Soyuz was sabotaged?


[Editor’s note: I am highly suspicious about this unsuccessful Soyuz launch and it appears Putin shares my suspicions, hence he has asked to receive a report on the incident.. The launch system is exceptionally reliable, not having had a single failure in over 30 years, so to have a failure now is most unusual. We have to look at the background behind this, where, since 2014, Russia has been under international sanctions, continually demonised in the Western media, lambasted by Western politicians, painted as a malign influence in the world. The attacks on Russia have spread beyond the financial sanctions and political pressures to include things such as the ludicrous and obviously fraudulent doping case that ruined the careers of many innocent Russian athletes and claimed Russia had a state-sponsored doping programme. Maybe someone blew up this Russian rocket because Russia just gave a few hundreds rockets to Syria for self defense…. Ian]

Putin to receive report on aborted Soyuz space launch to ISS

Russian President Vladimir Putin will receive a full report on the aborted manned launch to the International Space Station from the Baikonur space center on Thursday, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, stressing that it is most important that the crew are alive.

“Certainly, the president will receive all the necessary information,” Peskov said. “Thanks God, the astronauts are alive according to information that we receive, and that’s the most important thing,” Peskov told a briefing.

“It’s good that the security systems and the crew worked in a proper manner,” he stressed.

The Kremlin spokesman did not specify when Chief of the Roscosmos State Space Corporation Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov will represent their reports to the president. “It’s clear that Rogozin is apparently busy now: he needs to get information and analyze it.”

Investigative Committee labels Soyuz MS-10 emergency landing as safety violation

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case over violations of safety rules following the failed launch of the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft, the IC’s press-service has told TASS.

“The Investigative Committee’s office at the Baikonur space site has opened a criminal case under article 216 of the Criminal Code (Violation of Safety Rules in Construction Work Entailing Heavy Damage),” the IC said.

The investigators are in the process of examining the launch pad and gathering documentation.

“The causes of the incident and the persons whose actions resulted in the emergency are being established,” the IC said.

Soyuz spacecraft’s rescue system proves exceptional reliability, says Roscosmos chief

The Russian Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft’s rescue system has demonstrated its exceptional reliability after a booster’s abortive launch, Head of the Roscosmos space agency Dmitry Rogozin said, RT television channel reported in its Twitter page.

“The rescue system has demonstrated its exceptional reliability. As for the cause of the failed launch, we will sort this out,” Rogozin said.

A Soyuz-FG carrier rocket with a manned Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft blasted off from the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday. The carrier rocket with the manned spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 11:40 a.m. Moscow time.

The manned spacecraft carried Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin (the commander of the Soyuz MS-10) and NASA astronaut Nick Hague.

The Soyuz booster aborted after its launch, after which the crew switched to the mode of a ballistic descent. The manned Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft landed in the Kazakh steppe after the Soyuz FG carrier rocket aborted its launch. The crew established contact, a source at the Baikonur Cosmodrome told TASS.

As the press office of Russia’s Central Military District reported, rescuers are evacuating the crew from the descent capsule and the crew members are in good condition.

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  1. Wasn’t it a plan by the Chiefs in the US military, that if John Glens flight in orbit failed, it would be blamed on the Cubans, to justify an invasion?

    “Take the stone out of my shoe” moment.

  2. Ian, I share your suspicion, though no “hand” was caught in action and no proofs presented (though
    doubt, even when found they would be presented). This is, in short time, a 2nd peculiar mishap related
    to ISS. Blocked toilet?? Hm. But the hole in oxy tank? How come? Failed ignition of another stage??
    US Air Force managed (now ?abandoned) base in Manas (S.E. of Baikonur). US Army is using Kazak.
    ports on Caspian and manages land transport through Uzbek. just south Syr Darja river (Baikonur is
    North of that river). There are many possibilities. Remote entry into the missile program? Are there
    any Ukrainians employed on the ground? Where is the US “service” group accompanying US astronaut
    permitted to go? Whatever would be found, if anything, pointing to the “outside” involvement would
    be washed down, to blame some poor silly Russian “not tightening nut on some sensor”. Well, official
    explanation of Kursk disaster never acknowledged material deformation indicating out-in disruption,
    on MH17 even Russian side weakly stated the their Buks are different, how about 30mm cannon?
    And Israeli F-16 hiding behind IL-20? Another senseless explanation. Negligence or intention – I would
    bet the latter.

  3. Someone purposely drilled a hole into the oxygen plumbing on the Russian ISS transport vehicle, which caused quite a scary scene, raising distrust to a new level with back and forth accusations between astronauts, and cosmonauts. Just prior to that, in the American quarters the toilet system failed, a female astronaut being the last user it’s left to the imagination as to what caused the blockage. They say the quarters became unsanitary and so odorous that the Americans sought relief in the Russian cabin, and at first were refused entry, but the Russians relented allowing the Americans in. Was it then that the hole was drilled? Animosities’ are building. Fun and games are fine until someone loses an eye.

  4. Sabotage … also never crossed my mind that such a level had been reached, even by those desperadoes.
    I sincerely hope that no deliberate ‘tampering’ was involved; at the worst, an error.

    • In 1982, Ronald Reagan approved a plan to sabotage through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a gas pipeline…. Think again.

  5. Well, we got a lot of questions to our space industry,recent times. Soyuz always was very reliable like Kalashnikov. I wouldn’t like to think about sabotage at first. Let’s wait for the investigation. Nevertheless, Russia had many malfunctions during the previous commercial launches and many expensive satellites were lost. The great resonance was about one of the launch, when the rocket with euro-satellites was lost. The commission found out that one of the rocket position sensors in space was mounted 180 degrees vice versa. How could this occur if from the Soviet times there were 3-4 people watching the rocket assembly: 1 worker was in assembly (for example – tighten the screw)2nd worker pronounced loud all 1st persons actions, the 3rd was engineer with drawings,checking the actions, and the 4th was an employee of the special services and watched all those three.
    It is hard to involve the conspiracy and sabotage. Space industry must be top secret and top controlled.
    The crashes happen sometimes,but i’m afraid that nowadays we see total degradation in the space industry. Both American and Russian. Good days of the cold war contest are gone.
    And this last mystic story about Who drilled holes in the Russian segment of ISS…. And even meteorite protection screen. Who did it from outer space? Why and for what?

    • Don’t feel too bad, we lost two space shuttle crews along with the astronauts on the ground, as far as we know about.
      We’ve had a ot of failures ourselves.
      The problem is these systems are so complex, beyond anything else that I’m surprised we’ve gotten this far.
      On another note, many years ago during the test of an ICBM, U.S. military camera crews recorded the attack of a test warhead as it entered space by a UFO. They have the film of it attacking the missile with some kind of beam weapon, knocking it out.

    • How many Lithium batteries were on board? Did somebody tamper with the self driving software. Inquiring minds want to know.
      Besides these rockets tend to leave the plant in 100% working order, something that continues to plague Tesla motors. That is if you can get replacement parts.
      There were no highway dividers for a self driving rocket to steer itself into not unlike a Tesla and fortunately both passengers did escape from being killed where the unfortunate passengers of these self immolating Teslas were not.
      It was probably a malfunction of the junction or a failure of the failsafe.

  6. Outstanding abort, and recovery of the crew. Sabotage hadn’t crossed my mind, however, timing wise, the ‘We know who’s” would create such a catastrophe with glee! Don’t have a clue how, but could that booster stage have been sent a shut down command remotely?

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