‘Bodies lying everywhere’: Shooting at Crimea college has echoes of Columbine massacre

It started like any normal day on campus at the polytechnic college in the Crimean city of Kerch — but it quickly turned into a horror story, drawing somber comparisons to the fateful 1999 Columbine Massacre in Colorado.

Before the day would end, at least 19 lives would be taken and dozens of students would suffer injury at the hands of a gun-wielding man.

© Ruptly / kerchinfo.com Crimea bloodbath: Seeing friends die and fleeing for their lives – witnesses describe attack horror

As the drama unfolded, conflicting information was making its way online. In the initial confusion, reports suggested there had been a gas explosion inside the building — but it soon became clear that something much more horrifying was playing out.

Police were now reporting that an“unidentified explosive device” had gone off inside the canteen on the first floor of the college. Forensics experts and FSB explosive ordnance teams were quickly dispatched and tasked with “preventing other possible explosions” as word trickled out that authorities were treating the incident as a possible terror attack. They would later change the classification from terror attack to multiple homicide.

But it wasn’t just the explosion. Inside the building, people were hearing gunfire. Some would later describe seeing men with their faces covered burst into the building, armed with assault rifles and firecrackers, opening fire indiscriminately, terrorizing students and teachers. Only one man responsible for the shooting was found, but in the panic and confusion of the moment, people believed they saw more than one killer. Investigators haven’t ruled out there may be more.


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  2. Already, the question arises: how is this possible that the 18-y.o killer, as stated, had a 12-gauge pumping rifle? Even if such a weapon were provided with a professionally trained shooter, then he would also have difficulties with the implementation of the nightmarish plan that ultimately manifested itself in Kerch. Time for reloading weapons – one, psychological stability when shooting actually at familiar people – two, accurate understanding of what step should be next – three, time constraints and literally programmatic actions – four, implementing the plan in such a way that no one will able to somehow prevent its implementation, – five.
    How much time would it really take for an 18-y.o single person to kill 19 people from a smooth-bore pump-action shotgun with a 5-7 round of ammunition in the conditions of a radical panic among hundreds of people against the background of the explosions? Even if it is taken for granted that every shot became fatal for the one whom the alleged killer shot, then it certainly can’t be a matter of seconds. But at least 37 more wounded. The killer accurately calculated that he would have enough time, or he was not alone? His mother’s salary was about $150 per month . The prices of such rifles start from $200. It is obvious that they lived very very poor. Someone probably worked with this guy, flashed him on cameras and left dead as useless material.

    • A full length pump action shotgun with 2 3/4″ shells holds upto 8. Slow to reload as you have to push shells in one by one through a loading gate. However, in Russia they have the Saiga type shotguns that are basically Kalashnikov assault rifles chambered for 12 gauge shotshells, those have detachable magazines of various sizes.

    • Johnny America -Yes, Ian is right. Saiga is a popular and reliable, based on Kalashnikov. And it was sold in USA, too. I used to shoot from Saiga-10 at the Spetznaz shooting range. There was also Saiga-12. Now there are many modifications, but i don’t like such kind of weapons and show no interest. You may observe this gun in www.
      This young killer had (as it was said on TV,yesterday) some kind of Turkish shotgun.

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