US hopes Russia will allow Israel to bomb Syria


Al Masdar
US hopes Russia will allow Israel to bomb Syria

The US is seeking to push all foreign military forces from Syria, the US ambassador to the country said. Besides Russian ones, of course.

US Ambassador to Syria James Jeffrey said Wednesday that Washington hopes Russia will allow Israeli forces to bomb Iranian military forces in Syrian territory after the delivery of S-300 air defense systems.

“Russia has been permissive, in consultation with the Israelis, about Israeli strikes against Iranian targets inside Syria. We certainly hope that that permissive approach will continue,” Jeffrey said during a press conference, according to Business Insider.

Earlier in October, Russia delivered its S-300 air defense systems to Syria following an incident in which a Russian Il-20 aircraft was shot down by a Syrian S-200 missile because of maneuvers carried out by Israeli jets.

Iran is another key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, besides Russia. However, Israel considers Tehran its number one enemy and vowed to fight Iran’s military build-up in the bordering Syria.

“Israel has an existential interest in blocking Iran from deploying long-range power projection systems… inside Syria to be used against Israel. We understand the existential interest and we support Israel,” Jeffrey said.

The Il-20 incident has underscored the risks connected with having several military forces in one war theater, Jeffrey added.

“Our immediate effort is to try to calm that situation down and then move on to a long-term solution,” he said.

According to Jeffrey, the US aims to move towards a political solution of the conflict and make sure all foreign militaries withdraw from Syria — besides Russia, of course.

“The Russians, having been there before, would not in fact withdraw, but you’ve got four other outside military forces — the Israelis, the Turkish, the Iranian and the American — all operating inside Syria right now. It’s a dangerous situation,” Jeffrey said.

So far, Tehran has said it will stay in Syria for as long as President Bashar al-Assad wants them to. Like Russia, Iran has an official invitation of President Assad to be in the country.

Earlier in June, Assad stressed that he invited the allied fighters into his country and he would never ask them to leave, as the United States and Israel are demanding, even as part of any peace settlement.

Turkey, on the other hand, has staged two incursions into northern Syria since 2016, which aim to curb Kurdish forces that now engage remaining Daesh forces, with support from the US and the Coalition.

Jeffrey said Washington took Turkish concerns about its support for the Kurdish fighters seriously, limiting weapons supply to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. According to Jeffrey, this step has slowed recent SDF operations against Daesh.

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  1. Israelis must be getting blueballs from lack of Bloodlust satisfaction! With this being the killing season, and too many unflattering opinions of the self chosen ones showing up on the web about Gaza/genocide.

    The IDF heroes must be in fear of the S300’s, and the trillion dollar stealth
    scam white Elephant aircraft are defeated without firing a shot!


    As long as the Joint Chiefs of Staff are familiar with the Russian end-game scenario and the out-and-out destruction it entails there is hope for the world. Trump and his coterie of NeoCon Zionist charlatans have had their day. Hell beckons for these ghouls of ‘blackest midnight born.’ God speed to hell and gone the mules these carpet-baggers – these unscrupulous opportunists, rode in on!

  3. To survive America must return to it’s roots by taking the advice of our great American statesmen, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Jackson and many others. A start would be to remove dual citizens from government payrolls, suspend all immigration for 10 years, and especially, dissolve the Federal Reserve, seize all assets from the shareholder families, shitcan Fractional Reserve Banking, breakup the monopolized press, Television, Hollywood, etc. Get the picture?
    If Daffy Duck could print, and control our dollar, Daffy Duck would run the show. There’s nothing genius about business when you have access to an unlimited supply of money. Amazon’s worth a Trillion. You don’t say. Print me 2, I’ll pay ’em double. “OK BOSS! Don’t shout.

  4. How many American’s would vote for a politician if he or she came out and advocated the bombing of Syria by Israel? You never hear this in debates. And you never see this issue on any politician’s platform. So much for our proud democracy. We never get to have a say in the real choices that effect the lives of millions of humans around the world.

  5. As far as i know, Bibi N. made Putin’s Kremlin phone red from calling. But Putin refuses to talk and to meet with Bibi. Israel had chance, but thanks to their lie and arrogant nature they are not welcomed. This is the reason they complaint to the “elder brother” for help.

    • Ce soir, Joséphine, ce soir!

      Bibi’s excuse for Dodging out of Paris early – a shindig with HAMAS, was probably orchestrated deliberately to save any embarrassment with President Putin whose forthright vision of late doesn’t include any eye-to-eye contact – more an eye-for-an-eye attitude, with Zionist ingrates or interlopers. What Bibi was doing in Paris in the first place baffles me, but at least the city was safe for a day having him around saving the French capital and the West, as he swears himself, from terrorists and what-have-you. He should know, his ‘boom-boom’ reputation precedes him everywhere he goes.

      Now, to sleazy ‘boom, boom.’ Trump probably opted out of the evening Peace Conference for an egotistical visit to the Orangerie Museum chased by feisty blondes – a golden shower of brazen and bra-less Femen protesters all ready, willing and thrilled at any opportunity to reverse the French defeat at Waterloo – hoping no doubt to knock him off his high horse, pee on him and taunt his … eh … (avert your eyes ladies, oh don’t bother your won’t see it anyway) short-sized bony part. Les chattes! Hopefully, his MOSSAD minders prevent it even if it goes against their vast training in entrapment.

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