The Mig 29, RC v Real


The first video is RC/Radio Controlled and quite wonderful to watch.  The second is the same plane, doing most, not all. of the impossible feats of the RC “flying dance.”



  1. MG-29 the video, shows an object floating about at 3:00 to 3:02 in the
    top, left corner of the video ??? Also at 4:37 to 4:42 the object makes
    an appearance from the bottom right corner and arcs over to the left of the
    video ???

  2. I’ve seen that one before. About $30,000 worth of R/C jet.
    Airframes cost anywhere up to $10,000, turbines up to $7500, radio gear, redundancy, retracts , all of it adds up quickly. Here in the states turbines are limited to 55# thrust….much higher in Europe and U.K.
    Was at a jet meet in southern Michigan area just this past August, lotsa money to fly one of these. You also have to get a waiver from the AMA /Academy of Model Aeronautics and prove you can fly one well enough. They can cover a lot of airspace and get small very quickly.
    The thing is, you can get into an EDF( electric ducted fan) for a lot less and some such as Bob Violett/ viofan powered jets can hit 200 mph.
    There may be an F-86 in my stable next spring.

  3. Amazing! I wonder how many new Mig 29 OVT’s could be operational right now with what’s been spent on the F35 Kosher approved hanger queen?

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