire, they placed the seed of WW2! They also, allowed Stalin and the Soviet Horde to occupy Eastern Europe! Those nations had to suffer for over 4 decades of inhumane Soviet terror. What have they done to POLAND? Polish military by the tens of thousands were fighting with the ALLIES, they were betrayed! What about the bombings of DRESDEN and other German cities, Churchill ordered, the war crime action, bombing those cities, for days, day and night, with NAPALM, hundreds of thousand perished, burned to death, most of the victims were refugees, escaping from the SOVIET HORDE coming, from the East, raping and murdering, the innocent people of Germany! Churchill and his American double Eisenhower are both, MONSTERS of HISTORY!!

  3. I watched about 5 minutes, but kept throwing up in my mouth a little.

    Yeah, the people in America “nicked the land” from the natives. We can all agree to that, let’s have a bonding party over that

    But, Churchill is was and will be . . . another tool who “nicked” the land, or tried to.

    History is replete with Hitlers, Churchill’s . . . and no one mentions how they are “pitted” against each other in the Zionist spliff . . . Rule #1 — Play both ends against the middle.

    You can master-de0bate ’till the cows of Ba’al come home, but if it gets to the TIPPING POINT . . . then WE HAVE ALL gone off the deep end.

    Divide and conquer.

    And let’s be clear, the Bolsheviks were coming . . . the Bolsheviks were coming.

    Krazy Glue for all.

    • Well, then . . . that does explain it all, in a tidy neat package. I’m sure the made dead souls who paved the way to Tel Aviv — the AskeNAZIs in the work camps, the German soldiers, the Russian soldiers, the U.S. soldiers, the Japanese . . . Korean, on and on — are quite happy to hear that.

      Next time we have a ball game, better pick better empire umpires vampires.

      And we still can’t see the Monsters of the Id in plain sight?

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