Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)


Two of the holiest days in Islamic & Jewish faith are called Eid Kippir &Yom Kippur.

Do you discern any similarity?

Both religious traditions (of Judaism & Islam) are grounded in animal sacrifice, a glaring Pagan tradition.

During those holy festivities, thousands of animals are slaughtered leaving the ground drenched with rivers of blood.

The Muslims and Jews sacrifice to Allah/Elohim

However, the ultimate sacrifice came with Jesus Christ

The ultimate human sacrifice

Nailed to the Roman Cross, his body was all soaked in blood.

The last words Jesus said (in Aramaic) on the cross were “Elahi, why have you forsaken me?”

“Elahi – Allah – Ellohim”

They seem like one and the same God

Are we worshiping the same God? And more importantly, is he a pagan God in disguise?

… Do I dare contemplate the question?

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“Do I dare disturb the universe?”



  1. John, they are very visable, and on a clear night with young eyes you can see more than seven stars in the cluster. As many as twenty; as I once counted as a Tenderfoot.

  2. It remains problematic that there are no contemporary mentions of Jesus anywhere to be found. A man who performed supernatural feats for three full years in the Galilee, the most economically important part of what would eventually be Roman Judaea, would not have gone so totally unnoticed by his contemporaries. It’s inconceivable that a man known to be able to perform miracles, cure the sick, and raise the dead, would not have been summoned to the court of the emperor himself, as so many others were, to demonstrate his magic for Tiberius.

    The complete absence of stories of Jesus’ birth, life, teachings, and miracles in Paul’s Epistles are striking as well. Paul, writing the first Christian literature in the 50s CE, did not known these stories because they would not be composed until the Gospels were written in the 70s and later.

    So much of what later became Christianity is clearly based on pagan archetypes: virgin birth, three days in the underworld, return to life in universal redemption, and so on. These things would have been abominable heresies to any pious Jew who actually lived in first century Palestine.

    • Fairly recently they found a huge number of Roman inscribed letters dumped into a Roman landfill dump next to Hadrian’s Wall in England. Many of them were written by Pontius Pilate to his mother who still lived in NE England, near what is today the city of Newcastle. Pilate goes into intrinsic detail in these letters, including asking his mum to send him some woollen socks, and complains about the heat and funny food in Palestine, where he was governor. Funny thing is, he makes not one mention of this supernatural Jew ‘Jesus Christ’ or any of the elements of the biblical story. So that’s a huge lump of circumstantial evidence that there never was a Jesus Christ in Palestine during the Roman rule and the bible is bullshit.

  3. God gave us everything we need and what can we sacrify to him that really counts ? Only our prayers and love of God

  4. I look upon the idea of animal sacrifice as barbaric and antiquated. However if the animal slaughtered is used to feed the poor, that is another story.
    I just don’t get this kosher business at all.
    Caveman steaks anyone?
    Sorry no smoked ribs for Muslims although I bet there are some Muslims who could teach a thing or two about BBQ.

  5. So, there’s a mindset that a particular invisible spirit, requires a blood sacrifice to be appeased or grant favors. Then this concept is taken into many vectors until it is decided to just kill the son of god himself, real or imagined, and then the spirit is finally appeased for good. It’s a political and financial decision.
    There is a portion of the pantheon that requires blood sacrifice, but it is not something folks should play around with. The best description of the age of christianity is “the great go and the little come”. Most of the sacrifice stories are metaphor, such as “the birds divided he not” in one of the first stories, and it has nothing to do with actual animals. The concept of clean kill, is to help the animals spirit pass with dignity and respect. Everything has to eat. Predator and prey relationships are sacred. Nothing goes to waste.

  6. What a load of bull!!
    First of all your translation of Aramaic is completely incorrect!

    What Isa said was Elohim, Elohim why have you blessed me so… You are translating from Hebrew… a slight difference butt huge translation error… Why don’t you talk about the true Passover of the Khazarian Jews? That’s your credibility gone out the window. Honestly VT sometimes your articles are so full of bull crap!! is there even a editor who does some sort of fact checking to have any relation to truth!?

    • Thank you for sharing. VT writers are fully 100% independent and responsible for their posts. Many VT writers do NOT share opinions, values, or political positions. So pPlease carefully read our disclosure at the end of each article so that you get a better feel for each writer and their positions on the issues.

