US senators demand Magnitsky Act probe, sanctions on Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi disappearance



  1. This is one hell of a surprise to me. I would have lost a bet on our Congressmen getting this aggressive at this stage. The irony of it is most all of these people are fully onboard the Syrian war and our use of proxy terrorism which has killed a mountain of people.

  2. I had read that Washington Post was CIA sponsored, guess this proves it.

    That’s a lot of human rights interest in one man… about Gaza?

  3. This is good but how about the inhumane treatment of Palestinians by Israel or the inhumane treatment of civilians and women and children in Afghanistan and numerous other similar situations of human rights violations all over this planet? The whores in Congress, many dual citizens of Israel, look the other way on many of these instances of gross improper treatment of human beings. All members of Congress should learn what the word hypocrisy means.

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