Trump to Remove Citizenship for Children of Non-Citizens (Except his own operation)



  1. How can any U.S. Citizen also be a citizen of Israel and also honestly serve, without conflicts of interest, in our Congress? This is totally outrageous and insane, yet no one is even talking about this problem except a few on this board. This is a blatant conflict of interest and must be stopped. Frankly there should be a petition right now to abolish this with a Constitutional Amendment. It should be illegal now. Israel is using this to bribe the whores in Congress to do their bidding and destroy this country. Don’t expect Israel lover Trump to sign an executive order on this basic issue. He thinks he is a little orange haired dictator of America. He also carefully hid is allegiance to Israel before the election. He is very likely a Jew or a converted Jew himself. All this information, like his tax returns, are a carefully guarded secret.

  2. While Trump’s at it he should sign an Executive Order to not only ban dual citizenship, but to also make those who hold dual citizenship choose the country they identify with. And then give them a polygraph.

  3. End dual citizenship immediately, if he can actually do that, it’s a major first step in the right direction.

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