Exposing yet another Anti-Russian disinfo website


There are so many well-financed, slick and professionally run disinfo websites out there now that it has become very difficult for those without the necessary background and training to be able to filter out the crap and follow what is really going on. The results of this are plain to see, not least in the sea of online comments made by people who are tragically misinformed and hold views based on this misinformation that are quite ludicrous and starkly divergent from reality. In short, due to all the money spent on disinfo operations, the vast majority of the public today are utterly clueless about what is really going on. The reason for creating all these disinfo outlets is largely because the MSM has become so discredited in the eyes of many.

One of the most prevalent, pernicious and in the current geopolitical climate outright dangerous categories of disinfo website are the anti-Russians; often ostensibly pro-Russian, invariably, they are run by front companies for think tanks and similar groups that are known to be fronts for the intelligence agencies, usually the CIA.

The list is already long, including well-known and highly publicised websites such as Russia Insider, Russia Behind The Headlines, The Saker, Moscow Times, Fort Russ and Voltaire Net; to that list we can now add Debka files, a site that has, to this point, largely flown under the radar, so to speak.

However, when such obvious pieces of disinfo such as the article below appear, it becomes blatantly obvious that Debka, like all the others, exists in order to promulgate a hidden agenda which centres around stirring up controversy and stoking the fires of nascent tension that threaten to ignite a truly disastrous military conflict.

By publishing this article, Debka is contributing to the on-going false narrative that Iran is a dangerous threat to the Middle Eastern nations and in particular, to our most trusted ally and sole democratic lawful state in the region – Israel. Of course, that’s a load of hoary old bollocks and the entire demonisation of Iran is an agenda devised by Israel and their Saudi allies.

This map starkly illustrates the threat to Israel posed by the Syrian air defence missile systems. Claiming that Iranian troops are manning a significant portion of these missile systems only serves to amplify that threat because we all know how dangerous those dastardly Iranians are and how they would love to see Israel burn down….

We have seen many instances of this narrative that Iranian forces in Syria are a direct threat to those poor, benighted Israelis, most prominently a few months ago when Putin had to issue a concrete assurance that Iranian troops in Syria would withdraw from the vicinity of the Golan and no Iranian forces would encroach into an area of Western Syria demarkated by Israel in order to keep Iranian forces at least a certain number of Kilometres from the Israeli border.

The Iranians withdrew deeper into Syria and Israel was therefore mollified, but the climate in the region and the relationship between Putin’s Russia and Israel have changed since then, not least due to the IL-20 shootdown tragedy and today it is far less likely that Israel would be able to extract from Putin any similar concessions.

The scaremongering on behalf of Israel about the threat posed by Iranian forces in Syria has continued, despite the removal of Iranian troops from the Western regions closest to Israel, which is why this Debka article has appeared – it is the latest chapter in the Iranian forces in Syria are a threat to Israel narrative.

The important point here is not about a disinfo site it is that the Israelis are trying to put out the false narrative of Iranian crews operating the Syrian S-300s. This makes me suspicious that a shootdown of an Israeli jet may take place shortly so that Israel can blame Iran, saying that trigger-happy Iranians were to blame. It is not difficult to take an old, end of life F-16 and outfit it with the equipment needed to remotely pilot it from the ground. The US has been turning old fighter jets into drones in order to use them as targets in missile tests for decades.

An Israeli jet shot down by Iranians over Syria would be a solid basis for further demonisation of Iran

Debka File
Russia imports Iranian teams for S-300s in Syria – 24 launchers in all. Shocked alarm in US, Israel

The US and Israel were alarmed to learn that Moscow had decided to man the S-300 anti-air missiles sent to Syria with Iranian teams, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report. US and Israeli intelligence agencies which brought the news to Washington and Jerusalem also reported that the Russians had begun flying the Iranian operatives over to Syria.

