Melbourne police: One dead, two injured in terrorist stabbing

Islamic State claims attack after law enforcement shoots, arrests knife-wielding assailant; officials says suspect is from Somalia and was known to intelligence authorities


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Melbourne police: One dead, two injured in terrorist stabbing

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australian police on Friday said they were treating a deadly knife attack in Melbourne as an act of terror, adding that the suspect was originally from Somalia and was known to intelligence authorities.

“We are now treating this as a terrorism event,” said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, adding that the suspect is “someone that is known to us” and had been travelling in a 4×4 packed with gas bottles.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility. “The perpetrator of the operation… in Melbourne… was an Islamic State fighter and carried out the operation… to target nationals of the coalition” fighting IS, propaganda channel Amaq quoted a jihadist source as saying.

The knife-wielding attacker killed one person and injured two others in a rush hour stabbing rampage in downtown Melbourne Friday, before being shot and captured by police.

Witnesses said the man began attacking pedestrians near a pickup truck apparently belonging to the attacker which had exploded into flames.

Australian police said one person died at the scene and another two others were being treated for their injuries.

The suspect was was hospitalized in critical condition.

Media showed video footage of police then trying to restrain a large man in a dark tunic who was lunging, slashing and stabbing wildly at two officers as a pick-up truck burned nearby.

The officers were seen trying for at least a minute to detain the man peaceably as his attacks on them continued, before one office shot him with a weapon.

Police warned people to avoid the area and dispatched the bomb squad to secure the area and examine the burning car.

Officers said they “are not looking for anyone further at this early stage.”

“The exact circumstances are yet to be determined. The area has been cordoned off,” police said.

The apparent attack came as a 28-year-old James Gargasoulas underwent trial in Melbourne for driving into a crowd in the same area in 2017, killing six people.


  1. funny how the maniacs are always from the religion of peace. melbourne is under siege by african gangs. the authorities are bending over backwards to not mention this ethnic aspect. islam is evil. but so is judaism and christianity. in fact semitic monotheism is violently unhinged

  2. I have my doubts ISIS being behind this. A knife wielding man does not create the impact like a bomb would. I`m sure he was an ISIS follower but if ISIS was really behind this they would have used more outstanding methods.

    • the maniac wanted to go off to the middle east. he was denied this chance of martyrdom. then back home he went mental. some humans are simply insane

  3. Australian police, unlike American, are trained to use non lethal force in these situations, like pepper spray, tazer, before drawing their weapons, also to shoot in the leg.
    Maybe Australian police are now getting instructions from the Israeli lobby.

    • Maybe? The ISrael lobby in Australia is running commonwealth politics and political correctness here. Australia has become backdoors r us and if one can hold his/her eyes open without dozing off again it can be witnessed how the last drop of Australian blood is sucked out of the continent as we type. But let’s wait and see first how Clive Palmer, Aussies own non Jewish oligarch makes Australia great again by building a titanic replica for 600 Mil. Anti semitism in Australia is kosher and always will need an occasional reminder that it is always about the “Muslim terror” that frightens and strikes fear in the heart of the true blue Aussies. Australian politics will need just one ingredient – Truth – and the commonwealth demockcrassy – the American/Israeli war of terror would disappear into nowhere in an instant and Australia had a chance to – for the first time in its history to become great and INDEPENDENT without any shackles of British, American and ISraeli subjectism.

    • actually if you see what happened the officer tried to calm the maniac down. said maniac however turns on to the officer with a knife. the intentions are clear. so he is shot. no need to get all conspirational.

    • Conspirational almost void? Actually if one tries to look at the whole picture of world politics, wars and refugees and first of all the history behind propagandized history one seems to get a very different picture of the puzzle “war of terror and Muslim/Christian conflicts”. It is not about individual policemen trying to do the right thing. It is rather about the political correctness that moves Australia’s present into a fairytale history and its people into subjects, numbers and skin color. If Australia’s white politicians do not like “darkies” and Muslims while keeping refugees locked up in overseas detention centers maybe its time to investigate who lets all “the maniacs” legally into Australia in the first place and one doesn’t go back to sleep that easy again.