  7. At least the bolt to the head is quicker. The video lends new insight into the American spiritual, “Give Me That O’l Time Religion”. Makes me kind of glad that I gave religion up for Lent.

  8. Video was disturbing. They treat their food that way? The cow thrashing around in pain, the chickens struggling to get out.

    Very nasty “traditions” . . .

  9. Yum Kippur and Eid Kappir, really? It is Eid al Kabir, but Ezzat knows this. One is the day of atonement and the other is simply the Big feast. To try to make them sound the same is one of your cheap and fabricated evidence to some ligitemacy to an otherwise misleading and fake research. I have lost all semblance of respect for the garbage you put out. I wasn’t sure if it was just ignorance on your part or deliberate misrepresentations. Now I am sure you are continuing your Coptic tradition of maligning your Muslim neighbors to the Western audiences.
    To my fellow VTers, in the Quraan Allah, or God says: non of the blood or flesh reaches me. Feed the poor.
    What happens is over a million sheep are raised and slaughtered and after butchering, the meat is shipped refrigerated to poor countries in Asia, South America and Africa where populations are poor and can not afford this type of high quality protein. The moneys collected from pilgrims pays for this service. It is about feeding the poor not a pagan ritual.
    Just to put a mirror in front of those horrified by Muslim slaughter of poor sheep, here are the Statistics of the USDA slaughter stats for 2008.
    Cattle: 35 million
    Pigs: 116 million
    Chickens: 9 Trillion
    Layer hens: 69 million
    Broiler chickens: 9 million
    Turkeys: 271 million
    How much of it goes to the poor?please watch this video.

    • Furthermore, It is forbiden in Islam to slaughter an animal in view of other animals. As I always say, seperate the law from the practitioners.

    • Khalid Talaat Agree with you on many points. Though I don’t think Dr Ashraf Ezzat is any less irreverent of any of the Abrahamic religions, Coptic Christianity included. He is always trying to show them all as barbarians. An echo of some Nilote tribes in East Africa that claim direct linkage with the pyramid-makers. Though we can tell he is not a Nilote; more likely a person with an ethnic Hellene (meaning pre-Christian Greek) tradition.

      Other than the satirical play of words in this article, his previous works are quite enlightening, specially where he draws upon traditional Peninsula Arab traditions of the names & of Biblical etymology.

      I would not discard him just yet. I only wish he would restrain himself from herding the different religions together & stick to what he does best: historical research, etymology & linguistic nuances. Were he to do so, he would gain a very wide following.

    • Well no I dont think I’m confused. She is from Iran. I just asked her are you Muslim, she said yes and she reads the Quran and even prays. She told me Muslim and Islam are the same. I even googled this myself. Islam and muslim are all the same thing. A Muslim is a person who believes in Islam and from a Islamic country so the people are Muslim people. She is a shia. I assume her been Iranian that she knows what she is talking about. What do you think? Is there a difference. With all due respect if there is then can you give us the link because my friend and I would be interested in reading about this.

    • Cindy… thank you for your sensitivity. Islam literally means “submission”. Submission to the word of Allah or God. We consider Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad Peace upon them all as submitters to the word of Allah or God. Hence they are all following the religion of submittion to Allah or God.
      We are told that 3 major messages were sent each for a specific time and condition. Each in its authentic form is valid in the sight of Allah or God.

  10. Absolutely yes. A good friend of mine is Islamic and I asked hat about the Quran. The similarities between the bible and the Quran are astounding. They have the Adam and Eve story, the great flood, Moses, how man was created plus many more examples. Even the Australian aborigines have the story that man was created from the earth. Most definitely all the SAA me god. Only some versions have been re written or altered.

    • Some Native American tribes contend they were brought here by other people.
      There is now some thought being given to the idea that we, the human race are an experiment and this planet has been seeded with humanity for some purpose we cannot even begin to fathom. That we are being manipulated in ways we cannot imagine.
      This would explain the tens or hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings since they were being recorded and that goes back centuries.
      Are we being merely observed or are they possibly involved in our own interactions? Some are friendly and some are not very friendly and some are disinterested observers.
      Bring up this idea in certain circles and watch what happens. The visceral reaction from a lot of people is quite understandable but this is a subject that needs to be broached and discussed with an open mind and intelligence.

    • Not only do these Native American tribes describe this but certain tribes in Africa also talk about it, even mentioning the Pleides as being the source. The Pleides are not visible to the naked eye by the way.

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