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  1. At least Obama & “gang” BRAVELY sat around glued to the scary LIVE report being beamed direct from the “killing of Osama bin Ladin” in Afghanistan.
    President Trump is only brave enough to “be FULLY breifed” but he surely must believe his team of investigators but his loyalty to MbS’s massive arms purchase is shamefully didhonorable & stupid.

  2. Spreading; “American Values!” What a LIE! There is NO American Values, when a murder can be, erased, annulled, for the exchange of monies! That is, ‘prostituting’ our American Values, and all those who try to explain away, are nothing but PIMPS! Trump is a PIMP!

  3. As I said early in 2016, America is about to get the president it deserves. USA elections are not won by running a superior candidate. Just make sure the opposition candidate is worse scum than yours seems to do the job these days.

    Love it how Americans indignantly offer their opinion on how “bad” this or that situation is. I have a broader view from outside the USA, and guess what. It’s bad everywhere one looks in the USA. I could give you a list as long as your arm of problems gone out of control since 1980. But now it’s gone from plain old moral turpitude to pure expressions of evil.

    Articles like this are like examining one pustule on a body covered with pox and about to die. Gives you something to do that gives you a feeling of importance while you do it, but the chances of you getting out of the contagion zone unscathed are about zero. The fact that the USA is going totally Venezuela at an accelerating pace is totally invisible to those inside the country. When you have lost 20 lbs because you cannot find food, things like this article are quite irrelevant.

    • So,..instead of staying and helping to fix it, you participate in the colonization/gentrification of Equador by American expats, where the locals love the influx of money, but are mortified of the contagion you bring along ?

      Then from that pulpit, you can rant about how ineffective we are and are only participating in the discussion due to our need of self validation ?

      But your offering is one of dismal pessimism, completely detached from any sort of self validation ? And includes a warning Americans are about to run out of food ? Holy macaroni and cheese expatman

  4. The difference between a bully and a punk, is notable, and Trump is not a bully. It’s hard to imagine, that we are actually seeing what we are seeing. But we are. The bluster and name calling, juxtaposed with bone spurs, paranoia, fleeing from the DMZ in NK due to rain, fleeing from France and Arlington due to rain, unabashed falsehoods and lies in the face of conflict etc etc. He could pull off the bully routine if he at least manned up in certain circumstances. At this point, the actions speak louder than words, and to say punk, is not name calling, but proper assignment of status. I can’t remember any CIC losing more respect by our military. To be unbiased, everyone has room for redemption, but this debt looks to be far beyond payable. You would think the office would raise anyones level, but running out of words, and punk is all that is left. Amazing.

  5. “We have the tape. I don’t want to hear the tape. No reason for me to hear the tape,” Trump said on Fox News Sunday. “It’s a suffering tape. It’s a terrible tape. I’ve been fully briefed on it. There’s no reason for me to hear it. … It was very violent, very vicious, and terrible.”

    So that’s Trump Actually Admitting that He Doesn’t Want the Facts or the Reality or Admitting to his Ignorance and then Affirming that He’s Proud of His Ignorance and He is Adamant to be Ignorant all the way ……. And it’s the Truth Most Americans are Ignorant Fools Who Take Pride in being Ignorant of Any Valid Facts …..

  6. tRump nor his son in law or the israeli spy will ever be held to account for their dealings…nor will you ever see such charges made by anyone in the government or the media.

    you assume their are enough honest politicians to do so …or a media that cares to expose the corruption…well…there isnt.


    The noose he attempted to put around Bezos’ neck is now satirically in a tightening knot around his own as he shuffles over the proverbial trap-door assisted by the nightmare prod of a hot burning iron asking nobody in particular as he taps the boards: “Are you sure it is safe?” The executioner informs him it is a secure device good for a short period of … eh … seconds. Besides nobody ever lived to complain about it. We can imagine the voice of the dead and mutilated Khashoggi tell him, in a cynical manner: “Thanks for dropping … bye!” And the wit of one onlooker out West (or maybe it was Tyburn) at a hanging of yesteryear insofar as it compares to our Zionist hero in extremis at the rear end of his criminal days and treasonous ways facing the drop: “His neck is about to feel the weight of his arse.” Sounds like Tyburn to me or maybe Newgate. The word ARSE is a dead giveaway. Just ask Trump before he exits like a stage(d) villain or varmint along with his reputation – through the floor to oblivion from whence he came or the Hindu Kush where his son-in-law has a bolt-hole protected by ISIS and Al Quaeda assets who along with Bibi have been sharing his second-best bed all along. “You can take the mule from the ‘boro, but not the ‘boro from the mule.” Old Bronx saying about these pathetic plebs from Manhattan, that lopped-d#ck of a city, by the bollock boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

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