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France’s Macron calls for ‘real European army’ without US

… from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Macron’s call for a European Army is not unexpected, as a result of Trump’s unilateral INF withdrawal. The PressTV article mentions what the real fight is about, which country gets the majority of the defense arms contracting, which is the main reason for keeping war simmering on the front burner.

Macron’s Russia bogeyman ploy is even sillier. The bad result of an INF failure would be to turn Europe into a parking lot, but where Russian would lose a key market for gas sales in the process. Businessmen have always been hesitant to kill all of their customers. Dear Mr. Macron, an army is not going to save you in a nuclear exchange.

Always missing in these “reaction” policy statements is any real statesmanship. There is not a word about the need to create new treaties with reliable monitoring and enforceable provisions.

Rather than serve the long term interests of the people through intensive war deescalation diplomacy to shift war production over to civilian economy needs, national leaders write that off as a dream, giving up the ghost as to whose interests those national leaders really serve.

The public has been lapping up this slow motion train wreck, as it does most others, and can only partially claim to be victims. But it is still on solid ground over old-fashioned political corruption, including having so many pledging allegiance to Israel while pretending to serve us.

A European army, the only feasible one, would have to be mainly a huge reserve to be affordable, theoretically. And by that I mean, even if it was part time, maintaining up-to-date training within the diverse make up of the EU, plus the ever changing technical weapons part of it, seems impossible to me.

Britain can’t even keep its ships in operational order, equipment-wise or with staffing, yet wants to present itself as a world military power, which is a bad joke when more of its citizens are falling into poverty every day, indicating the ultimate failure of a government.

Go ask the Romans, who toward the end saw citizens offering themselves into slavery just to have someone take care of them, and not have to pay taxesJim W. Dean ]

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Look out NATO, the EU army wants a piece of the action

– First published … November 06, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the establishment of a “real European army,” claiming that Europe has been the chief victim of a recent US decision to scrap a major nuclear arms pact with Russia.

“We will not be able to protect Europeans if we don’t decide to have a real European army,” Macron said in an interview with Europe 1 radio on Monday.

He said Europe had to defend itself in a “more sovereign way” and without depending “only on the United States.”

Macron’s remarks came after US President Donald Trump confirmed late last month that his administration planned to abandon the landmark Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) with Russia over claims that Moscow has violated the Cold War-era pact, further vowing American development of such armaments.

The INF, which was signed in 1986 between then-US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, allowed the US to counter Chinese moves to build up arms in the Pacific but prevented Washington from deploying new nuclear armaments in response.

‘Protection even from the United States’

Macron called for “protection from China, Russia, and even from the United States of America,” implying that Trump’s recent decision to withdraw the US from the INF Treaty would put European security at risk from the US side, too.

“Who is going to be the main victim [of Trump’s decision to leave the INF]? Europe and its security,” Macron underlined.

The EU has for years pressed for efforts to strengthen its own defense capabilities through defense spending increases, among other measures. Earlier this year, the European Commission announced that the bloc’s 2019 budget stipulated the allocation of 245 million euros (287 million dollars) for the European Defense Industrial Development Program.

[Note: 245 million euros is a joke. It would have to be ten times that amount to be a serious effort…JD ]

This is while the US has also been exerting pressure on EU governments, including France, to equip their armed forces with American-built military hardware. Paris, however, is resisting such pressure, as the French industrial and defense industries remain strong.

Also in August, the French president said that he would announce new proposals for the EU to boost its security, calling on the 28-member bloc to stop relying on the US to protect its sovereignty.

The development comes as a major trade dispute between the US and its European allies has escalated since March, when Washington imposed a 25-percent tariff on steel imports and a 10-percent tariff on aluminum imports from EU member nations.

Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor
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21 Replies to “France’s Macron calls for ‘real European army’ without US

  1. The Public……can only partially claim to be victims”. I don’t know about that James and it is true that “Journalists” and other professionals, who depend on Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness to keep their jobs, are complicit in the Code of Silence. However, when I explained to two very senior Public Servants in this country, supposedly the cream of the Intelligentia, that two aircraft with 16mm aluminium wings could hardly hit two buildings with the nose appearing out the other side. In addition, three buildings composed of 200,000 tons of steel and 800,000 tons of concrete collapsed into their own footprint at Free Fall Speed and this was physically impossible. Both these people immediately erupted with the “you’re a Conspiracy Theorist” meme. One said that he believed what he read in the “News”paper that I call “The Jew Pork Pies” (NYT). I believe that the so-called Education System has inculcated the whole population with Bunkum History and False narratives for decades or hundreds of years. Cognitive Dissonance is so pervasive as to be the Norm. This explains the condition of The Law and Social Policy in our country and I wonder if it is actually possible to balme the individual who has been framed for all their life and never taught proper Logic and Critical Thinking from First Principles and Moral Absolutes. Babes in The Woods really. Frightening to reqalise this had been replicated throughout the Unipower structure.

    1. Walt Disney made a movie about a car that could fly. For people like that “truth” is what you find in the movie theatres.

    2. Low confidence in the people at large requires that they be cared for , a decidedly Catholic position. They don’t know any better, and keeping them comfortable is what is best.

      I suggest responsibility and confidence in people at large , given the truthful instruction instead o0f fairy tales and nightmares. The person who is required to stand and grow, will do so, but not as long as mother church coddles them, to it’s own financial reward. People are responsible. We need to stop telling them they can’t do it.

  2. Israel claims to be a European country. Will they be part of this army? Will the army be called upon to help Israel continue their apartheid state or will the army attack Israel for crimes against humanity as was Serbia?

