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WaPo: New AG Whittaker” Faces Prison in Mob Run Patent Fraud Scam

By Carol D. LeonnigRosalind S. Helderman and Robert O’Harrow Jr. at Washington Post

When federal investigators were digging into an invention-promotion company accused of fraud by customers, they sought information in 2017 from a prominent member of the company’s advisory board, according to two people familiar with the probe: Matthew G. Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney in Iowa.

Whitaker seems to have been more than a figurehead. He spoke about inventions of the company’s clients in online videos — including a special hot-tub seat for people with mobility issues. He also penned a response to at least one complaint — writing a threatening email in which he cited his role as a former U.S. attorney, according to court filings.

“It’s really upsetting to know that guy will be attorney general,” said Ryan Masti, 26, who lost $77,000 after paying World Patent Marketing to help him bring to market his idea for a social media app to help the disabled. “It’s so offensive. It’s like a stab in the back.”

In the end, the FTC filed a complaint against Miami-based World Patent Marketing, accusing it of misleading investors and falsely promising that it would help them patent and profit from their inventions, according to court filings.

At the time, he was also running a conservative watchdog group with ties to other powerful nonprofits on the right and was beginning to develop a career as a Trump-friendly cable television commentator.

World Patent Marketing — founded by Miami businessman Scott J. Cooper, who had donated $2,600 to Whitaker’s Senate campaign — prominently highlighted Whitaker’s résumé as a former U.S. attorney, which helped lend the company credibility.

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7 Replies to “WaPo: New AG Whittaker” Faces Prison in Mob Run Patent Fraud Scam

  1. It gets worse. Check out:

    Whitaker, Acting U.S. Attorney General, Was on Board of Firm That Threatened Duped Clients With ‘Israeli Special Ops’ https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/trump-s-new-head-at-justice-dept-was-on-board-of-firm-that-threatened-duped-clients-1.6635504

    Report a scam to the Better Business Bureau, get threatened by Israeli Special Ops … and letters from Whitaker threatening to sic US attorneys on you! You can’t make this stuff up. Where does Trump find these people?

  2. This is, to me, the “rape culture” in action. Let me explain. I have a “No Solicitation” sign on my garage. It’s clearly visible. And yet . . . solicitors walk right passed it, walk up the path to the door and ring the bell. When I point out the sign, and let them know they’re trespassing, rather than say “Oh, I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t see the sign,” they give me their script. And I’m sure they’ve had coaching and training from their management. “Oh, I’m not here to solicit you. I just want to introduce myself . . . ” “Oh, I’m not here to sell you anything . . . ”

    They will even ADMIT to seeing the sign and then quickly mimic the script.

    The United States Constitution has the policy of the Attorney General. It’s the Deputy AG that should be in line. This is the rape culture . . . so it doesn’t matter WHAT the constitution says . . . these swine do what they want. They take what they want.

    1. The type of person that would do this . . . i.e., working in the capacity of the Attorney General when there is no approval by Congress, and/or they are not the Deputy AG . . . is EXACTLY the type of character they want!

      And they sourced out a good one with Matthew Cue Ball Whitaker. Narcissists of a feather, flock US together.

      The door-to-door salesmens that see the “No Soliciting” sign, but solicits anyway. Then turns around and tells you some asinine reasoning they are not taking “NO” for an answer.

      They get away with it because, as they’ve been told in their sales meeting, no one is going to do anything about it — from Whitaker to door-to-door creeps — it’s all relative.

      Have a Good Day for all!

    2. Funny, us kids, dressed in our little league uniforms walked door to door selling raffle tickets, (for a shotgun no less). Every now and then some old fart would point to their No Solicitors sign by their door. I always asked, ” what’s a solicitor?” and then sell them some tickets. Oh hell, us kids were cute in our baseball garb.

  3. Patent attorneys are to the inventors what the Record labels are to the artists.

    The poor produce the product, and the rich take 95 %. Ain’t capitalism great ?

    1. Good point.

      Probate/estate attorneys are to the dearly departed what the hyena and vultures are to carrion.

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