Will US Congress finally end Saudis’ holocaust of Yemen?


Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The United Nations is finally facing the facts: The Saudi war on Yemen is turning into a holocaust.

But it is the US Congress that has the power to stop the war. Will Democrats and Republicans unite to deliver a slap in the face to Trump-Kushner and their Saudi partners in crime? If a bipartisan coalition could pass the JASTA bill opening the way to expose Saudi participation in the 9/11 neocon coup d’état, why can’t they also unite to save the children of Yemen?

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  1. Will US Congress finally end Saudis’ holocaust of Yemen? IMO, not likely. Trump has already said doing so would hurt the U.S. defense industry, and he just praised the Saudis as “spectacular allies.” With Trump, it’s all about business, morality be damned.

  2. “Spreading American Values, Democracy,” only apply to the Ahkenazi-Khazar Zionist Zealot ‘Chosen People.” The rest of the Middle East, like the people of Yemen, Palestine are in a different category, they can be used/abused/murdered by the hundreds of thousands, without remorse, to assure the desired outcome! “END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!” Is that what America, “The Land of the FREE!”, has morphed into?

  3. It really is enough to make you sick to think that this administration supports these murderous savages, selling them weapons and having Khashoggi murdered on orders from the orange buffoon. Just as worse are the arms sales to the Fraudis and those who continue to support more arms sales so some redneck hillbilly working for Raytheon or Lockheed can buy an $80,000 pick up. It’s truly disgusting that So many people lack the moral compass to see what the results are. Are they so blind, they cannot see? Or do they dare not see?
    tRump, the stand up comedian for Pisrael and the Fraudis , is a reflection of the collapse of moral compass in America.
    When religious frauds and charlatans like Pat Robertson declare that America needs to continue arms sales to maniacs like the Fraudis, he is exposing himself for the fraud and charlatan that he is.
    Truly disgusting and sickening.
    The Fraudis have gotten away with too much. It’s time for regime change in that country.

    • As far as congress is concerned, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. There’s too much money involved for the MICC and it’s all about JOBS! So be prepared when nothing comes from all the chatter. Congress knows who crosses its palms with cash for re-election. Especially those whose districts are home to contractors and sub contractors.
      Yak, yak, yakkity yak……..nothing but hot air and no substance.
      Follow the money.

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