Tyndall Air Force Base a ‘Complete Loss’ Amid Questions About Stealth Fighters


Sitting in the ruined airplane hangars of Tyndall Air Force Base, which was shredded on Wednesday when Hurricane Michael swept across the Florida Panhandle, may be some of the Air Force’s most advanced — and most expensive — stealth fighter jets.

Tyndall AFB destruction from Hurricane Michael

Tyndall Airforce Base took a direct hit.

Posted by WXChasing on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tyndall is home to 55 F-22 stealth fighters, which cost a dizzying $339 million each. Before the storm, the Air Force sent at least 33 of the fighters to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Air Force officials have not disclosed the whereabouts of the remaining 22 planes, other than to say that a number of aircraft were left at the base because of maintenance or safety reasons.


An Air Force spokeswoman, Maj. Malinda Singleton, would not confirm that any of the aircraft left behind were F-22s.

But photos and video from the wreckage of the base showed the distinctive contours of the F-22’s squared tail fins and angled vertical stabilizers amid a jumble of rubble in the base’s largest building, Hangar 5. Another photo shows the distinctive jet in a smaller hangar that had its doors and a wall ripped off by wind.

(Editor’s note:  We add this strange video supplied by the US Air Force from one of their command pages:)

crazy video Little Big – 'SKIBIDI'

WTF just happened..? 😧 Little BIG 'Skibidi'

Posted by Mixmag on Thursday, October 11, 2018

All of the hangars at the base were damaged, Major Singleton said Friday. “We anticipate the aircraft parked inside may be damaged as well,” she said, “but we won’t know the extent until our crews can safely enter those hangars and make an assessment.”

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  1. Only one of these pics shows a F-22 (upper pic). From this picture we can’t see any visible damage. The second one, the upside-down airplane seems to be F-15, how did that happen without tearing the wings I have no clue. And the last one (Tyler Rogoway tweet) is F-16 with an air show paint job.
    So there is report of dozens of damaged F-22’s without pic confirmation. Can they be removed from the USAF assets lists without inspection of their wreckage? If yes, maybe we should look for them somewhere else, say Negev?

  2. Can’t build a better hanger? On the other hand that video was over the top. At first I thought it might be a Spirit video; but no way was that a Spirit video. The dancing cats, a Godzilla cameo and a Collie were all you needed to see to put this into the I need to share this catagory. Which is simply what it is.

  3. Interesting situation. It will be the taxpayers who will pay to restore this base, but as someone has already questioned, what about the missing F-22s? Are they now in occupied Palestine?

    I’m also wondering why our weather has generically changed for the worst since the military has taken over control of the weather. What’s that all about?

    And, as an aside, I also note that since the feds have taken control of so much of life in America, many more Americans are now distrusting government, believing it (the government) is responsible for all bad things that happen in America. Is that the dark side of what happens when insane control freaks take over any part of life?

  4. I did a TDY in Tyndall back in the 80’s. I remember renting a purple station wagon, how hot the flight line was, the signs at the ocean telling us swim at our own risk due to pollution, an F-16 that jumped the chocks and ended up nose down in a ditch, and the sheer enormity of how much money flowed through the place. One thing you can be very sure of, is the money the taxpayers put out for those buildings, was way more than sufficient to construct them in such a way as to be impervious to hurricane damage. Once again, like the hole in the side of the pentagon, the public has full view of military incompetence and graft. The expenditure department is spoiled rotten to the core. Whatever you think was spent there, quadruple it then double it again.

  5. Expensive loss, of course. I’ve seen several videos after the hurricane – it wiped out hundreds of houses. Terrible power. I think the $ loss will be many billions. By the way – people know that that places are in risk zone, why they build paper houses that fly away during the hurricane? Why not use traditional brick building?

    • It was not always so. When I grew up in Florida all houses and buildings were made of concrete block. I was shocked when I went to Louisiana and saw how flimsy their wooden buildings were. Then Katrina arrived and proved my point. Now it looks like the same lesson has to be relearned. Not everyone over there was unprepared. I saw a photo of a beachfront home that was undamaged. It was up on concrete stilts and was octoganal in shape.

  6. Thoughts from the far side. There’s a question about missing f22s, maybe as many as 2 dozen. Could this hurricane be used as convenient cover for transferring stealth aircraft to our favorite partner, Israel? Just asking. Or is it just the opposite? Let’s call it providence. Hurricane winds blow the covers off of an illegal operation to secretly arm Israel with phantom f22 stealth aircraft, exposing a plan that has been in play for several years now.

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