Police Previously Met With “Irate, Irrational” SoCal Mass-Shooter, But Cleared Him

The suspect in a California mass shooting has been identified as a Marine Corps veteran who had previous run-ins with police for being unstable.


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Police Previously Met With “Irate, Irrational” SoCal Mass-Shooter, But Cleared Him

Thousand Oaks, CA — (RT) The gunman who shot and killed 12 people in a California bar, popular for live country music and packed with college students, has been identified as an Afghanistan war veteran serving in the Marine Corps, Ian David Long.

The 28-year old suspect entered the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California on Wednesday night before opening fire with a Glock 21 .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun – a popular model model in California – and reportedly throwing smoke bombs.

Twelve victims died, including a security guard outside the bar and a sheriff’s deputy who was among the first to respond to the shooting. Long was also found dead at the scene, with preliminary investigations indicating that he took his own life before SWAT team members stormed the building.

The bar is a popular hot spot for college students, with many attending the weekly college country music night hosted at the venue.

Little other information is known about Long, with police currently waiting on a warrant in order to search his house, where he is said to live with his mother.

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean confirmed that Long was a veteran and that he had served with the United States Marine Corps.

Long joined the Marines in 2008 and rose to the rank of corporal before leaving active service in 2013, Joseph Butterfield, a Marine spokesman, told Reuters. He served in the war in Afghanistan for seven months, beginning in late 2010, and was awarded multiple ribbons, commendations, and medals.

Sheriff Dean added that while Long’s firearm was legally purchased in Ventura County, Long used an illegal extended magazine clip in order to carry more ammunition. The exact number of rounds used in the attack is still being investigated. Some witnesses reported that Long used a smoke device as he went on a shooting rampage, but the sheriff said no evidence of this has been found so far.

The law enforcement had several interactions with Long, the most recent in April of this year with police responding to a disturbance of the peace call at his residence.

Describing him as “somewhat irate,” and “acting a little irrationally” at the time, Dean said a mental health team was called to assess Long’s mental health, but he was cleared and no further action was taken.

Previous incidents had included a minor traffic collision and in 2015, Long was the victim of battery in another bar in Thousand Oaks.

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    It is a violent culture and domination of women is considered a right to many lunkheads. They are terrified of feminists, but one thing we are not seeing is Feminists spraying crowds of men at a bachelor party.
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  2. It is possible that due to previous run ins with police, and his irate and irrational responses, may have brought him to the attention of “certain people” who then made full use of him. MKUltra has been around for decades. What once took them weeks or months to do, can now be done in days (maybe less). What important piece of news occured that day that had to be drowned out by this action?

  3. You’re doing what Trump does. This is what causes these things. Depending on who you talk to, you might well be considered “ignorant human garbage’. as you say….

  4. The response to the shooting in CA was full of the drama one would imagine should have mirrored the eerie almost lethargic police/SWAT reaction those few weeks ago to the Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, but didn’t. Not by a long chalk.

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  6. Being that the bar was having a country night, and that being a mostly Caucasian/Christian set of victims, does this mean the president is not coming?

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