Approach to Killing a Single Person and Killing an Entire People

Dr. Najm, then Syrian Minister of Justice (center) with VT's Dr's Bassam Barakat and Nahed al Husaini

… by Dr. Najem Hamad Al Ahmad for Veterans Today

Professor of Public Law, University of Damascus

 “The killing of a man in the forest is an unforgivable crime and the killing of an innocent people is a matter of view.” – poet “Dib Eshak” (1885-1956)

Over the past eight years, Syria has suffered crimes that human history has rarely been able to explain, thus, what has happened may exceed the limits of perception and expectations in terms of the international, regional and local reactions.

Political researchers and analysts, who write in the name of freedom, democracy and international forces have falsely assumed the task of maintaining international peace and security. The result of all this is chaos, turmoil and imbalance and violence and mixing of words and the heart of truth.

Most importantly, Syria, which used to be the world’s destination for its security, said its presence in other parts of the world has become, in the eyes of many, right or wrong, a homeland for violence and a place for armed terrorist gangs that have taken it upon themselves to do everything in the name of Islamic religion that is innocent of acts. These extremist groups killed women, children and the elderly and targeted civil and military institutions of the state who wish to put an end to extremism and terrorism.

All this was done with the direct support of countries that called themselves the coalition forces against terrorism. What this alliance did was to provide all possible assistance to these gangs, and thus entire cities were removed, as happened in the city, “al Raka.

Factories were destroyed, bridges destroyed, roads destroyed, and the state was cut off. The alleged coalition destroyed everything that could be destroyed except one thing, terrorism.

We will not discuss matters from the point of view of unilateralism, and we will avoid our emotions. We will work objectively, just as we will give light in support of the logical conclusions and will not repeat much of what has already been said in this regard. Publicly, we wish to contribute a fraction of clarification of some aspects and clarify the vision that remained vague in the eyes of many.

Many people in the past have been unaware of the fact that what was happening in Syria was aimed at reform and development and the desire of the Syrians for a better future. We can say that this is the goal of every Syrian citizen regardless of his or her political orientation and whether he is a supporter of the government or an opponent of it.

But, unfortunately, this is not what terrorism has been trying to achieve. Every reformist step was taken by the state. For example, the new Syrian Constitution of 2012, which is one of the region, guarantees peaceful negotiations of power, political pluralism and partisan…and many other unprecedented reforms, in addition to several amnesty decrees aimed at giving the opportunity to those involved in the return to the right to abandon violence and exercise his vanguard life in society in order to contribute to its construction, instead of destroying it and sabotaging it.

It is assumed that in light of the successive reforms undertaken by the government, there should be a state of calm and stability that would allow the reform to be realized on the ground.

However, in the direction of every reform step, terrorism was growing, which is not surprising because terrorism cannot grow in the existence of light. Terrorism is linked to chaos, chaos and violence. Here we realize what these gangs want. The logic is that reform cannot be defeated, and whoever does it cannot be reformed in any way.

All of the above comes in line with the tendency of some countries to make the Security Council a ride in an attempt to pass irresponsible decisions that would increase the turmoil and pour oil on the fire.

A link to aspects of terrorism took place and left wide repercussions not only in the Middle East, but in the whole world. I mean the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

It is important to note that we are not here in the context of a political or social assessment of the Saudi reporter who was killed. We are not adopting any point of view that we have already presented, nor do we stand with him or against him, although we disagree with most of what he wrote or said through means but that does not mean in any way justifying the killing in the way it occurred no matter the reasons.

We believe that freedom of opinion and the right of expression is available to all and no one can be deprived of this right, which is guaranteed by international chargers and human rights declarations. In the end, we are accountable to the perpetrators who planned or contributed to this crime directly or indirectly.

But it is not surprising that the world is moving freely, including countries and international organizations and that the audiovisual media are demanding to know the truth and to hold the perpetrators accountable while Syria has been suffering for years from the worst types of killings of Syria’s, men, women, children, civilians, military personnel, scientists, doctors, and university professors.

This killing is concerning for judges, lawyers, media professionals, journalists, especially since the accused is one of the Saudi regime and those who stand with him or fall from countries or regimes.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that the intentions are not all sincere in terms of the desire to know the truth in the killing of Khashoggi. The perpetrators are known from the first day of his disappearance, but the goal of some is to exploit this incident and pressure Saudi Arabia to pay more money by ignoring the crime and to ensure that the direct perpetrators will be charged and arrested.

The responsibility for his death will not go away. It is not logical to say that the perpetrators have committed their crime without the knowledge of decision makers, and it is naïve to expect that in a state by virtue of a system as the Saudi regime.

The first gestures of this assumption begin to appear in the concrete reality, and after a period of time, the pressure of the family will not be prolonged, in order to waive their personal rights and accept the compensation (da’yah). Then an order is issued by the King to pardon the perpetrators at the earliest opportunity.

Perhaps all of the above reflects to the words of the poet “Dib Eshak” (1885-1956):

the killing of a man in the forest is an unforgivable crime and the killing of an innocent people is a matter of view.

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  1. I wonder why , Dr. Najem Hamad Al Ahmad – each time he speaks of Syria’s war , is talking of ” terrorism ” or Islamic terrorists !!
    There is NO islamic terrorism ! This has no sens .
    I presume Dr Najem is sufficiently aware of the reality to know how this image is false and noxious to Syrian or any Arab victimes .
    Terrorism is only a cover for Israel allied commandos .Please , unless you are hired by them , don’t help this scam !
    In fact , they are USA, French or UK soldiers who recruited some unemployed and under-cultured folks that were given weapons . We can find such idle guys in every country today .
    But without the money & weapons spread by these corporate soldiers ( Nato, US Army …) they would be nothing !
    Calling things by their actual name is the beginning of efficiency when you try to depict a situation .

  2. Since the beginning of Syria’s military agression by the Israéli’s allies , I never stop to note this new nature of war that started with 911 & the 21 century = THE JEWISH WARS !
    Through the means , the fight managing , the permanant lies of major medias , it became clear that a totally new goal of war was in action . No more doctrine’s war ( as cold war ) no more territories war , like in WWII , no more border wars , no !
    It took some time to me ,before being able to accept this new goal = a racial war against the population !. To make it as simple as it is : the main war goal is now to destroy a PEOPLE = taking time for killing or weaken the whole population by any means . Like the nuke pollution over Fallugiah’s area , whose letal effects were depicted by Chris BUSBY in a major & very courageous issue made by VT ! Such a mean can’t be used for anything else than the VERNICHTUNG of a People !!
    Within those tools = not only weapons of war but the economic handling ,the organized food & medecin starvation ,banking manipulations , sneak chemical and biologic weapons , massive lies , and the destruction of all that makes links between folks and create a ” people ” ( destruction of History = bombing of museums like in Baghdad or the great Pamir ruines…) .
    Only a racist hatred doctrine is able of providing such a motivation !

  3. Everything said here is true, yet nothing said here is true. We live in a world which now embraces chaos, a world where chaotic profits trump the prophets. Cash is King … long live the King. …, or not.

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