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TRUTH JIHAD: Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich; Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on “Trump killed Khashoggi”

First hour: Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich is an uncommonly honest politician. He is a conservative family values guy who actually cares about ordinary working class folks and votes in their interests. But his uncommon courage goes beyond that. Exhibit A: Sen. Milkovich’s new book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order.

As Sander Hicks reports, John Milkovich “gave the eulogy at the funeral of Dr. David M. Graham, who was killed for knowing too much about the 9/11 cover-up. Graham actually met two of the (alleged) 9/11 hijackers, ten months before 9/11, and reported to FBI that he found them suspicious. After writing a book, and interacting with the 9/11 Commission, Graham was poisoned and the FBI harassed the doctors in the ER when Graham was rushed to the hospital. Attorney John Milkovich, his friend, was later elected to the LA State Senate, and in January 2017 awarded Sander Hicks a commendation for investigating Graham’s death.”

Second hour: Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh discuss Gordon’s new article “Breaking: Intel Drop: Trump Ordered Khashoggi Mutilation Murder”:

“Our sources in the Saudi security services tell us that Jared Kushner personally authorized this (the torture murder of Jamal Khoshoggi) saying ‘the US does this kind of thing all the time’ and noting that ‘my father-in-law is a bumbling idiot and will forget the whole thing so long as the prince keeps putting cash into the family coffers.’”

Even if the above Kushner quotes are not word-for-word accurate, they could certainly represent the gist of the truth. Ultra-Zionist kosher nostra princeling Jared Kushner and his orange-haired Shabbat goy father-in-law are very close to Bin Salman, who apparently bailed Kushner out of his catastrophic investment in 666 Park Avenue, New York. Kushner and Trump come from an organized crime milieu in which it is not entirely unheard of to dismember people alive with a bone saw to “send a message.” Bin Salman, a lower-level organized crime capo than Trump and Kushner, would very likely have felt the need for a green light from higher places before he would order the brutal killing of a Washington Post journalist.

So I think Duff and Greenhalgh are barking up the right tree.

Kevin Barrett
{p}Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.{/p}{p}He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.{/p}{p}He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.{/p}{p}Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.{/p}

12 Replies to “TRUTH JIHAD: Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich; Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on “Trump killed Khashoggi”

  1. Jonny America. Sorry I can’t leave my comment in reply to yours directly. You are definitely barking up the right tree. War is eugenics. The brave, skillful, selfless ones go out and get killed. The sneaky, cowardly, rats who evade war are then able to reproduce. Thus gradually displacing the gene pull of those who are not sneaky backstabbing little rats. Generation after generation of this (starting before WWI) of this, and you can see the results.

  2. Well, Kevin, nothing beats a Friday evening than listening to your show with Ian and Uncle Gordy.
    This is award winning programming.
    Bring ’em both back on to discuss the tRump/Haspel/ MBS collaboration behind the murder of Khashoggi.
    One of the big questions now is Jeff Bezos going to back down on his attacks against tRump or will he actually step up the attacks? And if he does continue the attacks, what will tRump do next?
    I believe tRump is capable of anything especially now that he occupies the Oval Office. The possibility that tRump is actually insane exists.
    To say that this country is in very deep trouble is an understatement. It reminds me of Italy in the 1930s

    1. The country is fine. Hush a bye baby, on the tree top . . .

      Bezos is another snap on tool, he just didn’t realize it. He thought everything was fine, and built up his “empire” . . . and then, look what the electoral college cat dragged in 2017.

      Amazon 1994 founded in Seattle. Laid back culture. He banned books, remember. That was his capitulations . . . bowing down. He’s genuflecting to the flash-drive mob. The “journalist” at WAPO being a plant.

      I’ve been around for a while, and I’ve seen “the bigger they are, the harder they fall” oopsies. HUGHES airlines empire crashed and burned . . . Howard ended up street rat crazy. Can we say ENRON boys and girls?

      I think MBS is dead, and Khashoggi made it out a trap door.

      Hostile takeovers for all.

