When Will the Bullshit Military Rid Us of the Traitor, a Sitrep

Gordon Duff at Belleau Wood

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is little talk of anything else at the highest circles of NATO and the Pentagon.  Trump is an embarrassment.

In the last 48 hours:

  • Trump just gave the Medal of Freedom to Miriam Adelson, wife of Sheldon Adelson and, according to sources at Interpol, the most successful “madam” in history, running her husbands massive brothel complex in Macau.  We aren’t saying this is conclusively fact but the Adelson’s have spent years in one court after another.  Both Trump and Netanyahu work for them and have used their positions to force nations to accept Adelson gambling operations (Japan and China). Let’s be clear here, Miriam is married to gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.  The Adelson’s were accused of running whore houses during the 2012 election and sued the National Jewish Democratic Council for defamation and lost.  
Photo by Carol Duff, Belleau Wood
  • The Adelson’s have been buying their way out of prosecutions for years, accused of partnering the Chinese triads, the most vicious gangsters in the world. (UK Guardian)
  • Trump just passed on visiting the US Marine Cemetery at Belleau Wood, outside Paris.  It was at Belleau Wood that the 5th Marines stopped the German advance of March 1918.  I wear at French Fourragere on my uniform to commemorate this event.  Trump doesn’t carry enough fat to keep him warm there.  It is 56 degrees there today with an 11 mph wind so Trump decided not to go.
  • Trump has been named as a criminal defendant in a campaign fraud indictment that includes attorney Michael Cohen.  Nobody is thus far willing to perp walk Trump, but he is now, officially a “fleeing felon” while in France and no longer qualified to return to the US unless in custody of US Marshals.  No, we aren’t kidding.
  • Trump’s new Attorney General, Whitaker, illegally appointed, is under FBI investigation for racketeering and fraud and likely to be arrested.
Iconic photo of Belleau Wood (Carol Duff)
  • Whitaker just nullified the US constitution.  He says that states can make up their own laws, restrict voting, even trial by jury.  Of course, Utah has always been a bit odd, but fun.  He has no idea the can of worms he has opened as Blue states have all the cash and just may decide to defund the Pentagon.
  • Erdogan just announced that that he had immediately shared the Khashoggi murder recording with the US and that CIA Director Gina Haspel heard it immediately and conferred with Turkish intelligence the same day.  Haspel then took it to Trump, as reported by VT though Trump still denies it even though the MSM is finally reporting it.  From Reuters and the WaPo:  “We gave the tapes. We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them. They have listened to all the conversations in them. They know,” Erdogan said.

Now we sit and wait while the fate of the US sits in the hands of the mama’s boys who “made their bones” during the fake war on terror.  All that stands between Americans and life in prison camps is the weapons in the hands of the too few educated gun owners and our current bullshit military.

Make a plan.


    • Is Trump acting like a president, JoeTV?
      Race baiting, insults to his own party colleagues, press tantrums and that is just some of what he did after being “elected” by Israhell, not to mention his prior record and scandalls. Trump is an Israhelli asset. His weaknesses are used by his handlers to predict within an acceptable probability how he will behave to satisfy his weaknesses.

    • Far chance of that ever happening. However, back in the 90’s Amway was caught skirting around import duties of its products into Canada.
      I wonder if the Canadians still remember that?
      The DeVos’s control Grand Rapids and the Michigan Republican party. They along with the Prinz’s ( Eric Prince)of Holland, Mi. wield a lot of power in that part of the state. They are also xtian zionists.

    • David, who knows, maybe it’s a hold over from the Church. It doesn’t make any sense except the possibility that some people believe printing something in Latin makes it official. Sorta like Catholic masses have to be in Latin to be official as some people believe.

  1. Imre Tihanyi – I have to disagree with you. Zionist Apartheid Theocreacy….. The Greek word root of ‘Theocracy’ is Theo – “God” and the Kabbalah, that is at the root of Judaic thought, is a Theory of Emanation, the Unfolding/Enfolding Principle that does not explain First Principle. The God Principle simple disappears. Through a process of Classic Dualistic analysis, a mechanistic positivist relativistic theory, the Kabbalah arrives at the conclusion that Israel – now used as a misnomer for the Khazarian Occupiers at the Centre of The Shamrock of The World Island and those colloquially known as “Jews”, but adhering to a Canaanite Doctrine, represents the Tribe as the unmentionable g-d. YHWH was a demierge who inseminated the daughters of Israel. Nya nya nya nya nya, our spark’s bigger than your spark and we’ve got the brightest spark plugs in the pack. Burn Baby!

    • The Left Hand of God is one euphemism. Lieocracy, murderocracy, kleptocracy seem to be further manifestations (Infestations?) of that process of thought. Hence the Babylonian Talmud as a Lethal Catechism and Criminal Code. Backed up by the Kol Nidre “prayer” – the Licence to Lie that is at the root to implementation of the Talmudic Code.

  2. Trump gave his generals carte blanche a while back. The Norway border with Russia looks like a battle front. NATO had 15 military exercises in the last year. Then, General Bob Neller’s told his Marines to expect “a big-ass fight” with Russia. Next: the “Trident Juncture” exercise. It looks like Trump been kept out of the loop intentionally and he basically doesn’t give a shit anymore. Your take, Gordon…

  3. Madam Adelson, it seems is also a part owner of the greatest ‘Brothel”, that of the United States, Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, only, ‘PROSTITUTED POLITICAL Figures’ need to apply and are kept in Service, for the World Wide Interest, of the Zionist Apartheid Theocracy of the Terror State of Israel. The American Taxpayers are but the Slaves, working in the, ‘PLANTATION” of the United States, for and in the interest, of the Bolshevik-Zionist International Crime Syndicate, (Rothschild Banksters Clique)! Our ‘BLOOD and TREASURE’ is used as the, “Sacrificial Offerings’, on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage! SHALOM!!

  4. This Moron Trump is the biggest Idiot that the Americans could have chosen ,, its the best government that money can buy and the best selection offered by the Evil Jewish Mafia …….. this Trump is appalling he’s irritated Everyone including Allies and Macron wants a European Army to Protect Europe from Russia China and even the USA …….. this is a Moron in Charge Destroying Everything that anyone holds sacred …… he’s doing Endless Stupid Illegal inerventions Militarily that the USA been doing for Ages so he is ALL LIES and this guy is NO Different at all from the run of the mill and then bad mouthing the rest …………. IF Trump hadn’t commented about ” Sh1thole Countries ” then most probably the ” Caravan ” would never have started in the First place , when this Sh1thead called them ” Sh1thole Countries ” then those Poor decided ” Okay here we come ” …… Looking at Trump & Bush and others it Reminds me of the Greenday Song ” American Idiot ” ………. I am happy that i’m in Canada and not in Stupid USA …..

    • The NWO props up scapegoats and boogeymen as a matter of course, so try not to let Trump play into that. Migrants have been moving in groups from countries the NWO has wrecked long before Trump, and Canada has long supported the wrecking.

      “‘Canada stands with our friends in this necessary response and we condemn in the strongest possible terms’ the use of chemical weapons in Syria.”
      ~ Justin Trudeau after the April 2018 “coalition” missile strikes