America, the Walls Closing In


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

With the midterm elections coming up, all of us bombarded with carefully staged insanity, anything to push us away from asking real questions, I decided to get out of the house.

It doesn’t work.  I turned off the phone, ran an I-tunes playlist on my BMW sport utility vehicle (an M series for those who are enthusiasts….now 12 years old thank you very much) and headed toward Lansing, Michigan.

First mistake was where I chose to go, Horrocks, a farm market there where I had purchased 3 pounds of smoked turkey for a get together, meat that was, though within date, hopelessly rotted.

They were classless, unpleasant and nasty, thus the mention of this high on the page.  Note that, Horrocks, West Sagniaw Highway in Lansing, stay away from their meat, coffee and produce.  Go ahead and buy their overpriced wine. Their florist section is quite nice.

Our food editor, Mike Chester, who lives nearby, had warned me but I didn’t listen.  I was too smart.  In general, Michigan is a bit more courteous than New York, a generalization I thought was fair.

As for their owners/managers, they make me love the DeVos clan from Amway in comparison.

Worse still, while there, the Democratic Party called me about voting.  Whatever can be said about the GOP, the democrats are total idiots.  What I love is having half educated and self important fake activists explain the world to me based on what they saw on television.

To think I used to shoot people for a living and am no longer allowed to do this anymore simply because it is illegal.  Call life frustrating, you can’t imagine.

Behind it all, the need to spend, the need to drive aimlessly on a rainy and dark Sunday, the need to escape the continual negative and fabricated political ads is fear.  After all, several dozen Hispanics are moving toward our heavily defended border.

Talk about fake, the army is down their stringing concertina so women with babies won’t escape into the snake ridden desert and look for jobs cleaning our homes. If they were here to service Mara Lago clients in their birthday suits they would be given first class air fare.

Since I am at it, let’s do another one.  Though I grew up in Detroit, I had a farm in rural Kentucky for years.  Our tradition there was that if someone came to your home, they called first.  Driveways at farms are 1/4th mile long, ours was, and strangers were vetted.

You neighbors could be killed and nobody would know, so we all watched out for each other and when cars came up, we checked.  This is part of that world that city slickers don’t understand.

Where I am now, rural, long driveway, I had a couple of “solicitor” visits, shady at best, folks I sent packing and soon added a “Private/No Tresspassing” sign.

Owning a home doesn’t mean we pay to just leave ourselves open to anyone who wants to eat away our days with charity scams, fake politics or unwanted religion.

Worse still, meth addicts staking out their next home invasion.  Might this be why “liberals” are seen as just not “getting it” sometimes?  There are other issues, of course, like not having money.

Behind this is an America where it takes a family of 4 with two old cars, some health insurance and a moderate lifestyle about 85,000 USD per year to live.

Problem is, the average family has two 11.00 an hour jobs that net about 33,000 per year and the other 52,000 comes from things done without.  Even then, each year debt is deeper, wages never go up, prices outpace any wage increases and always have and the threat of destitution is always there.

With this, crap schools, a police state, half our businesses, such as the one mentioned above, are bottom feeders or, worse still, total scams.

The more help you need, the more likely you are to be robbed by a credit agency, a payday loan scam or some kind of fake employment.

In order to keep your mind off it, you are warned about an imaginary invasion or that the Ruskies are coming to get us.

Oh, there are people coming to get us, they have been around all along, the thieves and flakes that run Wall Street, run maybe a third of our business community, retail and services, run all our utilities, run some police departments and most of our local governments.

We are “meat” to them, whether Horrock’s rotted smoked turkey or not.

Time for a plan.  We will be discussing this on next time Uncle Gordie is on.

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  1. Nobody has nailed down the destruction of the middle class like Gordon Duff in numerous excellent articles. This one is a real gem and perfectly reflects a very sad reality that has developed in America because the COL Moneychangers were able to infiltrate and hijack America in 1913 and proceeded to progressively asset strip America at every level. Who is there powerful enough to stop them? They have all the money because they create it and charge us interest for using what should have been our own money in the first place. These use their created debt-notes to steal wealth from the American Taxpayer to finance their Globalist NWO schemes and lavish international lifestyles. When such an entity of pure evil has all the money it can buy, and human compromise almost everyone at every level in American society. They can create the captive govt of yes men and women they want and provide these cutouts maximum wealth, power and status as a reward for destroying their country. Those they can’t buy and speak out end up pushed aside, often persecuted, quickly downwardly mobile, sometimes murdered. Despite all this the number of Truth Warriors is still growing. We shall see what happens.

  2. The secret to the weber is that the new models allow too much O2. Block all but one vane with foil. Competition briquets lack the coal binder and isn’t as bitter. The lump gets real hot when the fats hit and is harder to use as it burns faster, Once I set the grill up I don’t lift the lid except every two hours for adding some coals. usually everything is done in 4 to 5 hours. I usually finish with brats for the last hour as a dying grill is a perfect way of cooking them. Same with a small roasting chicken. The devotion needed for ribs is well worth the time and effort. Rubs, mopping sauces, cooking methods, everyone has their own techniques and secrets. When smoking adjust your exit vent to lower output of smoke and help slow the grill down. Position the vent above the food. Position the intake unblocked vent below the offset coals.

  3. How do we de-program the people who if they read this article would dismiss Uncle Gordie as an “America Hater” who should move to France with the “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, or worse a “tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist”?

    I meet all too many people working sub $15/hour jobs who are ready to jump to the defense of the obscenely rich by claiming that they have earned their money, and not stolen it (by legal or illegal means)?

  4. Jeez John, breast side down on the weber; competition briquets, a little hickory, off set, low and slow. Anyone can smoke a turkey. It’s not rocket science. The fat from the back self bastes the breast as it cooks. Throw some pepper corns a bay leaf and a couple cloves of garlic in the cavityand you’re ready for the food channel. Do not use lighter fluid. Use a propane torch or chimney to light your coals. For presentation flip it over and brown the breast at the end of cooking. wiggle the legs and you’ll know when it’s done.

  5. Yes the worm has turned. No one cares much about jdPower awards anymore. It was a niche business anyway. An (Chicago/LA) attorney I know claims, today it’s hard to get a civil case, such as malpractice, in front of a jury. Right now the courts aren’t too friendly towards us civilians. Been like this for the past, cough, 2 years.
    See you at the campfire. It’s tonight right?

  6. I haven’t run into any Russian’s there. Gene Khrushchev was the Russian consul general in Capetown….a VT editor. You can ask him. I had to introduce him around as the “Russian influence” wasn’t so much. VT has lots of folks in South Africa.

  7. Detroit has cleaned up a bit. Off Jefferson, the Bucharest Grill and the Breadbasket Deli are musts.

    Roma Cafe at the eastern market is a good sociological experience, food not so much.

    We came to detroit in 1782 to steal from the Indians. Married into the local French ‘gentry’ and moved across the river and established a town there. Named it “Windsor”. Built a house on the river, “Duff House” or “Duff/Baby” house for Alexander Duff and Jacques Baby who married french sisters and set up the trading post. Detroit history.

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