E-Cigarette Use Has Risen 77% Among High Schoolers



    • I remember those too. I tried one once, banana flavored that I thought was gross.
      My fave were the grape flavored gumballs that turned your entire mouth purple. Hoo ha!
      Trick or treat Mom!

  1. http://theconversation.com/so-your-teenager-is-vaping-e-cigarettes-should-you-worry-36398

    I would rather the vape which may/may not contain nicotine (according the article linked above). Vaping is not inhaling burned tobacco. It’s water vapors. My son’s doctor told me son to vape to quick smoking. Vaping is far less addictive then the 79 harmful additives to tobacco, identified by the FDA. Identified, and yet oddly . . . allowed.

    Teens will always — ALWAYS — have their rights of passage. Gosh, what a shocker. If it’s not a cigarette, it’s a joint . . . so I’d favor the vape.

    • Water my ass; it’s nicotene, it’s addiction. It’s for major profits. Throw some thalates in there for endocrine disruption and there you have it, Vaping. There was an old Star Trek episode where a “Chinese Soldier/Policeman” vaped as he was dying. Do you remember the episode? Very foreboding, that tale.

    • Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette.
      Smoke, smoke ,smoke
      And if you puff yourself to death
      Tell St. Peter at the pearly gates
      I’m sorry but he’s gonna have to wait
      While I have myself
      Another cigarette.

    • Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen? Going from memory; can’t google everything. Actually, I just refuse to google. When you use the ‘wayback machine’ you never know what you may dredge up.