HAARP Waves: See, Hear, and Feel the Climate Control Part 2


Health Editor’s Note: Here is Part 2 of the world of HAARP waves written by Enkidu Gilgamesh. This part covers What is HAARP? and fake gravity waves. More to follow….Carol


By Enkidu Gilgamesh

The digitalization of radio, the freeing of VHF serves the reservation of the high frequencies for the make up of the ozone layer transparent and increase the sunlight input (particularly UVB and UVC) for managing global water cycle within the troposphere!


What is HAARP?

Fake gravity waves.

The ultimate weapon, X-Band

Some sources

Cloud images


What is HAARP?

Now some words about High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

Official goal of HAARP was to investigate the ionosphere by directing high-frequency radio

Official goal of HAARP was to investigate the ionosphere by directing high-frequency radio waves to this layer of the atmosphere. Under the motto, “we just heat the ionosphere, let’s see what happens next. “

The Ionosphere can be imagined as a highly positively charged cloud that cannot discharge onto the negatively charged Earth surface under natural conditions, because the Stratosphere and Troposphere as neutral, non-conductive layers prevent this.

What damage could be done if these highly strained positive particles of the ionosphere would get a line to the earth’s crust? Can you imagine a discharge of the ionosphere?

The application of high-frequency radio waves in the troposphere and the tropopause for Climate Engineering may have a different name, but because of fame and grip, the acronym HAARP is used also in this blog.

Climate Engineering is just another extended, upside down method of agriculture or “mining” and the methods can be described with agricultural or artisanal analogies.

What is the plow for the field, the wooden spoon for soup or comb for wool, that is HAARP for Climate–Engineering.

To prevent the sprayed condensation nuclei from clumping too fast & forming large ice crystals and raining down too early, the resulting chemtrail carpet must be systematically trimmed. Trimming can be observed very well in the first few seconds. The trimmed sky area appears as sharp ripping, bent, successive narrow shafts.

In addition of directly trimming the sprayed dust and aerosols, layers of troposphere are heated to uplift the humidity into the upper troposphere by accelerating the diffusion! So they mainly heat layers of troposphere not the ionosphere! Or let us say they “ionize” the troposphere!


That doesn’t exclude the use of the same equipment for trimming the ionosphere to modify (improve or worsen) the radio communication.

In parallel, reactive chemical dust is sprayed into the ozone layer within the stratosphere and trimmed with radio waves. The material burns with O2 (oxygen) and O3 (ozone), to make the stratosphere more transparent for UVB and UVC. The ozone hole is a “success story” for the climate gangsters. Therefore, they gave one of their henchmen (Paul J. Crutzen) the Nobel Prize. This is currently the most powerful implementation of “solar technology”. The next one will be the covering the orbit with remotely steerable solar mirrors.

Are You still surprised about the “global warming“, the decrease of ozone in the stratosphere, the increase of ozone within the troposphere, near the Earth surface and the burning on the skin, when the sunlight drills a hole into the smog cover?

Ozone Layer Fear Mongering!

The perpetrators of climate control, are mainly heating the layers of troposphere and the ozone layer, not the ionosphere or let us say they are “ionizing” the troposphere!

Fake gravity waves!

The visible effect trimming the aerosol cloiuds with HAARP is brazenly named as “gravity waves” by pseudo-scientist henchmen.

The Goethe University of Frankfurt at Main in Germany ridicules itself.

Gravity waves influence weather and climate

This image is linked from the same website! One image discloses thousand lies!

“Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes, for example at weather fronts, during storms or when air masses stroke over mountain ranges. They can occasionally be seen in the sky as bands of clouds.“

Atmospheric Gravity Waves in Global Climate Prediction and Weather Forecasting Applications

ISSI Team led by Joan Alexander

I could deliver thousands of such pseudo-scientific fraud papers. The whole scientific world is infested with CIA-fakeness.

Gravity Waves

The natural vertically sinking and rising streams within the troposphere are build by differences in temperature and density between the altitudes. They are diverted by the Earth rotation and its elliptic spherical form (Coriolis-Force), that they whirl similar to the water draining off in a wash-bowl. Sure, there may be also some waves within this whirling structure, but these waves are the result of friction and not gravitation.

By abusing the notion of gravitation waves, the manipulated victims are suggestively distracted far away into the cosmic space, because the speculative gravitation waves are assumed from big explosions of super-massive stars, ignoring the fact that the explosion of such objects may trigger a waving of interstellar mater. The speculation is based on the assumption that the space is like an ocean, where the planetary objects swim in and therefore are exposed to streams, space quakes and waves. This analogy is interesting, but has nothing in common with the effects of climate control.

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  1. Anybody think to cross-reference power consumption at the facility with events? Monitoring the ionosphere is one thing, modifying it takes power. Lots and lots of power, and I mean megawatt bursts. This article weaves facts utter BS together in a mishmash. Thinking that putting them all together actually means they ARE together? I think not. I tried to go over point by point this stuff in the first article and was locked out. As soon as I see an article on this subject where the byline has a callsign with it, THEN I will pay more attention. This is just noise.

    • If You read the article more precisely, You will see that I am mainly talking about the heating of the troposphere for water cycle management!
      Take more time to understand the framework of climate control. Don’t blame it on the article, if Your mind is not open enough yet. You need to close Your knowledge gaps first. Than with an extended mental horizon, a complete new way of perception will become possible. 🙂
      Just read the article again and also go over to the other linked articles. Connect the dots!

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