Another False-Flag, but who is the perp and who is the target?

Intel agencies specialize in False-flag terror and smoke and mirrors.


by  Preston James


No  person who has any significant knowledge of deep cover black ops could doubt that the so-called “Megabomber” claimed to be Cesar Sayoc is a deep cover Intel planned and deployed covert op, a false-flag designed to point blame one way or another on or away from President Trump.

The so-called Cesar Sayoc. Was he a perp or an innocent op transformed into a patsy. Was he mind-kontrolled? How do we know for certain that he even exists at all or is just another created image like Adam Lanza of Sandy Hoax fame?

Cesar Sayoc may be a mind-kontrolled patsy that had nothing to do with the fake bombs. It is possible he knows nothing or could have been conditioned to believe he did so and it was justified.

Sometime the most sophisticated FF psyops are done to appear sloppy and transparent in order to shift blame from the true perps.

Sometimes covert ops are done sloppily on purpose to reflect blame on an intended target. They are set up to be deployed so poorly (on purpose) that it will appear incredulous and be blamed on the intended target itself and not the perp. These kinds of deep cover black ops can be deployed to be so confounded that they can seem almost impossible to unravel, but can still have some unknown, sometimes complex, hidden agenda by the perps who planned it and deployed it.

By confounding the evidence and creating false legends, blame can then be transferred from the public eye to the alleged target. Or the sloppiness can be used to discredit the evidence and make it look like the other party did it, depending on what is desired. Sometimes an op can be done by a third party to discredit both the apparent perp and the apparent target, implicating both to different groups. Unless one has access to wiretaps, and satellite and phone cell ping backs and records, tracing the facts down may be near impossible.

You can be certain however that nothing goes down as far as domestic terror without at least some high officials in the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS knowing who did what. And usually these top Intel dogs are somehow involved under national security waivers in either the actual op or the cover up.

The use of false identities and “confidential informants” can make any FF op quite confusing and hard to parse out.

The so-called Megabomber perp Cesar Sayoc may not even be a real person at all. Since it has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Adam Lanza from Sandy Hook School fame never existed at all or his mother either, it is now well known in the covert govt crimes research community that fake identities can be easily constructed.

Sandy Hook was shut down in 2008 from asbestos contamination that was never abated, years before the fake shooting, the school just used for storage and then later for a false-flag op against the Second Amendment and the so-called assault style automatic rifles.

The Sandy Hook School utility records prove this beyond any doubt and insiders involved have leaked this truth to friends in LE and Intel to the point it is generally known by quite a few LE and Intel. Nobody feels safe talking about it publicly because the agencies involved have a track record of using murder to keep their cover up going.

In fact, the CIA has a whole floor used to construct false identities and phony legends to create a seemingly real person when none exists at all. This can include fake arrest records, fake residencies, fake drivers licenses, fake records of any kind.

Plus, they can create, modify, or make the past of any deep cover agent, operative or asset, disappear any time they want, if they want. If an agent, an operative or an asset becomes unneeded or a risk, they have multiple ways to “burn” him or her.

Burning an agent is standard operation for most involved in serious drug trafficking, terrorism or money laundering. This prevents them from ever testifying because their basic credibility is discredited. During Iran Contra Arms out for drugs in at Mena, Arkansas, the CIA filled a whole prison up at Vacaville, California with their contract pilots who thought they were operating legally under the protection of the USG in order to further real national security. They were jailed to discredit them from future testimony regarding this.

The invocation of so-called “national security” is used to protect the personal security of the Ruling Cabal members that control the American Intel Agencies.

And if an agent, op or asset ever does get a chance to turn real state’s evidence, well then counsel for the Intel agency can file “national security waivers” and immediately require the Judge to bar that court from allowing any related evidence to be presented. This has been done in many cases over the last 54 years ever since the JFK Assassination.

Burning an agent can mean to blow their cover or to prosecute them for a crime they didn’t even do to discredit any future testimony against them. Valerie Plame’s cover was blown by Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney because her husband US Diplomat Joe Wilson found that there was no yellow cake. When an agent is burned their background can be wiped or changed in multiples ways, or they can prosecuted them for a crime they were ordered to do or didn’t even do.

If the so-called alleged perp is a real person and the claims about his past are accurate, then many other possible means of Intel Agency “processing” are possible.

This man could be a demented nutcase from steroid use for body-building (as claimed by the FBI), could have been arrested for selling drugs (as claimed) and if so, as is done so many times, given a weak sentence (or even immunity) to become an “informant”.

Many so-called informants are later set up to be False-Flag, terror patsies and conveniently burned, and even sacrificed physically sometimes as needed.

