SIAL 2018 The World’s Largest Food Show

Photo Javier Jaffre

SIAL 2018 The World’s Largest Food Show

At the Villepinte exhibition center in the Paris region. SIAL the world’s largest food show occurred from October 21-25, 2018.

There were about 160,000 visitors from 194 visitor countries and over 2,600 journalists

Of the 7,200 exhibitors from 110 countries , 85% were international and 15% were French.

Paul Kafarakis from Specialty Food Association in New York gave a presentation on SIAL TV. He stated the in USA people are interested in buying locally and feel that eating well is important to having good health. We know that the costs of medical care is high in USA and people feel that they would rather invest in locally grown food.


                                   Jane and Paul Kafarakis     Specialty Food Association

Technological innovation goes through the image. Transparency, culinary art, culture, culinary culture and flavors. Innovation of taste, packaging and marketing.

This edition been placed under the banner of culinary innovation, taste, marketing and health.natural colors, back to nature, to the nourishing earth.

Many food sectors were represented  fruit and vegetables, meat including cold cuts, chicken, fish, beverages and dairy products.

                                         serving nuts

At SIAL, we had a sample of what France produces as dairy products. Camembert appellation d’origine contrôlée with Roquefort always also of controlled designation of origin.  The production of Gruyere and Emmental fromSwitzerland was exhibited.

An exhibit  called Future Lab showed a video about the future of food while another area called Rising Start Ups featured young start ups.

There were national pavilions by continents,, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Central America and Africa.

We found superb and rare extra virgin olive oils from a  Greek company, The Governor, that has anti-aging effects; The company claims it has anticancer activity and prevents skin from aging. It is made from the lianoila variety over 500 years old. We received a free sample so we can see how it works.

                               The Governor company that has special olive oils

Several soirées provided opportunities for producers to meet buyers in a relaxed atmosphere.  SIAL organized a buffet.

Partners Network had a dance with a great , DJ  James Carr,

playing pop music 80s and 90s. The crowd enjoyed drinking and dancing.

Bertagni  the oldest pizza maker invited guests to enjoy pizza at their stand. It was so delicious!

Comptoir France-Espagne invited  guests to “ La Boerre de L’Amité. They were generous in providing spanish specialities .

SIAL provided a good opportunity to see new food products and for buyers and sellers to network.



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  1. A nice change-up article and looked like a great way to spend a day or two . I remember entering a cheese shop for the very first time in Lausanne, Swiss in the 90s – the aroma was overwhelming. Paris had some really nice fish markets I recall also. Thanks

  2. I don’t get it . . . both Gruyère and Emmental are cheeses originating from Switzerland, of Swiss production.
    They’re not French in origin.

    “At SIAL, we had a sample of what France produces as dairy products. Camembert appellation d’origine contrôlée with Roquefort always also of controlled designation of origin; the production of Gruyere and Emmental which was exposed.”

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