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Are the Etruscans the ancestors of the Russian people?

The Etruscans are an ancient and very little known civilizations. It is known that this is essentially the ancestors of the Romans. The Romans borrowed from the Etruscans architecture, various rites and technologies.

The Etruscan state was located between the Tiber and Arno rivers. During the reign of Emperor Claudius 1, in the 1st century AD, the entire history of Etruscan civilization was collected, but it burned down during the fire of the Alexandrian Library. The language of the Etruscans is still not deciphered. And the main question, where did this people go?

One of the versions of the appearance of this civilization is of alpine origin. Ostensibly the Etruscans came from the north. But there are no material facts about this. Herodotus claimed that the Etruscans came from Asia Minor. Proof can serve their way of making sculptures. The Etruscans did not carve stone sculptures, but molded them from clay. And that is exactly how sculptures were made in Asia Minor.

Genetic studies also left a lot of mysteries. It turned out that the Etruscans did not belong to any people of both Italy and Turkey. It was essentially a completely different nation. And apparently he disappeared instantly, leaving no genetic traces. And it speaks of some kind of disaster.

The scientist Joanna Mountain claims that the Etruscans had their own language, not belonging to the Indo-European group.

They tried not to mix with local peoples.

Some scientists draw parallels with the name of the people. Etruscans consonant with the word Russian.

Moreover, some scientists say they were able to decipher the language of Etruscans.

And the basis was taken Slavic languages.

Researcher V. Shcherbakov believes that the Etruscans wrote as it is heard. And if you take into account his method, the Etruscan words are very similar to the Slavic.

It is not known where it came from and where this people disappeared. But the fact that it was a very developed civilization, no doubt.

Probably, the Etruscans left the inhabited lands as a result of climate change, and maybe even a natural cataclysm. But he hopes for his jointing of their language, until he comes.

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4 Replies to “Are the Etruscans the ancestors of the Russian people?

  1. Linguistically languages change over time. With the Etruscans we go back to the time before the “ab urbe condita”, i.e. before the year 753 B.C. At that time the language spoken in Northern Europe was Proto Germanic, or “Urgermanisch”, a language so different from any language known today, that nobody really knows anything much about it, except through backward extrapolation. Russian and Slavic are brother languages with most of today’s European languages. For example, the English word “brother” is брат (brat) in Russian, and in Polish it is also brat, whereas in German it is Bruder. This example illustrates the close (prehistoric) relationship between Germanic and Slavic languages. Thus, if the Etruscan language were to be the ancestor of the Slavic languages, we would expect examples of this kind. Unfortunately not much of this kind is available, or the case would have been cut and clear. I have read that Etruscan might have been an Indo-European language, but not necessarily. Latin definitely is, and so are Slavic and Germanic. Some linguists have detected a possible link between the Rhaeto languages of the Alpine region and Etruscan.

  2. Very interesting article. I’ve heard of the Etruscan before, never really got into them, but now I want to read up.

    Their history was modified, and culture absorbed by Rome. When in Rome, do as the Romans?

    But, the ones that didn’t want to become Roman migrated north. I look at some of the characters found on this art, and other letters that were caved in stone . . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etruscan_civilization#/media/File:Chimera_d%27arezzo,_firenze,_05_firma.JPG
    and that looks like Runes to me, so maybe they were from north, went south, and then went north again, probably had enough of Rome’s bullshit, and left. So yeah, they probably did migrate from north to south, then north again but into what is now Russia. German had their tribes, so they pushed through to their own space.

    And yes, Etruscans are the ancients of Russia.

    1. I agree MOAB, this was a very interesting article. The knowledge of the VT Editors never ceases to amaze me, It seems like the VT Editors are walking Encyclopedias! Keep up the good work. It is no wonder VeteransToday,com
      is becoming the most popular web site on the planet.

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