In fact so many agents, ops and assets have been burned by various Intel agencies that the word is out now and few if any have any more trust in their superiors. This is the main reason that hundreds of agents, ops and assets (former and even current) are leaking anything and everything through third parties. This cannot be stopped even with lethal threats, and some very experienced agents and black ops will take counter actions and have done so to any such games and threats.

The world of Intel has now reached the milestone where agents of even different nations and apparent enemies will no longer play the game according to the Agencies evil rules but have started respecting each other and treating each other differently than what was historical.

National Security Waivers, National Security Letters, and Signed National Security Findings are being abused, unlawfully and unconstitutionally used to commit major RICO felonies against the public with no apparent solution for the public at present. Right now no one is watching the watchers.

This must be changed and the invocation of so-called “national security” to serve as cover for national crimes, RICO crimes, terror, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, kidnapping and sex trafficking, organ theft and trafficking, theft of funds from the taxpayer, assassinations, murders, war crimes, crimes against humanity, human compromise crimes including such crimes as pedophilia must be made capital felonies.

Right now national security is being frequently invoked to cover the twisted evil personal crimes of the powerful elite deviant Cabal members that use DC as an unregulated financial trough, and to start and run illegal, unconstitutional unwinnable, perpetual wars for big profits for the major stock holders of the Defense contractors and big Wall Street banks.

Getting local Law Enforcement to stand-down is quite simple for an Intel Agency.

State police, Sheriffs and local police can have National Security Letters (NSL) delivered and read by these police authorities (they cannot be kept, only read). In these NSL’s there is a threat that to talk about this or disclose such will result in arrest for a federal crimes, a 10 year sentence and a $10,000 fine.

When national security is thus invoked, it is quite easy to gain compliance from any Law Enforcement agency. Most police are so impressed when an FBI, CIA or DHS officer flips out his credentials he or she would jump out the window on their head if asked to. Compliance is never an issue because most LE know that Intel can destroy their lives quite easily.

Thus it is easy for Intel to get LE to stand down from an area and avoid responding to emergency calls if the Intel agency or an agent orders that. This allows all kind of mischief from harmless sneak and peaks, to no-knock direct home invasions, and covert assassinations made to look like illness deaths or suicide.


In deep cover covert ops (aka Black ops) such as false-flags and synthetic terror, things are usually never as they seem, and the general public is usually easily hoodwinked. Since the advent of the Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press, its Alt Media has penetrated and become quite popular with a growing and significant portion of the populace.

It has now reached about 12%, a actual critical mass turning point. This means that USG’s Big lies, false-narratives and its silly propaganda are increasingly being exposed and rejected by the masses. All secrecy is now ending as the most private sins of the Ruling Cabal are made public more and more each day, with many leaks coming from disgruntled insiders.

Stay tuned because in the next several years every big secret is going to be shouted from the rooftops and this is quite frightening to the Ruling Cabal. It cannot be stopped however, and anything done to try and stop it just will create blow back and speed the process up. The more extreme the Cabal’s corrections, the more blow back and the faster their secrets are revealed.

Bottom line is that even when one recognizes that a terror event was synthetically created (like with the “Blind Sheik, First Trade Center Bomber), what appears to be true with these various types of false-flags may or may not be.

One thing that is certain however is that all are sophisticated Psyops deployed to process the American Mass Mind to help obtain political gains for the group which planned the op or for their intended beneficiaries.


The late great unmatched Gary Moore and his classic hit “Still Got the Blues”. No one can ever replace his guitar and music genius, direct and hard-hitting, immense power unleashed. His fans in the UK understand his unmatched quality, his greatness. His music was never properly marketed inside America and he never received the immense fame he was due for his musical achievements even in the UK, although many of his fans there understood his greatness.




  1. One thing that I noticed during Moore’s performance was the “woman tone” he used that was Clapton’s signature tone, back with Bruce and Baker, aka Cream.

    Nothing wrong with it. Sounds great from a Les Paul and Marshal amp.

    • Yes I also happened to view a , I guess was part of a SWAT Team strolling down the street . Shades of Sandy Hook !! One individual could not possibly pass any portion of a SWAT physical Agility Test too roly poly and the others apparently barely had enough muscle to carry the various assortment of weapons and other unneeded equipment … Trying so hard to pass more HATE Crime laws in this country and also hit on the 2nd Amendment….

