HAARP Waves: See, Hear, and Feel the Climate Control Part 1


Health Editor’s Note: Here is the first installment of a three part series on HAARP Waves from Enkidu Gilgamesh. This first part covers entry, analog-radio, observe the frequencies, and NEXRAD makes the “weather.” More to come….Carol

HAARP Waves! Get Analog Radios! You Can See, Hear, and Feel the Climate Control! Part 1

By Enkidu Gilgamesh

The digitalization of radio, the freeing of VHF serves the reservation of the high frequencies for the make up of the ozone layer transparent and increase the sunlight input (particularly UVB and UVC) for managing global water cycle within the troposphere!


  • Entry
  • Analog-Radio
  • Observe the frequencies!
  • What is HAARP?
  • Fake gravity waves.
  • The ultimate weapon, X-Band
  • Some sources
  • Cloud images

A core element, actually. the most important tool of Geophysical Warfare by Climate Control is the development and global installation of the mobile and immobile radiation facilities.

Any kind of electromagnetic radiation, from gamma to infrared, even the use of hyper-sound, transmits energy. This energy input seems immense, although it is used as a small leverage to build a discharge channel for unequally bigger powers, which are needed to get control on the climate, for managing the global water cycle.

We as a national and global society have reached a crossroad now, forced to decide about obtaining strategic knowledge and insights of meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and radiation technologies or perish by pseudo-scientific dumbification.

When the whole biosphere, from the depths of underground Nuclear Fracking, up to the altitudes of the ionosphere becomes the property, weapon and toy of a few pervert psychopaths, then no way of escape remains.

Dear fellow-citizens, ignorance is a luxury, which no one can afford anymore, even not the smallest bacteria, although this form of life could “adapt”,  where the non-adapted just became extinct. Which part of the humanity has to die, which one may survive?

Be aware of the brazen frankness of the climate control propaganda! You need to correctly decode, by interpreting the statements in opposite way. The mass extinction of life is the cheeky, cynical announcement of programmed global genocide.

Let’s now take a closer look at the most powerful climate control weapon.

  1. Analog-Radio

Before doing anything else, please keep Your old analogue radios or buy some old ones.

The HAARP activity is visible in the skies but it is also audible!

It is even sensible on the whole body and for a few seconds, when the system starts, audible by bare ears. Not all of You have tinnitus. 🙂

The digitalization of radio, the freeing of VHF frequencies serves the reservation of the high frequencies for the radiation of the Ozone Layer to raise the sunlight input (particularly UVB and UVC) and the troposphere to manage the global water cycle!





3. Observe the Frequencies

It cannot be hidden, as long as You have an analog radio!

Benjamin Adams‎ and Werner Altnickel – Globale Vergiftung durch Chemtrails & HAARP
14 Std. · Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands

HAARP-chase after the heavy storms of yesterday! The frequency disturbances are normal, as the energy of the storm cells disturb the radio waves.

My current conclusion after many frequency analyses: The frequencies are changing steadily, senders come and go. Some frequencies bear a pesky heavy buzzing. The work is done target oriented and tailored according the need. As it could be expected, there is a high sending activity. I am not surprised when I look at the radar images of Weather Pro App.

The Puzzle is assembling. People, compare maps, look for locations which fit with the HAARP emission sites on the maps, check Your short wave receivers

Meanwhile they do so obviously, that we may catch them at their balls!


Weather management is done by a NEXRAD radar network in the USA.

Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS – Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW)

Next Generation Weather Lab

Live Weather, Earthquake, Solar, and Radiation Feeds

NexSat, NRL/JPSS Next-Generation Weather Satellite Demonstration Project

Similar to the NEXRAD network in the USA, Europe has an own weather radar network operating in the C, S and X band, mostly doppler!

Dynamic map of OPERA (Operational Programme for the Exchange of Weather Radar Information)


  1. Although I am total agreement about the need for at least analog back up for radios (Katrina was a harsh wake-up call where all the digital systems went down within hours, while the analog ham radios kept chugging along), I do not agree about the “freeing up” of the VHF spectrum by digital. That is NOT how it works. Take it from someone who uses VHF every day. There is very little use of digital in VHF, and it is not for spectrum reservation.

  2. I have completed considerable research on
    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 published in 1996
    Project Cloverleaf: Timeline, 1994 to the Present.
    I’ve contacted the TCEQ with photos and articles and they claimed chemtrails were contrails, then when contacting them again, they stated it was not in their jurisdiction and for me to contact the FAA. This was another joke and after contacting NOAA, they sent a response they’ll get back to me and that was 2 years ago.
    Read the articles and iIf these don’t wake up the masses, nothing will.