Israeli Defenсe Minister Lieberman Resigns, Slams PM for ‘Surrendering to Hamas’


Lieberman’s resignation comes amid his rumoured disagreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu over the latter’s push for a ceasefire with Hamas that wrapped up nearly two days of intense shelling and missile attacks from both sides across the Gaza border.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman stepped down from his position on Wednesday, slamming Prime Minister Netanyahu for “surrendering to Hamas terror.”

“If I were to continue as defense minister I wouldn’t be able to look the residents of the south in the eye,” he said, as quoted by The Jerusalem Post, in a nod to Tuesday’s ceasefire with Hamas. “This will severely harm our security in the long term,” Lieberman added.

“What we’re doing now as a state is buying short-term quiet, with the price being severe long-term damage to national security.”

Lieberman confirmed that his Yisrael Beitenu (Israel Our Home) party, which holds five seats in the 120-seat parliament, was leaving the coalition. He went on to ask the government to decide on an early election as soon as possible. “We should agree on a date for elections as early as possible”, he said.

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According to Lieberman, he didn’t see eye to eye with Netanyahu on many things, including allowing Qatari gas into Gaza and delaying the demolition of Khan al Ahmar, a Palestinian community on the West Bank.

Describing the Israeli response to the recent launch of hundreds of rockets from Gaza as insufficient, Liberman named two conditions for humanitarian aid to be supplied to Gaza: bring back the captives and ensure no riots at the Gaza border.

Meanwhile, Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, described Lieberman’s resignation as a “political victory for Gaza,” adding that it means Israel’s failure to tackle Palestinian opposition.

Officials in Bayit Yehudi (The Jewish Home), a party that has eight seats in the Knesset, warned that they will pull out of the coalition if their chairman Naftali Bennett, who currently serves as Education Minister, replaces Liberman.

This comes after the government agreed to a ceasefire with the Hamas militants, ending the latest uptick in violence in Gaza, which saw Palestinians launch hundreds of rockets, with Israel responding with strikes against militant targets in Gaza.

According to Haaretz, Liebrman was angered by a recent statement from Netanyahu’s office, which falsely indicated that he backed the prime minister’s push for a ceasefire in Gaza.

A senior cabinet member told Israel’s Channel 10 that Liberman was in fact among several ministers that opposed Netanyahu’s decision to agree to a truce with Hamas, an Islamist militant group which serves as the de-facto government of the Gaza Strip, after recent clashes across the Gaza border.

On Tuesday, Hamas announced an Egypt-brokered ceasefire to halt the latest wave of violence, which erupted on Monday after a Hamas commander was killed in a covert Israeli operation. An Israeli officer also died in the ensuing gunfight. The Israeli military said it had intercepted over 100 out of the 460 rockets fired from Gaza over the past day, and attacked 160 militant-related targets in the enclave.

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  1. Watch to see if charges against Bibi do not suddenly rise up out of the sands of the Sinai.
    Bibi’s days may very well be numbered.
    He may have to go back to selling lazy Boys in Joisey.

  2. Lie ber Mann is the pinnacle of zionist arrogance and deception, or just plain lies. Then again, that’s what Pisrael is about….lies, deception and double crosses. The equivalency of a little street thug with no moral compass except for his own. Only Pisrael is a street thug with nukes, threatening every one if they don’t pay up, their windows will get broke.
    How long is the world going to allow Pisrael to get away with so much criminality before such actions are taken to eliminate this danger?
    Just how long must we wait? What is it that’s going to be the final straw? The nuking of Washington? London? Toronto? The total annihilation and genocide of the Palestinian people?
    God damn! Are there no people with the courage and integrity to do what’s necessary?
    Apparently not…
    America is doomed. The west will fall and fade away.

    • Yep so frustrating to see the blatant ponerological sophistry at play. So obvious & completely makes anyone that can fire a scintilla synpase of thought seriously question the sanity of many. Chaoskampf of spiritual warfare for sure.

  3. All rigged & planned. Benzion Mileikowsky (Bibi Satanyahu’s real name) & his father a re-visionist (holohoax) historian Benzion Netanyahu wrote such literary milestones and crowning achievements like ‘The Founding Fathers of Zionism’. I’ll predict Netanyahu will announce he is Israel’s Defense Minister, along w/ Prime Minister, Health Minister & Foreign Minister. Essentially, you now have a Zionist dictator running the Kabbalah/Masonic order planet now if you understand how ruling hierarchy really works. What could possibly go wrong.

  4. Is Israel finally starting to feel the International heat?
    When is Bibi up for re-election anyway?
    What kind of grown man calls himself BeeBee (it sounds like something a little girl would name her pink poodle)!
    ” Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States it can dry up and blow away”
    Benjamin BeeBee Netanyahu. overheard speaking to Jonathan Pollard.

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