  2. When you stated that LE can be easily compromised leads me to the fact that during the school shooting in Florida, where three well armed and armored men were seen leaving the school, the four Broward County cops who stood outside behind the patrol were very likely ordered to do so or that they knew what was really going down and did not want to get involved. Either way they made themselves look like the cowards most cops are.
    So did was the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, also in on this? Who was it one of the teachers spotted inside the hallway spraying bullets?

  3. Don’t forget the quote (attributed to Lincoln) “You can fool all the people some of the time” etc. When “some of the people (that can be) fooled all of the time” becomes a significant percentage, those doing the fooling no longer have to worry about convincing anyone else. That is the situation today. As for scams, there is another making the rounds. This one is a voicemail saying you are being sued or investigated. No actual ID given, everything very generic. Easily seen through by a normal person, but devastating to some older people with dementia, or some people with developmental disabilities that can’t discern the scam.

  4. Suspicion #1. The authorities have yet to confirm a single one of the packages were – in fact – a bomb. How long do they have to “investigate” that confirmation? In the real world – 5-10 minutes max. In the false-flag world, it takes at least a week or two (or more).

    Suspicion #2. Unless the guy is so mentally ill, he’s incapable of standing trial, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that licking stamps will provide his DNA. Having been arrested & serving time in jail (The University of Crime), and having given up swipes of his mouth for DNA cataloguing purposes, there’s NO WAY he wouldn’t know that licking stamps would provide an express trail to his door step. No way.

    Suspicion #3. The timing. Y’all know exactly where I’m going with this one.

    Suspicion #4. Cui bono? In whose best interest would it be to make these top democrats look like victims a couple of weeks before the mid-terms?

    • That would mean trumps own picks as FBI head, CIA head, and all other appointees are all involved in a coverup to make his opponents look like victims and his supporters to look like violent idiots living in vans.
      So, that’s where we have to start to roll with the false flag idea. It’s not like Trumps people are averse to spouting conspiracy theories. If everything is a false flag, then the term and usage becomes muddy and the crying wolf scenario becomes a detriment to entire field of truth seeking. If you think criminals are smart enough to not leave evidence, that would be very very incorrect. Even life long professional thieves who spend years planning get caught. This dude is just the next triggered idiot, in a long line of such cases since Trump arrived on the political scene.

    • Suspicion #2. Unless the guy is so mentally ill, he’s incapable of standing trial, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that licking stamps will provide his DNA…

      Where have been for the past several decades? You don’t lick stamps — they are peel off/press on.

  5. Dr. James – glad to see you back! I suspected this was another false flag with poorly constructed pipe bombs and sending them to the Dem’s before the elections to sway the people. But as you have pointed out, more people are not falling for these blatant acts committed by the back room boys. It’s time we all unite instead of being more divided and go after the perpetrators!

    • Appreciate your comment Trakkath – I listen to Al Whitney on Republic Broadcasting News and she does a great job of enlightening and John Stadtmiller does a commendable broadcast. I’m relieved he publishes other articles instead pointing to the despicable ones as William Cooper, and he was eliminated by these same evil people.

  6. Great to see a new article, Preston James, especially one so timely. You are one of VT’s finest and this “MagaBomber” caper is one of the goofiest ever, at least on the surface. Screencaps from social media have surfaced, showing the suspect to be a Democrat, but something like that could easily be cooked up in Photoshop, so who knows?

  7. Great read.

    Your comment about the ops being done sloppily on purpose rings true to me. It’s the same phenom when the Nigerian scams (and no offense to people in Nigeria, but that’s just the name of the scam) go into play. The email reads “My uncle, the King of Siam left me 1,000,000,000$ U.S. . . . ” it’s full of typos, broken English, etc.

    Everyone . . . and I mean EVERYONE makes fun of the person sending the email. What an asshole, can’t even spell, or write English.

    The person sending the email doesn’t care. They aren’t looking for the ones that “don’t” believe the email. They are looking for the 0.01% that do.

    The emails are designed to sound retarded, by design and phising scam. And it’s not the 99.99% they want, or are even targeting. It’s the 0.01% they want. And the person sending the email knows one thing . . . if the 0.01% is THAT stupid to believe the “My uncle the king . . . ” they are EXACTLY the target, and when they connect . . . the scammer knows one thing: they got a sucker on the line.

    • M.O.A.B – there is a newer scam – I received an email with an old user name and password, that I haven’t used in a few years, and they claim they have videos of me watching porn on the computer. They wanted 4000 in bit coins sent to some address they claimed was secret(?). I deleted the email and got another one, but they reduced the amount to 1000 bit coins. I deleted that one also and received another one wanting 400 bit coins. This is another scam and probably, I’ll receive another one requesting 100 bit coins. At least they want to negotiate – a joke!