Turkey Refutes Trump’s Claim US Investigators Joining Khashoggi Case


Journalist Jamal Khashoggi allegedly went missing in Turkey last week after he left the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents needed for his upcoming marriage, according to the Saudi Consulate General.

Turkey has refuted Trump’s claim about US investigators participating in the missing Saudi journalist’s case, according to reports.

Turkey to Make Findings Public After Probe Into Saudi Journalist Vanishing

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has promised to make public the results of an inquiry into the vanishing of a Saudi journalist in the Istanbul consulate.

“We will share with the international community everything we will learn in the course of the investigation,” Cavusoglu said in a televised announcement during his trip to Iraq.

Cavusoglu said Turkish prosecutors were conducting a full-scale probe with the help of intelligence, police and security forces, and were cooperating closely with the Saudi mission since the incident is thought to have occurred within its walls.

Trump: ‘I Have to Find Out What Happened’ to Missing Saudi Journalist

US President Donald Trump earlier stated that US investigators in Turkey would probe the case of Jamal Khashoggi, adding “I have to find out what happened.”

“We’re being very tough. And we have investigators over there and we’re working with Turkey, and frankly, we’re working with Saudi Arabia. We want to find out what happened,” Trump said in an interview the Fox News.

The US president has stated previously that his administration was very concerned about what happened to the journalist and is determined to find out who was involved in his disappearance.

According to the US media reports, Turkish investigators believe the journalist was murdered inside the Saudi Consulate. Saudi Arabia has denied the allegation, saying that the journalist left the consulate building.

In an earlier interview with Fox News, Trump expressed reluctance to halt arms sales to the kingdom, saying such a move would hurt the US defense industry.On October 10, the White House said in a press release that US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Senior Adviser Jared Kushner had spoken by phone with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman about the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

More than 20 Republican and Democratic lawmakers have invoked the Global Magnistky Act to instruct the Trump administration to investigate the journalist’s disappearance. Other lawmakers have demanded a halt to US weapons sales to the kingdom in response to the incident.

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A week earlier, the Turkish-Arab Media Association reported that Khashoggi had gone missing in Turkey.His fiancee explained that the journalist had been invited to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to get documents needed for his forthcoming marriage. The fiancee stayed outside waiting for Khashoggi for several hours before she was told by one of the Consulate General’s employees that her fiance had already left and she’s not seen him since.

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  1. Well if this is the final straw , it took a lot of straws. Selective reformation, does not include free speech.
    The ladies can drive the cars, but go to jail if they say anything about it. 16th century mindset with 21rst century toys. The descriptor of Bin Salman is quite accurate. http://www.sacred-texts.com/ich/ic07.htm
    Men who live entire lives of privilege are seldom suitable as leaders. Certainly one of the many issues with bloodline Monarchy.

  2. Boooaaahhhagh, Trump digging deep in the photo is it disgusting or what? Or perhaps he thinks he has come up with a new Illuminate gesture!!!Disgusting I tell ya.

  3. ‘Money makes the World go around!’ Who cares that the, Saudi Islamic-Zombies, are committing murder, remember, this uproar is just for one Man, but what are they doing in Yemen? Murdering thousands! All that is OK, as long as they are purchasing, lethal ‘Killing Machines’, from our, ‘Military-Industrial Complex’, in the tune of $110 Billion! Where is your Humanity, TRUMP?? That is for sale too??

  4. “8 heads, no 1, in a duffle bag.”
    At least Trump didn’t lie about the reason he will continue weapons sales to SA. He said”. “It would hurt the defense industry”.
    When will we stop calling it, the defense industry? There are several more descriptive tags, such as, OFFENSE Industry.

  5. Trump must already know all the details of this incident and the final results. All he has to do is call his friends in the Mossad in Israel. He likely already has. He is an Israel lover liar con artist draft dodger who lies like a lying lawyer. Nothing out of his mouth can be believed. I love the image with his finger up his nose. All deals with the lying Saudis must be ended until they become a civilized country of the world.

    • ” I know MBS…. a great guy, we hang out together, go to some great parties, meet a lot of beautiful women, some of them a little young, but we have a great time. He tells me what a great businessman I am and lucky to have such a beautiful daughter, wants to marry her but I had to tell him she’s already married to Jared, he told me they were related….don’t know about that, anyway we had McDonalds for dinner and afterward did a few lines and watched some videos of his planes bombing the Yemenis. He really likes our bright , shiny bombs, says they’re the best in the world. No one makes better bombs than America. Told me he wants to buy a few thousand more, says that should deal with those nasty poor Yemenis…I hate poor people anyway and the same for POW veterans….can’t stand them, losers.
      Anyway, gotta go for some cofeveve.
      the Donald.

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