Syria’s Islamist Threat, Cooked in London, Served by Trump

Nahed all Husani and Janice Kortkamp, Damascus November 15, 2018

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Nahed al Husani and Janice Kortkamp in Damascus

Syria is going to hell in a handbasket

This story can’t be ignored.  The real disaster in Syria isn’t Turkey and the Kurds or Israel and the threat of Russian air defenses.  The real danger is the idiots from MI6, Britain’s intelligence services, who are funding Islamist, radical clerics, throughout areas now under control of the Damascus government under Assad.

The US threw out Saddam and destroyed Iraq.  The US pushed for revolutions throughout the Islamic Mediterranean and, in the process, destroyed Europe with refugees.  This is the real “why” of Brexit, America’s social experiment with using terrorists as “war on the cheap” in efforts to exert global control.

Trump, with his lack of understanding and an American government and military long polluted with Saudi/Israeli influence, isn’t capable of understanding or dealing with the problem.

Gina Haspel’s CIA is equally helpless and America is getting ready to bury itself and finish Europe off as well.  You see, the Islamist threat isn’t from Shiite Iran and their forces inside Syria but from Saudi funded and British led Wahhabist fanatics who are working, as we speak, to turn sectarian Syria into a real terror state, one that will bring down Turkey and threaten Europe.

In the process, Israel will be destroyed and Netanyahu is too stupid to see what is going on.

The photo below is from Damascus this week, the “girls’ at VT out for an evening, not being shot at for once.

This is the real Damascus today, one that may be gone in a few short weeks.  The west is overpowering the Assad government, and its Baathist/Socialist roots, and backing Islamists who will end this kind of dress, end alcohol, close the clubs and restaurants but more.

They will also end Christianity as well.  The Wahhabists, with British backing, will start a new civil war and toss Iran out, push that war into Lebanon and take on Hezbollah, all over Islamism, the fight between Sunni and Shi’a Islam.

When Lebanon burns to the ground, and it will, when Damascus becomes the land of burka’s and head chopping, and it will, ISIS will be missed as “moderates.”

Thank Britain and the US and their meddling.  It is coming.  You have been warned.

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  1. Hey Gordon don’t get fooled by the grey haired housewife on the right she is not anything but a Christian Zionist with a 12th grade education. Her name is Jan Fearing aka Janice Kortkamp, she is a blogger trying to etch out a career as some sort of journalist that just interviewed a Syrian Sniper who killed my people. Jan/Janice continually raises money to travel to Syria majority of her followers are clueless westerners. Here is the truth if you dare to read it. Facts and well researched.

  2. G, good warning. But it’s even worse than you say. You said at the end, “When Lebanon burns to the ground, and it will…” Never mind Lebanon. ISIS/Daesh is burning California, and neither the state nor the feds seem to have a clue. In Jan. 2017, their monthly newsletter gave detailed instructions for how and when to set fires and wildfires, as well as the rationale, and how to leave their signature nearby. 2016 wasn’t bad; NO fires in the Top 10. Yet 2017 (coincidence?) was the most destructive fire season on record until then, with several fires in the Top 10 worst ever. Yet that season was eclipsed by this year’s, not just most destructive, but also the most deadly. Families are already suing PG&E for the Camp Fire in N. Calif. But guess what? ISIS gave instructions on how to hit electrical facilities to start fires, and get away with it. In the Oct. 2017 issue, they bragged about the fires. Btw, while I was reading the ISIS instructions (a couple of days ago) about how to set wildfires, I noted that at least 4-5 of their recommendations were followed in the Camp Fire blaze, the one that claimed the town of Paradise, CA. Paradise was likely chosen because of its name. Meanwhile, Jerry Brown blathers like a fool about climate change, while Trump blames the state for poor forest management. PG&E is being sued, as I said. When will people wake up? The problem isn’t just “over there”. It is here.

    • Rubbish!
      You’re full of crapola.
      Yes, the liberal progressive idiots who run Commiefornia share some of the blame for mismanagement of the forests throughout the state.
      Something you know nothing about.
      You are simply talking out of your anus.

    • Relax, John. I said Jerry Brown blathers like a fool. But my focus wasn’t politics. It was on the actual ISIS detailed and lengthy instructions, which are real, and which I have read but you apparently have not. If you want to live in a fairytale world, it’s up to you. But I vowed when I was very young, that I would always look at the real world, no matter how painful. This is real world. I could have NAMED the ISIS publications (2 different ones that I know of) but I didn’t want to give them any more oxygen than they already have. What I said, is for the relevant officials who need to know. I have spent many years looking at this stuff, and the truth is that we have tunnel-vision, not-my-job losers in all bureaucracies, and on all sides of the political aisles.

  3. Pence is someone to be very concerned about. A xtian zionist/jihadist whose loyalty to Pisrael makes him a traitor to America and a danger to humanity.

  4. I am very well aware of Britain’s intelligence capacity and capabilities, exceeding far beyond usa or israel or russia or any country, this certainly sounds like one of their projects, however I don’t see it turn out so drastically. The Brexit may very well be another anti-russian project where there is sudden talk for creating an EU army (obviously without Britain) to protect itself against threats (meaning Russia and only Russia). Taking down Turkey would certainly mean disaster for the region I don’t see how that could happen, if Turks would respond they could overpower Saudis or whatever wahhabi government, also Egypt and Iran would not sit idly and watch this unveil. Syria has to continue to purge and control the number of takfir converts within their ranks.

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