Another October Surprise: The Caravan, Kill a Few Jews, What Next

The monster has 36 hours, hide your children, stay armed, stay inside except to vote


By Gordon Duff with VT editors,

Few Americans really visit central America.  This is where the caravan comes from, about a tenth the size Trump says, one many hundreds of miles away, perhaps the least threatening “threat” in American history, right up there with the phony war on terror and the “liberals.”

The key, of course, is to keep ripping off Americans, fake utility bills, high mobile phone bills, high cable and internet bills, huge property taxes, high gasoline prices, high food prices, pay, pay and pay until you die.

This is why we have a supreme court, so that thieves can run American into the ground.

The real heart of GOP America is killing off the old.  I see it every day.  Insurance companies, Medicare, deny “expensive” treatments based on “too old to bother.”  Pretty soon, mysteriously, we get a dementia diagnosis, sometimes real, but too often brought on by overdosing on Haldol (halperidol), a common med that actually causes alzheimers.

Then off to assisted living for a month while family assets are stripped, then quickly to “memory care” where a helpful staff member pushes you down a flight of steps to break a hip, real or imagined.

From there to “hospice,” where it takes a week to kill you with morphine and starvation/dehydration.

End result, huge medical bills, savings gone and you are conveniently dead.

The “baby boomer” generation is being wiped out wholesale like this.

Start paying attention and do what is possible to make sure they don’t do it to you.

Problem is, we have killed off the American family and if you are like most, there is no one left to stand in their way.

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  1. “The “baby boomer” generation is being wiped out wholesale like this.”

    This is definitely the objective. Strip the “baby boomers” of the last penny so their kids will be left living from paycheck to paycheck.

  2. My mother passed on yesterday, she was 96. She lived her final year under such conditions as you describe here. Your picture of the end is spot on, and if the older person is strong enough, as she was, to survive for any number of months the medications and the mistreatments called personal care, they then suck the spirit dead, and hand back to the relatives the empty husk, the remains.
    And, if the US Army fires on the caravans killing a dozen or so, will comparisons to Israel be made? Will video of dead Central Americans wake up us North Americans, and will we then beg Israel to stop slaughtering Palestinians? Or are we the particular sort?

    • ;Yes Joetv , one is horrified by the killing of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh’s synagogue , that was my first reaction of feeling sorry about the killing. In second thoughts I then compared with the so many lives the Jews took and are still taking in Palestine, plus all the world control of the economy through their banks and coorporations and how they create wars etc and then this vile act becomes but a drop in the ocean compared to what they do ! Why is there antisemitism? Their greed and lack of abiding by the law, their pushing ways into politics and control, well there is nothing to sympathize with them at all.

    • Sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. My father is ten years her junior and wont go by ambulance anywhere. He has stated, “”go get yourself a beer or something and just let me lie in peace.”

  3. Well Mr. Duff ask your kids about “boomer stupid” and how our kids have record debt even before a career is started combined with low wages and busted unions and high property taxes as why a property tax in the first place!

    Why? GOP voters are all about themselves now and dam that next gen to hell as far as they are concerned as what’s in this for me…

    Boomers? The worst generation as from love hippies to war monger GOP supporters. Truth!


  4. Most all of my boomer pals vote GOP and have a Fox News addiction as I hate to say this yet killing them off in the long run will make America better.

    The Democratic Party will be reformed by Latino and African American voters in the long run as California is the future of America as I await more “boomer Stupid” in the form of comments.

    “Boomer is as boomer does” just how it is Mr Duff.


  5. Read a headline today that boarder troops are to open fire if rocks are thrown, per Trumps orders. How Israeli friendly is that? Just to show that’s a normal Rule Of Engagement in Gaza?

  6. What will be next ? Anything that creates Chaos so everyone is crying for Order and a strong hand like NWO. Remember what they said about “the next big crisis and people willingly will call for a world government ?”

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