UK Professor Under Probe for Claiming Israel, ‘Zionists in US Gov’ Behind 9/11



Sputnik/Moscow: The professor made the remarkable claim in a tweet, which has since been deleted, on Saturday, drawing condemnation and ridicule.

Professor Kees van der Pijl is being investigated by Sussex University for seemingly accusing Al-Qaeda* of being a front for Mossad and blaming Israel for 9/11.

The academic shared an article by¬†conspiracy theory platform Wiki Spooks, alleging the Israeli government orchestrated the September 11 attacks with ‚Äúhelp from¬†Zionists in¬†the US government.‚ÄĚ

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The tweet was quickly met with backlash, promptly him to delete it, and netizens mocked the professor with GIFs and sarcastic comments.

‚ÄúAnd Elvis left the Twin Towers before¬†impact. Idioot!‚ÄĚ a user tweeted in¬†response to¬†Professor van der Pijl‚Äôs post.

Why Did the 9/11 Attacks Happen? Filling in the Blanks

Others accused him of being anti-Semitic, though he defended his actions, insisting he was only criticizing Mossad and PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party.

‚ÄúIf criticism of¬†the hardline Likud and the Mossad, for¬†which by¬†now millions have died and several countries wrecked, is ‚Äėvirulently anti-Semitic‚Äô, then I am guilty,‚ÄĚ he wrote.

Sussex University has said they are investigating the matter and are yet to decide if they will take disciplinary action against the professor, who formerly served as head of the university’s international relations department.

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The same article was cited by¬†Church of¬†England vicar Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer in¬†2015, on¬†Holocaust Memorial Later, and was forced to¬†swiftly apologize for¬†his ‚Äúinsensitive‚ÄĚ comments.

*Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization banned in Russia and many other countries.

Whatever might happen above ground, the privileged will enjoy “continuity”, as they did on 9/11/01. The entrance to the Offutt Air Force Base‚Äôs bunker, very far underground. Bush officials are seen here entering it on 9/11/01.


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  1. Morrie, a Jew, shoots unarmed Angelo in the back, wounding him mortally. I saw it happen, and rightly said Morrie killed Angie. The police arrive, and Morrie’s mother, who just came outside, tells them I called her son a murderer Jew. The police ignore Angelo’s condition, and arrest me for a hate crime. Angelo dies, I go to jail, I lose my job, and my house. Not able to bear the pressure any more my loving wife divorces me, and moves my kids out of state.

  2. “In August 2018, Unz denied the reality of the Holocaust, writing “I think it far more likely than not that the standard Holocaust narrative is at least substantially false, and quite possibly, almost entirely so.”[27] Wikipedia.

    Raised in a Yiddish household, Unz has been paying close attention to the truth.

  3. I looked at the article about this Prof. and the sh^t storm stirred up by the Sussex Jewish Support Group (or whatever it is they call themselves) in The Independent. Yesterday, all the letters about the article were pro-Zionist, almost without exception. Today, it looked as though the Indy had caved in to a torrent of sarcastic support for the Prof. and his support for the obvious truth.
    I logged in and though, as usual, I was unable to post any comment of my own, I was permitted to vote four times before my computer froze up! (As it seems to do when I try to comment or vote in their “comment” section.)
    How anybody can take the “Official” account of the events of 9/11 seriously, is beyond me!

  4. Observe the comment count now is 13. But the number of comments is only 11. What happened to the other two comments?

  5. The most basic responsibility of the U.S. Department of Defense is to anticipate and act on any and all possible attacks on this country. They have been given virtually unlimited resources, this means money and other resources, to do this job. They have experts in and out of government in EVERY possible field to accomplish this task. The lie which has been propounded by our government and the media, that they somehow did not know this was going to happen is blatantly and absolutely false. Observe none of the four star generals were forced to testify under oath in public and be questioned by members of the public about their dismal failure to defend this country on 9/11/01. Even if they were ordered to stand down that would have been an illegal order to be disregarded because Country comes First. Therefore they were in on this con by Israel and are traitors and must be prosecuted not permitted to retire on lavish pensions as they have been. It is a 100% certainty that Israel did this crime with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals none of whom have been forced to testify under oath or prosecuted by the corrupt lying lawyers in the so called “Justice” Department:

    • If the four star generals couldn’t even defend the U.S. from this rather minor attack, what can we expect from these worthless dupes if a real attack happens to demolish whole major cities like NY, or Miami or LA or SF? Are we prepared to “excuse” these worthless cowards when they fail again? Of course they stood down deliberately because this was a deliberate false flag attack on America to fool the population into getting into another war for Israel. This is the bottom line. This is why Bush lied to Congress about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Remember all this and all these lies? Liar Bush was permitted to retire on a lavish pension with armed secret service protection too. This country is a shameful disgrace. Secrecy and censorship have hi jacked truth in the U.S. of A today. This is how the authorities use military armed force to hide truth from lowly citizens and taxpayers. This country is gone.

  6. It has never been researched, what impact did the, ‘Fire Wall’, set up by Jaimie GORELICK Deputy A.G. under Janet RENO, during the, Clinton Regime, had on the, possible apprehension of the Saudi University Students, who were fingered and reported by Local Security Agencies, but were, put aside and ignored? The same Gorelick, played a major role in the subsequent, “Investigation”, of why and how the 9/11 tragedy came about! Something to dwell upon!

    • Israeli Art students, Urban moving systems, and the dancing Israelis are much more relevant! They missed out on collecting a lot of waterboarding information!

  7. While I’m not a big Led Zep fan; I’m kind of glad that you picked it up Khalid. Perhaps a glass of minted and sweetened tea in a busy outdoor market on a crisp clear day. Cheers

  8. They did it, beyond a shadow of a doubt!

    Remember, remember the eleventh of September, the Zionist treason and plot!….

  9. Good article & some more truth from someone who can think. The sooner Americans realize that secret societies run the planet the better off humanity will be. Many Americans are simply too lazy to read & think for themselves. It’s all there for anybody to research & figure out 9-11 was an MAGI-Kabbalist’s Mossad/CIA inside job w/ tons of occult symbolism littered everywhere. All people have to do is research & learn HOW to think not WHAT to think.

  10. The most basic job of our so called “Department of Defense” is to defend our country from external attack. The four star generals have been provided virtually unlimited resources to accomplish this job. How did they do on 9/11/01? They dismally failed but no one held any of these traitors to account. Instead of being questioned under oath in public, they were allowed to retire on lavish pensions despite their dismal FAILURE. There are no possible excuses for not being able to anticipate and repel this attack on America period, NONE. The four star generals had to be in on this con by Israel. All should be arrested, charged and prosecuted in public for the crime of treason. We are still waiting for the lying lawyers in our Justice Department to get up off their lazy asses and do their sworn jobs. Now they are guilty themselves for failure to act. Shame on them and shame on all involved in this scam on America.

  11. The M.O. of Israel is to blame others for their crimes, in this case Muslim patsies.
    M.O. means modus operandi. They have repeatedly blamed others for their crimes against humanity. They treat Palestinians like garbage operating little more than an open air concentration camp for them. They steal land for them and others with impunity. They refuse international inspections. They refuse to sign the non proliferation treaty although they possess illegal nukes. They did 9/11/01 over 17 years ago but no one has been arrested or charged other than Muslim patsies. The official investigation was a corrupt joke. The U.S. Justice Dept. is nothing but a bunch of corrupt lying lawyers. Most of our congress are dual citizen traitors with Israel and should be booted out by the lying lawyers in our Justice Dept. due to conflicts of interest.

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