Something to Remember on the 5th of November: Infiltration, the Testimony of Darthard Perry

Yes, Guy Fawkes, "radical Catholic terrorist," was a Bin Laden style patsy. But is EVERYTHING infiltrated?


Editor’s introduction

How infiltrated is the 9/11 truth movement? How infiltrated is the alternative media?

Movements that the American oligarchy deemed potentially threatening or destabilizing have often been overrun with snoops, stool pigeons, and paid provocateurs. The 1950s American Communist Party was dominated by “members” who were actually FBI agents. The 1960s antiwar movement was crawling with undercover cops. Ditto for the black power movement of the same era. (Watch the video above for details.)

I have read convincing arguments that the anarchist bomb throwers circa 1900 were totally deep state infiltrated. And of course there’s the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot three hundred years before that. (Remember, remember the Fifth of November!) So what we’re describing may be a kind of chronic condition as old as history. The first thing successful cops/soldiers have to do is infiltrate the criminal/rebel milieu, maintain the infiltration, and grab as much control as possible.

But of course it works the other way too. Criminals/rebels need to infiltrate the cops/military to obtain their objectives.

So the people who function best in the no-man’s-land between the two communities could be described as “criminal cops” or “cop criminals.” And they end up running the world. That’s one way of conceptualizing the Deep State. Just ask Whitey Bulger, who had the FBI doing mob hits for him. (Actually, it’s too late to ask Whitey. But sometimes silence is the most eloquent testimony.)

So when Obama’s information czar Cass Sunstein called for “cognitive infiltration” of the 9/11 truth movement in order to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories,” we can assume he was not proposing a prospective policy; instead, he was publicly announcing what was already going on. But why tip their hand like that? Presumably to spread (well-founded) paranoia in the truth movement. The wonderful thing (from Sunstein’s perspective) about cointelpro-style infiltration is that the more the victims know it exists, the more effectively debilitating it is. Everyone starts assuming everyone else is a plant and the movement falls apart.

Ken Kesey once remarked that back in the 1960s he was sure the world would end very soon, but thought it better to act as though it wouldn’t. Likewise, those of us who are pretty sure the alternative info world is heavily infiltrated are probably best advised to act as though it isn’t, at least most of the time, in order to reduce the debilitating infighting and paranoia that the infiltration is designed to produce.

Is that tantamount to denial? Jon Revusky, like some of my esteemed VT colleagues, thinks everything is pretty much totally infiltrated and we should just accept that as a given. Every time someone blows something up or shoots down innocents in a school or house of worship, Jon figures it’s a false flag and it’s up to the authorities to prove it wasn’t. That’s also the approach Robert David Steele seems to be advocating, both in his recent contentious appearance on my radio show, and his article on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Me, I don’t believe in the “radicals are completely helpless, authorities are omnipotent and omniscient” master narrative any more than I believe the “authorities are always taken by surprise” master narrative. There are plenty of historical cases when anti-government radicals have fought very effectively, in some cases overthrowing and replacing governments.

So I see it as a big spy-vs.-spy game in which each case needs to be approached on its merits. Our job is to expose the BS, whether it’s BS that exaggerates al-Qaeda’s capabilities and successes circa 2001, or BS that conceals the Viet Cong’s capabilities and successes circa 1968…which is somewhat reminiscent of the BS coming out of Afghanistan during the past 15 years. The Afghan resistance is obviously far more capable than US propaganda admits. They infiltrate US forces easier than vice versa.

So who’s right? Is everything so infiltrated we should just give up and go home? Or can the secret weapon of truth take down professional liars, which is what infiltrators and their masters are?

Feel free to sound off in the comments section.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Deep Politics 101: Infiltration, the Testimony of Darthard Perry

By Jonathan Revusky,

I came across this video on YouTube some months ago and it made an impression on me. It is from a program that was aired in 1980, on a Black Television network in the U.S. It is an interview with one Darthard Perry, who was a paid F.B.I. infiltrator in various Black organizations in the 1970’s. Mr. Perry describes how he was recruited and provides detailed inside information into the way this sort of infiltration works. He even answers various other questions to which one might wish to know the answer, such as: what was the pay like?

The video is on the long side, but I would strongly encourage people to watch the whole thing. I would venture the guess that, once people watch the first fifteen minutes or so, they will be hooked and watch the rest. When Kevin Barrett visited me recently here in Tarragona, we had a lot of wide-ranging conversation and this overall topic of infiltration naturally came up. I did not know whether Kevin was familiar with this Darthard Perry testimony, so I dug up this video again to show to him. I didn’t really intend for us to sit down and watch the whole thing together, but that is what we ended up doing. Kevin commented afterwards that it was about the best CointelPro documentary he had seen.