Moscow announced the supply of S-300 air defense missiles to Syria in the wake of its row with Israel over the Russian Il-20 spy plane crash on Sept. 17. But, on the quiet, Moscow also decided that they would be operated by Iranian teams. And so Syria received the exact same air defense system that Russia sold to Iran two years ago – the S-300PMU-2 – which was installed for protecting its nuclear sites. American and Israeli military experts were caught by surprise by this discovery, but our sources reported the  Russians were giving Syria outdated batteries.

One of Moscow’s considerations was that Iranian crews operating the Syrian-based S-300s  will be in harm’s instead of Russian teams in the event of US or Israeli aircraft making direct hits on the systems.

For Israel this move has both good and bad aspects: On the one hand it will be a relief for Israeli air crews to know that when they go for Syria’s S-300 air defense batteries, they need not fear hurting Russian troops; but, on the other, by managing Syria’s air defenses, Iran further strengthens is military foothold in Syria, which the Netanyahu government is dedicated to rooting out. By the same token, Iran takes Moscow’s decision as an endorsement of its claim to a solid military presence in Syria.

Shortly after DEBKAfile published this revelation on Monday, our military and intelligence sources discovered further that Russia has supplied Syria with three S-300 battalion sets, each consisting of eight launchers with  100 missiles per battalion set.  They all underwent major overhauls in Russia’s arms factories. Russia has therefore deployed to Syria a total of 300 anti-air missiles – albeit outdated but in tiptop condition.

On Oct. 7, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he would soon be meeting with President Vladimir Putin, although a date had not been set. So, while the two leaders continue to smile and go through the motions of amicable relations, Russia continues to shock, surprise and exacerbate tensions with Israel.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. “One of the most prevalent, pernicious and in the current geopolitical climate outright dangerous categories of disinfo website are the anti-Russians; often ostensibly pro-Russian, invariably, they are run by front companies for think tanks and similar groups that are known to be fronts for the intelligence agencies, usually the CIA.

    “The list is already long, including well-known and highly publicised websites such as Russia Insider, Russia Behind The Headlines, The Saker, Moscow Times, Fort Russ and Voltaire Net; to that list we can now add Debka files”
    And there are none worse than those “journalists” who claim genuine sites are CIA disinformation sites so.
    How much did the CIA pay for this article, Mr Greenhalgh? And did you really think sneaking in a coupla real disinfo’s with your supposed main direction to Debka Files (which EVERYONE and his dog already knows is Israeli) would really fool anyone?

  2. Nothing new about this, they began using drone aircraft during WW2, turning B-17 Flying Fortresses into remotely piloted flying bombs. Turning old fighter jets into drones is very common, it is how they test weapons such as air to air missiles – the drone aircraft is used as a target.

  3. “DEBKAfile is an Israeli military intelligence website based in Jerusalem, providing commentary and analyses on terrorism, intelligence, national security, military and international relations, with a particular focus on the Middle East.” – Wikipedia

    Is it any surprise that they reflect an anti-Iran, pro-Israel bias?

    As for some of the other websites you mentioned…
    Russia Insider doesn’t even post original content but consists almost entirely of Russia-related articles scoured from elsewhere on the internet and reposted. The Saker is an individual with a pro-Russian perspective; just one man and his opinion. Give your readers some credit for being able to take in news from a variety of different sources.

  4. During the IL20 incident, the French frigate was supposed to be sunk by Russia. At the least this was Israel’s escalation plan. Sacrifice the Vichy.

  5. I don’t think that Israel needs to go to any great lengths, as described, in search of a reason to attack and destroy the S300s. I read an article, it may be the one you’re referring to, about 10 days ago that said Iranians will be manning the S300s for the first 90 days to train the Syrians . Israel don’t need no stinking reason. Whether Iranians are there or not is of no consequence. All they need is rumor that they are there. It’s cheaper this way.
    The problem with the story is; the Russians know Israel would love nothing more than Iranians ay the controls, and for that reason would never do it. The story is FAKE … yet sinister.

