Erdogan Blackmail: “Extradite Gulen or Saudi Recording of Kushner Arranging Khashoggi Murder is Released”


Editor’s note: The version below, the highly censored Russian version, lacks any of the detail here.  We know that General Michael Flynn was paid $550,000 to try to get Gulen extradited to Turkey.  The media has continued to cover this up as Turkey is going after Trump from every direction.

The Saudi’s simply told Erdogan the truth, that Trump ordered Khashoggi dismembered alive and that Kusner cut the deal with MBS.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The Trump administration is looking for ways to remove exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen from the United States in order to appease Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, MSNBC reported on Thursday.

The White House asked federal law enforcement agencies to look at legal ways of removing Gulen from the United States in order to persuade Erdogan to ease pressure on the Saudi government over the death of columnist Jamal Khashoggi, two senior officials and two others briefed on the requests told MSNBC.

The report indicates directives were issued to both the Justice Department and FBI to reopen Turkey’s case for Gulen’s extradition, as well as a request for information from the Department of Homeland Security about Gulen’s legal status.

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Turkey’s Accusations Against Gulen

Gulen has lived in a compound in a rural area of the US state of Pennsylvania since 1999.

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Erdogan has accused Gulen and his followers of orchestrating a failed coup in July 2016, which left 251 people dead and 2,200 injured. Since then, approximately 80,000 people have been arrested in Turkey over their alleged links to the cleric.


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  1. I’m sorry, I missed any reference to Kushner in the underlying article. What’s your basis for it? Why would Kushner even be involved?

    Without some facts or at least a logical argument, it’s just a sensational click-bait headline.

  2. The CIA guys would be unhappy if they have to lose his Gulen’s turkish toy for save Trump son-in-law ass….

  3. Ernesto don’t forget the Russia hacking investgation, a true comedy, if not for the cost to Americans. Two years running, and nothing to show for it other than a few indictments that could have been handled much earlier, and much cheaper.

  4. Ship Gulen back, his schools are poison and should be closed. He’s not a nice guy. Rich? Yes. But nice? No. A real danger to any society. Ask the Russians about Gulen’s schools, they know.

  5. Why was Khashoggi murdered?
    What was the motive for Trump to give such a directive?
    How would it benefit Saudi to kill him?

    • According to the Ordinary news Channels there are THREE Reasons Stated

      1 – Khashoggi Offended Trump by Criticizing him and Trump Desired it .
      2 – Khashoggi Criticized the Current Saudi Regime and Suggested Democratic Changes .
      3 – Khashoggi was going to go Public About the Saudi Regimes use of Chemical Weapons in the Yemen Conflict .

    • @David Odell:
      1. How do you know Erdoğan has not shown the evidence?
      2. Nowadays evidence is not required for anything at state level, as has been made clear in the Skripal & Amesbury cases, the chemical attacks “Assad wot dunnit” in Syria, Russiagate, to name but a couple of recent examples.

    • Ernesto, paragraph 1 of Obligation to extradite. “(1) The Contracting Parties undertake to surrender to each other, in accordance with the provisions and conditions laid down in this Treaty, all persons who are found within the territory of the Requested Party and who are being prosecuted for or have been charged with an offense, or convicted of an offense, or are sought by the other Party for the enforcement of a judicially pronounced penalty for an offense committed within the territory of the Requesting Party.”
      If they had shown evidence, it would be an extradition in process, instead of ‘seeking ways to remove”.

  6. Does Mr. Erdogan also want the extradition of Graham Fuller who reportedly was on an island off the coast of Turkey during the failed coup of 2016? Mr. Fuller now, quite sensibly, resides in Canada.

  7. Looks like Israel Lover Liar Trump is in deep doo doo. Even if he suceeds in extraditing Gulen, there is no end to the potential damage Erdogan can do with this tape. Are you sure Erdogan isn’t from Israel?

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