Of John Lennon’s Killer and Political Zionism

George W. Bush is still enjoying his retirement in Texas. And Donald Trump has already picked up where his predecessors left off and has allowed the Israelis to destroy more countries in the Middle East, particularly Syria.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot and killed John Lennon at the entrance to the Dakota apartment building in New York City in December of 1980, is still behind bars. More than a dozen psychiatrists concluded that Chapman was psychotic.[1] Chapman has recently been denied parole for the tenth time.

Chapman killed one person, and medical professionals in this world have labeled him a psychopath and put him in prison because he is a menace to others and to himself.

But what if you have killed not one or two or even a thousand people but at least 500,000 thousand? And what if you constantly produce one lie after another to kill people and destroy countries in the Middle East? Shouldn’t you be placed behind bars for the rest of your natural life as well? Or wouldn’t some states in the US give you the electric chair?

You see, there are psychopaths in politics, and they are more dangerous than Mark David Chapman. These political psychopaths don’t care about you, your children, people in the Middle East, and even the planet. Robert D. Hare of the University of British Columbia declares that psychopaths can be “charming” but “deadly.” “Their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience,” he continues. “Their game is self-gratification at the other person’s expense. Many spend time in prison, many do not.”[2]

Hare adds, “The most obvious expressions of psychopath—but by no means the only ones—involve flagrant violation of society’s rules.”[3] Those psychopaths usually use “charm and chameleon-like abilities to cut a wide swath through society” and leave “a wake of ruined lives behind them.”[4] In that sense, psychopaths function “without the restraints of conscience.”[5]

In short, all psychopaths have “a deeply disturbing inability to care about the pain and suffering experienced by others…a complete lack of empathy, the prerequisite of love.”[6]

In the same vein, Kent A. Kiehl of the University of New Mexico argues that psychopaths are pathological liars; they lack empathy, guilt and even remorse. More importantly, they generally do not want to accept the consequences of their actions.[7] If you think Kiehl is exaggerating, then take a look at Benjamin Netanyahu. In chapter 6 of his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists, Netanyahu wrote unapologetically:

“The best estimates at this time place Iran between three and five years away from possessing the prerequisites required for the independent production of nuclear weapons.

“After this time, the Iranian Islamic republic will have the ability to construct atomic weapons without the importation of materials or technology from abroad…The first phase of construction and electrical work will be completed within three to four years.”[8]

This was a lie then and it is still a lie. But has Netanyahu stopped spreading his lies? Has he stopped contemplating what he has been saying over the years? The answer is no. He is a psychopath. He has been called a sociopath before.[9]

Sadly, political Zionism is essentially a house full of psychopaths. The difference between political zionists and Mark David Chapman is that political Zionists are still walking around, killing people they don’t like and lying to America and much of the West, and none of them has gone to prison for doing so.

This month alone, Brown University has released a study which concludes that the United States budgetary costs (post 9/11) have already reached $5.9 trillion.[10] Keep also in mind that the Iraq War alone will cost America six trillion dollars.[11] The death toll alone has already been astronomical. Take it from Newsweek, one of the conspicuous Zionist outlets out there:

“The United States has spent nearly $6 trillion on wars that directly contributed to the deaths of around 500,000 people since the 9/11 attacks of 2001.”[12]

The death toll is much higher than 500,000.[13] The simple questions are these: Has anyone been held accountable for those merciless deaths? Has anyone gone to jail? Was there a criminal court during which political criminals were summoned, trialed, and imprisoned accordingly? Sadly, the answers are no. Even Tony Blair, who “duped former Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay” in invading Iraq,[14] admitted that Iraq was a mistake.[15] Yet Blair is still walking around with no accountability whatsoever.

Similarly, George W. Bush is still enjoying his retirement in Texas. And Donald Trump has already picked up where his predecessors left off and has allowed the Israelis to destroy more countries in the Middle East, particularly Syria. Moreover,

“President Donald Trump is set to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the nation’s highest civilian honor — to the wife of one of the Republican Party’s most prominent patrons…”[16]

That will go to Miriam Adelson, wife of Sheldon Adelson, the man who was accused of spreading prostitution and organized crime in Macau, China.[17] Trump is basically reciprocating here because Miriam “gave the GOP millions.”[18]

So we are talking about a line of criminals in politics here. Both Sheldon and Miriam are flaming Zionists. Adelson was right on one thing: Trump, he said back in 2016, would be “tremendous president when it comes to the safety and security of Israel.”[19]

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  1. Interesting read & comments. Until more americans decide to critically learn how to think the stupefying ignorance continues it’s harvest. Not until people enlighten themselves to new frontiers of thought & break free of cognitive dissonance & nescience barriers to understand MK Ultra programming (hypnosis/SSRI’s etc) the beatings will continue. Freemasonry is by definition a “secret society”. It uses a secret system of communication to identify it’s members towards obtaining preferential treatment in business, politics & every walk of life. It alsoutilizes this system within the courtroom to obtain favourable judgments that would not otherwise berendered. In other words it is a system used to corrupt the court system for its own personal advantageon a daily basis. Mason; just as a Jew is allowed to lie in order to cheat a hated “goyim.” The very fact that Freemasonry is so secret, fosters the desire to deceive others. The whole international organization is based on a lie, teaches it, & encourages its disciples to lie also. The entire system of Masonic rites, lectures and symbolism is for the purpose of deceiving others as to their true meaning. Until that day…

  2. Why would this fellow have killed John Lennon unless he did it to order. He had been supporting the Palestinians. That is not allowed as the Israelis say that there is no such thing as a Palestinian; they are just wandering Arabs in the desert.

    • Chapman didn’t kill Lennon, he was simply a mind controlled patsy. Lennon was shot in the back after he turned to face Chapman, so there had to be a second gunman and it is most likely that the man who shot him was the doorman of the Dakota Building who had ties to the CIA’s Operation 40.

  3. I feed the Blue Jays peanuts, the squirrels come and steal them, and because they are not really hungry, they bury them, then there chipmunks watch this, and as soon as the squirrels are gone, they dig tunnels to the buried peanuts. They could dig them up right where they are, but they build tunnels so they don’t get caught.
    The Blue Jays also bury nuts when they are not hungry. It is the offering from the trees to work in cooperation with the animals to spread seed.
    In humanity, this process is interrupted by a system of law and enforcement, to protect greedy squirrels.
    That is Capitalism. To capitalize. Power and hoarding come together. It is psychotic and unnatural.

  4. In nature, theft is not necessarily a crime, but is perhaps better termed, ‘immediate appropriations’
    That which is not in use should be used immediately.

    Laws against theft, protect those who wish to keep and hold more than they need. Calling it earned, is politics.

  5. There has been talk that John was coming clean with the Paul/Billy Shephard thing and had to be silenced. Which makes sense; in the crazy NWO world lies are very important, Truth is for the very few and is best kept secret.

    • Of note, this past thursday WTMD, here in Baltimore, played the entire Beatles discography. From start to finish, plus the newly redone White album. It was a fantastic day for the ears. I sang along to practically every song. The Beatles are majic.

  6. Nothing ‘commie’ about it, the song is about peace and love and mankind finally learning not to use our differences to justify conflict and violence.

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