U.S. senators demand end to Saudi nuclear talks

“Elect me and you’ll find out who really did 9/11,” Trump promised on the campaign trail. He then broadly hinted that the Saudis were the real culprits.

Today, Trump is trying to hand the Saudis a nuclear weapons program.

Why is Trump OK with allowing the world’s two most recklessly irresponsible regimes—Likud Israel and Bin Salman’s House of Saud—to possess or develop nuclear weapons? Shouldn’t the US goal be a nuclear-free Middle East?

Is the Trump-Kushner tilt toward the Saudi-Likud axis of evil mainly about business interests? Are we letting small-time gangsters dictate policy…even if it risks World War III? Is that any way to run an Empire?

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

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7 Replies to “U.S. senators demand end to Saudi nuclear talks

  1. Israel has an estimated 300 nuclear weapons, and refuses inspections and is adamant about not being in the Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and no US politician dares to call them out on it.

  2. A lot of Americans would hate to think that the Kushner presidency would craft a back door agreement with the Fraudis to allow them to walk the halls inside our complex and have keys to the place. That would be distressing to many patriotic Americans, wouldn’t it? And it wouldn’t matter who was the titular king.

  3. The mere “fact” (tongue-in-cheek) that 19 Saudis did 9/11 should have the biggest fly in the ointment on any sales of weapons to that nation. Of course, it was Israhell’s plot, with Saudi conspiring with them. Saudi has their beady eyes on land encroachment, regime change and hostile takeovers in the middle east too. They don’t call it a Sheikh Down for nothing.

    The House and Sand and Fraud has always been backasswards . . . not just under MBS. He’s just a representation/manifestation of all that nation’s is. When I look at Humpty Trumpty, and see the sum total of what he, and his Zionist jock supporters have become . . . I cringe. We have a choice. The people in Fraudi don’t. Or . . . we had a choice.

  4. Kevin, we’ll see how long that lasts. That is if certain congress critters don’t want to end up like Khashoggi or the two Saudi women who, after more than two months missing, were found in the river.
    By now, every one should have realized just how dangerously out of control Fraudi Arabia has become under MBS. If things weren’t bad enough before, they are getting completely out of hand now. Whether it’s because of the new regime or MBS’s designer Amphetamine addiction, at least there are a few members of congress willing to stand up and say enough is enough. The question is just how far this will go before the Fraudis threaten with higher oil prices? or worse yet, decide to take direct action against U.S. congress people.

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