    2. M.O.A. I also thought that Kashyogi escaped, and now abides in a secret place. He was a US secret service asset, wasn’t he? Those guys are like Batman and Robin, right? Too smart to be fooled. But then there was a recent news note – Sputnik I think – that Kashyogi’s corpse had been found in a well inside the consulate court yard. So that settles it then, does’t it? (if true)
      Also a recent article by Wayne Madsen – a man who impresses me as one who appears to know what he is talking about – listed up many more examples of very similar Saudi bad boy behaviour. And that for once convinces me that the MMS narrative is correct this time. Surprisingly, Gordon and Ian were also following the MMS narrative this time – a thing they rarely do in other cases.
      Interestingly, Benjamin Fulford said that MbS actually WAS killed this spring, and has since become replaced by an evil double.

  3. You say “Errand Boy” I say . . . Shabbos Goy . . .
    tomato, tomAto

    I’ve not listened to the audio yet. Calling out Mueller as an errand boy may / may not be a stance.
    My problem with Mueller is the “investigation” and official 9/11 report, which I learned had his name on it. Makes me wonder if he’ll realize . . . who is inside the house AND on the phone.

    My problem with Milkovich is the conservative family values label. I don’t know anything about him, other than what is written in this article. If that construct was taken out of the preface, it would still be a good article with an interesting listen (I’m sure).

    SUCH a politician thing to do.

    Errand boy is to controlled opposition, as controlled opposition is to . . . Rule #1

    1. And he must know that in Feliciana Parish there is one of the worst penitentiaries in the world. Louisiana State Penitentiary . . . aka: Angola

      One of the worst penitentiaries.

      Bye, Felicia

    2. MOA – Agreed. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the US. In NOLA the cops are a sick joke. Ask anyone who was around during Katrina. The first cops I saw afterwards were from Chicago PD. In Chalmette the first cops on the scene were Canadian Mounties!

  4. I’m not going to say he is just another ignorant southern hill billy.
    I don’t necessarily trust him.
    Anybody who is loyal in any sense,to a rogue, criminal state like Pisrael needs to leave America and move to Pisrael.

  5. James Smith Bush, the patriarch of the Bush family and the first Bush to attend Yale, was from Rochester NY.
    His father, Obadiah Newcomb Bush was from Penfield, just south east of Rochester where the Mormons started. He was an abolitionist. Rochester area is the ” burn out district ‘ as many movements of a spiritual nature began here in rapid succession. This aspect of the area was known by the indigenous people in their history and was relayed to settlers. The eugenics connection…
    the documentary,.. “Three Identical Strangers” exposes the Yale connection with secret studies put forth as twin studies, but are actually the study of astrology, as scientists most often use the twin argument regarding astrological data , but publishing on this information is forbidden by religious zealots.
    “The study ultimately ended in 1980, and because of the fear of backlash and controversy over ethics and consent, Neubauer never published the results. The data is sealed in a Yale archive until 2066.”
    The correlation between location and persona is a easily researched phenomena of our world. There are those who are way ahead of the general populace in these studies and have been for millennia. The violence in Chicago for instance, is certainly no surprise to anyone who studies it. Every city has a unique persona and product over time.

    1. The twin study never ended, but is underground , and morphing into a data base for use by AI, and will shortly be able to determine things such as ‘current condition’, ‘location to within a few hundred yards” and associations of a person simply using time and location of birth of that person. This knowledge in turn, back in the day, fed the eugenics movement, through the reasoning, that, if there is no free will, and people are unconscious of what dictates their behavior and life path, then it won’t matter if we ‘weed them’. This of course is not true, as there is free will, but it is easier to exercise it, if astrological knowledge and data is front and center. When there is no knowledge of “directive forces’ then it is reasoned the person is malleable and easily influenced. Hence the demonization of astrology by religions. Religion is a form of eugenics.

    2. The zealous position against abortion or contraception is to maintain numbers in the church. They are not concerned about life in general, though I understand it may appear so to many. The structure and format have nothing to do with spirituality.
      Each position on the earth has a unique “energy signature” and each day as the daily energies change and move across the earth, they encounter each location and produce ‘ideas’ and “thoughts’ in all life forms. The key to the knowledge is knowing the directions of the :”energy compass” for your area, and the identifying markers to enable positive confirmation. It is a vast field of science and does not get into , the cause or source. Astrology in fact does not tend to address cause or source. Just correlation of data. Energies change constantly, so even the minute must be known. Descriptors can be so elaborate as to even detail entire sets of successive events in an individual life. It needs to be a fully funded study or the secretive wealthy will abuse the knowledge beyond what it is already doing.

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