    1. If Israel – geographically Palestine – was part of Europe, then Turkey would be too. In fact Turkey does possess a part of Europe around Constantinople. But Turkey is by definition Asia, since Asia Minor is Turkey’s old name, before the Turks came.

    2. Turkey has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 34 times since making its debut in 1975.
      Sure, but Turkey does extend some distance into Europe. Nevertheless, it is true that I sometimes did wonder what Israel was doing there. If so, why not also Egypt? Come to think of it, Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest four times since their debut at the 2015 contest in Vienna. Also strange, but I accept it. After all Australia is very European. British actually.

  3. What a pathetic simulacra Globalist leader POS. Any real student of real history knows where to find the lies & revisions. Phrygian Cap & Fasces are everywhere French Declaration of Independence, US Senate/US Army logos, Fasces even hang in the US Senate, Statue of Liberty (Apollo). All people have to do is read & connect the dots how it really works.

    1. Thank VooDoo6Actual . . . never heard of the Fasces, but I see your point. It’s everywhere, but it’s not of “French” origins. “The fasces had its origin in the Etruscan civilization and was passed on to ancient Rome, where it symbolized a magistrate’s power and jurisdiction.”

      I’m sure the Fasces was romanized along the way, and the original intent of the icongraphy is gone. But more power to the Etruscans.

  4. This is not new to me, I believe it’s been in the making for a long time now, they had to go public with it at some time. I’ve heard about EU military unification on the UK Column for years. Ian (Greenhalgh) of course will know a lot more about it than I do.
    An interesting thought (i heard Brian Gerrish say that) is, that a common military also will require a common treasury, and that would mean additional EU-taxes for it’s citizens (like me).

  5. Yeah, and toss in Satanyahoo’s “Why, Why Why Delilah?” Samson Defense.

    Seems to me, EU should have got their asses in gear the minute that biblical name was spoken, and used out of context. He should go back to Hebrew school and learn a lesson, or two.

    “Businessmen have always been hesitant to kill all of their customers. Dear Mr. Macron, an army is not going to save you in a nuclear exchange.”

    A nuclear exchange? With whom?

    If there is an “exchange”, then by definition . . . someone else is getting exchanged with, no?!?

    If I was EU, the minute Satanyahoo spewed his “Why, Why, Why Deliala” Samson Defense, I probably would have put my ass in gear. Oh, but they had what’s his name? during that time, no?!?

  6. The EU army? Never heard about that… What they got now is pure kindergarten. The mil budgets are big enough, but from 100 planes around 15 are ready to fly + almost total absence of military spirit. So, it is better to stop Russophobia and start a good deal. Pulling the lion’s tail always creates fatal problems.

    1. Andrew, which country in the world, in your opinion, has an army that is not a “kindergarten”? Europe is made up of many different nations, each with their own character.
      When I was maybe 12 years old, I thought “the American soldier, is the world’s best soldier”. Was it true? I don’t know. But my guess is that I’d been influenced by strip stories and movies. But at the time it was an important question for me. Some years later, at 23, I met an English war veteran at a resort i Spain, and I asked him which soldier he thought was the best, and he answered that the French were probably the best at attacking, because of their enthusiasm and “espirit”. But he said he thought the British soldier was probably the best all round soldier.
      In Scandinavia the Finns were always lauded as among the very best. They’ve got what is called “sisu”. Well, at least in Vietnam we were able to witness – through the media – a measurement of strengths. When it comes to the question of an EU army, this question has been aired on and off, especially around 1990, until the time when Americans decided to go full tilt Nato. And now the question is coming up again. Syria and the whole ME crisis certainly put that question back onto the table.
      I recall reading Willy Wimmer’s opinion a while back, of what might expected from a possible future European war. Not much good, as I recall. I’ll look to see what he said in more detail later.

  7. Macron is finished. Single digit approval ratings and Marine LePen looking to be elected as France’s next president. Her party is going to gain even more seats.
    Macron’s phony neo-liberal ideas have turned France into a hell hole.
    Merkel is on her way out the door. At least she won’t have to put up with being sauced with tomatoes thrown at her anymore.
    Idiot Trudeau needs to be given the heave ho. Canada is another neo-liberal toilet that has outlawed free speech and criminalized being male and white.

    1. Have you ever been to France? Canada? Germany?

      I’m going to guess, non, no, nein.

      But you’re the international political scholar, I see that now.

    2. I visited Canada a couple times. will not be going back there. It’s become a P/C hell hole where you can get arrested for nearly anything the state apparatchiks and its local KGB considers hate speech. Just ask Prof. Tony Hall about his treatment at the hands of the P/C STASI. And he was innocent.
      As for France and Germany, both have been run into the ground, like Commiefornia because of neo-liberal progressive policies.
      Besides, I don’t plan to travel anywhere outside the U.S. because I don’t wish to be subjected to the dehumanizing and indignity of armed government agent gropers.

  8. Ah, Mr. Napoleon 2nd want to invade Russia, best time will be in autumn to get a mudd bath. Mad as hell

    1. Ahhh, those cold Russian winters….the French don’t do so well when their cheese freezes and the wine is chilled. Besides they’re known to drop their weapons and surrender at the drop of an artillery shell.

  9. ‘The bad result of an INF failure would be to turn Europe into a parking lot, but where Russia would lose a key market for gas sales in the process. Businessmen have always been hesitant to kill all of their customers. Dear Mr. Macron, an army is not going to save you in a nuclear exchange.’

    Absolutely PRICELESS, Jim lad ! The direst of humour, because based on totally dire truths, one after another – which, moreover, are bing ignored. Witty as hell. The whole shebang in a nutshell !

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