Though Darthard Perry’s testimony in this video might seem to be primarily about Deep State infiltration of Black movements in the sixties or seventies, I am convinced that it has far broader implications. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the heavily infiltrated milieu that Perry describes is specific to that time and place. While Darthard Perry is talking specifically about the F.B.I. infiltration of the Black Panthers in the 1970’s, it stands to reason that a “white nationalist” group, such as the KKK, or whatever other “radical” organization, would be similarly infiltrated by agents provocateurs and informants of various sorts.

Back then. Or now.

In fact, I think we should assume that the surveillance technology brought to bear is far more sophisticated than it was in Mr. Perry’s day.

If a story is impossible, it did not happen

There are certain things that provide very simple keys or shortcuts for getting at the truth about certain topics. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have done a very good job at explaining why the official 9/11 narrative simply cannot be true.

The story is physically impossible so that ain’t what happened. And that’s that.

Granted, even though it does not reach the level of outright physical impossibility, as in the case of 9/11, I think we can say that all these official narratives involving Islamist terrorism in Western countries can simply be dismissed out of hand. Just try to imagine the various actors in the milieu that Darthard Perry describes planning and executing complex terrorist attacks without the authorities knowing what they were up to. It is, to all intents and purposes, absurd.

Just like the Black Panthers and other groups of the sixties and seventies in the U.S., Jihadist groups in London, Paris, and other places in the West must be a totally infiltrated environment, literally crawling with Deep State informants.

A Little Thought Experiment

People of a certain age will recall how, when the Berlin Wall came down, and the Stasi (East German secret police) files were opened up, it was suddenly plain as day who had been working for the system. Doubtless there were cases that were absolutely shocking, prominent “dissidents” who were thought to be above suspicion, who were really Stasi agents.

I have been mulling over this recently and I have asked myself what would happen if a similar event took place in the United States and other Western countries. In this thought experiment, suddenly, we would know which key people in the 9/11 Truth movement or other oppositional movements had really been “controlled opposition” all along. Most likely, such people would be putting out mostly good information but it would be sprinkled at key points with disinfo.

Frankly, I have little doubt that such a mass unmasking event would confirm many of the worst suspicions about some (or even most) of the people we think of as “independent” journalists and intellectuals. Of course, it is hard to imagine this happening, and I am not saying that it ever will occur. It is just a thought experiment. Though, that said, the people in East Germany working for the Stasi never thought that was going to happen either! But it did! So, I guess you never know, eh?

Meanwhile, I would just say that, for sincere Truthers, this is an extremely tricky environment. Increasingly, I think of it as something like the hall of mirrors in an amusement park, in which the tall, skinny people look short and fat and vice versa. It behooves us to understand that we are operating in an extremely deceptive environment in which all of one’s normal cues for judging the reliability of information, and of people, are being deliberately subverted.

SOURCEHeresy Central

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  1. In America the powers that be have successfully divided common sense into two opposing parties. That is why we will never have a successful group like the Vietnam Cong form.

    We have the working man’s party for gun control and the small government party getting into women’s gynecology.

    I’m beginning to see Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel’s Radical Center Party as a viable goal.

  2. Substitute “artificial pyroclastic” for “vulcanized” and your statement will be technically correct.

    Read the above articles and interviews about and with the late professor John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. a top physical chemist and medical doctor from UC Berkeley (1918-2007). Gofman and colleague Arthur Tamplin, Ph.D. in bio-physics UC Berkeley, demolished the former U.S. Atomic Energy Commission’s false statements , without proof, that nuclear power generation was safe. The corrupt AEC was not pleased and took reprisals against truth tellers Gofman and Tamplin. After one presentation to a Congressional Committee, here is a quoted threat from former Congressman Chet Holifield from California: “”At the close of our conversation,
    he [Congressman Holifield] leaned over to
    me and said, `. . . we’ll get you’.”
    The U.S. Government was then and still is now, under Israel Lover Liar Trump, a pathological liar to its citizens. This is why they are now fostering secrecy and censorship.

  4. Really the only way to cleanse any formative movement, i.e. Truthers, is to elimante, er I mean, not allow anyone with any connection to Zionist in. So it follows, when tragedies like 911, or Sandy Hook happen crime scenes must be preserved, and rules must be followed, and the real persons charged. We can’t do it with out a complete change in ideology. It has to begin with the bank system that fosters and awards greed.

    • You have to watch out for Zionists, but also for crazy anti-Zionists — especially apparent Jew-haters whose job is to make all anti-Zionists look like hateful racist idiots. My guess is that the entire Jew-hating fringe of the internet, especially those who get MSM publicity, is for all intents and purposes “made in Israel.”

  5. I wonder how often a paid FBI informant is monitoring a paid Haifa housewife on our disinformation web-sites? There you have it, the real conspiracy theorists are making money while the rest of us sheeple just mosey along.

  6. Remember, remember, the eleventh of September, the Zionist treason and plot. I know of no reason why the Zionist treason should ever be forgot!

    • Thank you, and please feel free, spread the word! They just fell in place from the Gunpowder treason classic, that version are my words, but if I’m not the first, that’s okay too, someone else was also paying attention!

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