  6. I have read the Debka Files for years. I find it difficult to believe that it is just now found to be a dis-info site. It is run by ex-Mossad and CIA for god sake. When I read an article years ago dealing with the Liberty incident, I knew then they played fast and loose with facts. That it is just now determined to be a dis-info site does not impress me. As for the other sites mentioned, I read them all…but draw my own conclusions. In regard to the Il-20 incident, I would not be in such a hurry to discount the French angle. Many things are not right with the official story, the IFF and full integration with the Russian system for example. My opinion is that when (and/or IF ) the Il-20 is recovered, the truth will be known when the corpse is pulled from the water and the wounds examined for shrapnel damage…similar to the MH17, where the pilots cabin is never shown on western MSM. So far there has been no mention of recovery of the plane, AFAIK. If the remains are never shown to the press, what then? What will be the reason for that? Why has Israel not made their radar records public? The US? NATO? The French? What is VTs take on this event, I have seen no articles here dealing with it, the French ship or the British aircraft with their transponders off and in a holding pattern. When it comes to the US, Israel and NATO, I never say never.

  7. Well spotted Ian,
    Thank you for pointing those disinfo websites. I have ceased to visit them, the last in line was Fort Russ, after the heated comments I posted there pointing to their misinformation leading readers astray about the downed IL-20 and the lost of 15 Russian Servicemen.
    The list of remaining “true” information websites, where one can find good analyses and point my browser, is shrinking dangerously. Hopefully, veteranstoday will keep the torch up and high!

  8. Very timely article Ian . I have suspected Fortruss as a dysinfo site for quite some time . J Flores especially with his incessant writings claiming it was the French frigate that downed Il20 and not IDF set up. I commented pointing out quite obvious facts receiving 40+ likes only to learn I had been blocked with all of my comments removed for “propaganda writing “. My view being the IDF drew Il20 incident close to French frigate in the hope the Russian would sink French frigate in the chaos and confusion. The Israelis would have known precisely when the French frigate was to launch it’s cruise missiles on Damascus. I have no doubt this was a planned false flag to cripple EU Franco Russ relations. As for the Saker I am a little surprised. However he has written a few sensationalism pieces which had me wondering his motives. The doom and gloom piece regarding Putin’s re appointment of Medvedev and supposed sacking of Shoigu and Lavrov . Also his constant writings of Russia’s “5th column “ and their control over Putin. Care to comment?

    • The Saker is certainly the best written and least obvious, they are not blatant like many of the others. But we have studied them over time and looked at who supports them before we drew any conclusions. Gordon is fantastic at spotting the bullshit outlets, he has so much experience at dealing with such things.

    • Fort Russ is beyond any shadow of a doubt, a disinfo site of the umpteenth level. This became blatantly obvious, as you astutely stated, just recently with Flores’ (a pretentious LA Chicano gang barrier parading to be a journalist) article relating to the downing of the Russian IL-20. His inane narrative trying to attribuite culpability to the French Navy in having fired the missle that shot down the plane can only be defined as a journalistic charade of the worst category. Wanting to call him out on it, I wrote in and commented pointing out his flagrant miscue and was assailed by all his Deep State trolls including that CIA plant in the Donbass Russel Bentley, an esteemed collaborator and contributor to the site with whom I had a very heated argument with. Really, c’mon a Communist Texan??????????????? An oxymoron if there ever was one! What the f*ck do they take people for???? Hope some Donbass reader took note of my comment and takes the mother f*cker out!!! 5 dead high-profile leaders of the Donbass resistance taken out by bombs???? Hmmmm? Someone is not who they claim to be.

    • When it comes to the Donbass issue, many of the players on both sides are not who the appear to be. I have been studying this on and off for 4 years and it’s a very tangled web. For instance, several of the DPR leaders, both military and political, were employees of an oligarch who is a close Putin advisor but also has ties to the Christian far right in the US, and we know that the Christian far right is largely made up of pro-Israel Zionists, so as I say, it is a tangled web.

    • JohnZ: there’s British journalist Graham Phillips in Donbass during all military clashes. Ian must have heard about him. Graham is for Donbass people and he had some problems in UK at home, for his reports.

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