Erdogan: Saudi’s Cover Up Murder with Paint While Trump Chicken’s Out…Again



  1. First rule of assassinations. Assassinate the assassins, then assassinate those who assassinated the assassins. Man, that’s a lot of sss’s!

  2. Hard choices coming down the pipe when a “stupid mess” has to be cleaned up. The obvious first one is, so when you catch the “real killers” who “botched” an unsanctioned torture, and did an oopsy, that is looking to cost the ‘kingdom” billions, are we going to kill all dozen of them ?
    I’m not an international lawyer, but I’m guessing that killing a journalist in an embassy, would easily bring the death penalty in KSA. Now, the rest of the guys are not viewing the employment as “lucrative”, if they can get killed to cover their bosses incompetence. To not kill anyone , will also be viewed as admission of guilt and the leader looks weak. Arrogance , and emotions are a bad mix. Authoritarianism is on trial here.

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