“Puppet Erdogan” Fully Complicity in Chemical Attacks on Syria




    Putin appeared so out of place recently in the company of MMA worthies – Macron, Merkel and “Atta-Turk Erdogan” each of whom in their own way represents a rancid form of skulking deceit and treachery against Syria and Russia. Generous of Putin to reach out but the cloying, effeminate, weak grasp of friendship from each of them cannot have been reassuring at all. Diplomatically, I suppose, it was right to touch base with the bottomed-out and caged trio anchored to the chains of their rat-hole puppet-masters skulking in the shadows if only to impress by a formidable and gripping Russian hand-shake that stirred the fleshy wattles of their very exposed necks. Khabib’s choke-hold to dethrone former ‘Lord of the Ring’ McGregor comes to mind as I ‘tap-out’ on my keyboard, beaten MMA style – floored and unable to utter as much as a kind word for any of them.

  2. My history teacher, the one that made the class write Laissez Faire each and every Friday also said: “It’s not that money is the root of all evil. It’s the lack of money that is the root of all evil.”

    When people are kept poor, uneducated, disenfranchised . . . the lack of money, and the history teacher’s edit makes sense to what is happening when the White Helmets came riding in. White Horses, the old west’s iconography for the “good guys” . . . I see how they did that now.

    And then . . . poor Macron . . . being bitched slapped by a little bitch out of Belgium. Mark wearing a yellow ribbon. OMIGOSH. CLASSIC.