Kevin Barrett on Richie Allen Show: Gaza genocide, Zionist Hollywood, suspicious wildfires, end times prophecies


From Richie Allen

“Richie is joined by the brilliant author, academic and broadcaster Dr. Kevin Barrett. Why do Hollywood A-Listers lend their support to the Israeli government? Kevin has the answer. He and Richie also discuss the wildfires in California. Could directed energy weapons have been used to start the fires? In a wide ranging chat they also discuss hidden codes in the Abrahamic religious texts and more! Also: Richie presents a the hidden history of the European Union, how it came to be, who dreamt it up and where it is all leading. This is unmissable. Support The Richie Allen Show by donating at Richie has been producing and presenting television and radio programs for the best part of twenty years. The Richie Allen Show airs Monday – Thursday at 5 PM GMT and at 11 AM UK Time each Sunday.”

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  1. An interesting interview, though a bit on the long side. At the end he has a whole rant about how open minded he is (around 1:45), and then he suddenly shifts to something that looks like a total condemnation of “dogmatism”, which to me very much sounds like a perfect example of how we all can be dogmatic from time to time. I suspect it might then be this video that he does not want us to see. Or, is his he actually advertising it as some sort of forbidden fruit? I watched it, and it is actually very interesting with some fantastic footage.

  2. An interesting point that might be something to work with regarding the EC is this. The EC Constitution, as far as I can remember, was held up for years to ensure that reference to “The Human Person” was included, at the insistance of the Catholic Church. This alluded to the importance of The Church in the formation of Europe by Monks during the Dark Ages through “Ora et Labora”. Now the problem that Richie outlines is that Corporations have been granted “Personhood”. This is a worldwide problem and Citizens United creates Fascism somewhat along the same lines. Now the only time that I thought that David Mitchell, President of Business International in New York (later taken into the Economist Intelligence Unit), the man who hired Barack Obama straight out of University, was telling the unadulterated truth was when he pleaded for Democracy. The effort of speaking without Cynicism, Irony or Ambiguity caused him to sound like a Squealing Stuck Pig, which sound I was entirely familiar with from my time at the slaughter house. This Noble Effort to put it out there in straightforward fashion was unique in the time that I knew him. Unfortunately for US, he would have known that the Dice Were Loaded against We The People.

  3. What a nice breath of fresh air wafting out of UK w/Richie Allen. I didn’t know about him/his show. Thanks.

    I read this article today:

    Thought it was interesting that “richer” Californians pay private firefighters. Never knew there was such a career field. It’s all a “protection” racket . . . and I believe the Malibu fire was a directed energy weapon

  4. Dare I say that many of the people who voted to leave knew the EU is One World Governance in the making. Agenda 21 2030 has solidified this for anyone doubting. But if you have ever researched the origins of the EEC you can not come to any other conclusion.

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