Khashoggi Killed to Cover Bio-War in Yemen, Duff on Press TV


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  1. Trying hard to rectify CIA reporting on a (this) Friday that BS ordered the hit. It doesn’t add up.

    Unless the president is being protected. 100 reasons it smells bad and very few that make sense.

    tomorrow is one of those sit and listen days

  2. Gordon, you came through loud and clear, looking good!
    So many forces clashing together in Yemen, like whirlwinds from the world’s four corners : Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, the United States, others too, no doubt – each using weapons of destruction according to their taste. This is human sacrifice on a grand scale. If D.T. does not see this, we are surely in for a big drama.

    • I would appreciate it IF People wouldn’t use too many unknown Abbreviations …… WTF is D.T. ? …… I for one have NEVER heard of a D.T. ……. excuse me but please talk simple so that EVERYBODY understands ……

    • Donald Trump.

      Kaho has misguided trust . . . and thinks D.T. really gives a shit.

      Wasn’t D.T. the one who — over a piece of the best chocolate cake he’s every eaten in his life — told the Chinese President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, that D.T. just launched the . . . Mother of All Bombs on Yemen.

      That’s when I changed my VT handle to M.O.A.Bitches . . . so I wouldn’t forget!

      “Misplaced loyalty (or mistaken loyalty, misguided loyalty or misplaced trust) is loyalty placed in other persons or organisations where that loyalty is not acknowledged or respected; is betrayed or taken advantage of. It can also mean loyalty to a malignant or misguided cause.”

      Or, perhaps Kaho is referring to “delirium tremens. [tree-muh nz, -menz] noun Pathology. a withdrawal syndrome occurring in persons who have developed physiological dependence on alcohol, characterized by tremor, visual hallucinations, and autonomic instability. Abbreviation : d.t.”

      I wonder if d.t.s occur with cocaine addicted people, or if they call that pathology something else?

    • D.T. usually stands for Delirium Tremens. Although I believe it hardly applies to the orange buffoon. He appears to be perpetually drunk.

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