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Nahed Al Husaini, Damascus Bureau Chief

Nick Griffin to VT:

United States power is on the demise

“Trump may risk another military blitz against Syria if he is cornered” 

Text of the interview

Mr. Griffin, thank you for giving VT this interview, Please introduce yourself to our readers.  

Nick Thomas Griffin graduated in Law from Cambridge University. A political activist from the age of 15, he became a leading figure in the British nationalist movement in the 1980s and as leader of the British National Party from 1999 to 2014 became the most successful British nationalist leader in history. He was elected as Member of the European Parliament for North West England in 2009 and served as an MEP and member of the Parliament’s Environment Committee until 2014. A fervent opponent of globalism and liberalism, he stood out in Brussels as a rare advocate for national sovereignty, Syria and Russia.

Since then he played a leading role in the social media campaign which secured the Brexit vote and is founding Vice-President of the European-level political party, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. The APF works for reconciliation between nations divided by historical quarrels and injustices; it is in particular an advocate for good relations between Western states and Russia, and a staunch opponent of Anglo-Zionist warmongering.

Unfortunately there is a constant liberal-left effort to remove good photos of nationalist leaders online, so there are very few good photos of me available. Here are two more to go with the one I sent yesterday though.

VT gang in Damascus, including Carla Ortiz, Dr. Najm and Nana


What effect will US Mid-Term elections have on the situation in the Middle East?

The Democrats have taken control of the House while the Republicans have a continued Senate majority. Although Donald Trump tried to spin this as some kind of victory, the reality is that it leaves Washington politics more divided and deadlocked than almost ever before.

This could go either way: The chaos and hatreds seething through the Beltway could add to the effective paralysis of the USA. This would of course leave Russia, China and Iran – and the various states which are drifting into their orbit – with the ‘time and space’ needed to continue building the multi-polar alternatives to US hegemony.

Or it might push Trump towards some particularly lunatic foreign police effort in the hope of buying a few days’ respite and reasonable media headlines. He saw this phenomenon in play when he launched the ludicrous, unjust and essentially symbolic missile blitz on Syria, so if he feels cornered he could play the same card again.

Every week that goes by without such a deadly move is, however, another week in which the free nations of the world advance the cause and strength of multi-polar solidarity. Whether it’s another deal cementing China’s ‘new silk road’ block, another stunning advance in Russian military technology, or another platoon of Syrian soldiers trained to use the S-300 air defence system, it all takes us a little further towards the final eclipse of Anglo-Zionist power.


What are the implications of US Sanctions imposed on Iran and Hezbollah?

Sanctions are a two-edged weapon

US sanctions on Iran are another factor which could very easily lead to very different sets of results. Sanctions kill children, the sick and the elderly; they are a weapon of war, so they inflict pain.

If the pain is enough to lead to CIA-backed ‘regime change’ in Iran, then the Anglo-Zionists will win a victory to bring to an end the string of defeats they have suffered in recent years. But if the Iranian people put up with the pain, and put the blame for it on the USA where it belongs, then it may turn out to be the pain that European businesses feel is the pain that counts.

Just as easily as causing the overthrow of the Iranian government, the sanctions could act as an important catalyst in splitting Europe from the USA. Just as the sanctions imposed on Russia by the USA and its puppets have ended up leading to major advances in Russian agriculture and home industries, so too the sanctions on Iran could blow up in the faces of those imposing them.

As for Hezbollah, I think it’s a mistake for those of us who know very little to try to judge the reality on the ground. But, once again, the Law of Unintended Consequences is in play here. The Anglo-Zionists launched their Islamist proxy war on Syria in the hope of smashing the Syrian Army. Instead, they have created a Syrian Army which – however war-weary some of its troops may be – is battle-hardened, hugely experienced and extensively re-equipped. And the same struggle has clearly propelled Hezbollah into the league of serious armed forces. The reason the Israeli lobby is working so hard to try to drag Western powers into a conflict with Iran and its allies is precisely because they know that the Israeli military would lose such a struggle if it tried to go it alone.

The Kurds, etc

The US continues to scrabble around for proxies.  One would hope that the Kurds are beginning to realise that their American ‘friends’ would sell them out completely tomorrow if they decided it was in their interest. But the fact that the latest Syrian peace conference went ahead without any input from or reference to the USA tells us a great deal about the waning of America’s global power.

The decision of United Arab Emirates to reopen its embassy in Damascus speaks volumes for the ongoing real power shift. The Anglo-Zionists will no doubt try to spark another war in an effort to disrupt the settlement of the Syrian issue, but even if they manage to do so, there is no reason why they or their proxies should fare any better than the defeated Islamist forces in Syria.


Russia plays a cautious and patient game

The Russians are continuing to play a cautious, patient game. The great risk to us all is that they conclude that America is about to respond to its continuing decline by launching an aggressive war on Russia. In which case, it is very clear that Russia has no intention of – yet again – waiting to be attacked and then having to defend on the back foot and on her own soil.

Such a conflict would be entirely of the Anglo-Zionists’ making, but that fact would probably be lost on a world frying in a nuclear holocaust! Western elite’s provocation and arrogance towards Russia is extraordinarily dangerous to us all.

What is the real game of Erdogan?

Erdogan cannot be trusted

He’s trying to adapt to the new realities of the increasingly multi-polar world, while surely not giving up on his New Ottoman Empire agenda or his Muslim Brotherhood sympathies. Overall, it’s far better that he’s going to Russian-organised peace conferences than shooting down Russian jets, but if the circumstances changed once again he could switch back into fully hostile mode overnight. We can only hope that his concerns about the Kurds (who are rapidly gaining demographic strength) will outweigh his bigger ambitions.

Britain and the EU

Britain is screwed whatever happens

Theresa May, and the large majority of the British political elite, are committed Europhiles. There is absolutely no doubt that she has deliberately agreed to a ‘deal’ so disastrous for Britain that it will be rejected. The prospect of a ‘no deal’ Brexit will then be used as the excuse for a second referendum.

In the three years that will by then have passed since the first one, several million elderly Brexit voters will have died or left the political stage, and they will largely have been replaced by younger voters who are either heavily brainwashed young liberals or are of immigrant stock and as such tend to have no interest in issues such as British history, sovereignty or tradition.

The EU’s standard practice when a vote goes the ‘wrong’ way is to insist that the country involved votes again, until it gives the ‘right’ answer. They did it to the French, the Dutch and the Irish. They turned Greece and Italy into failed states with Brussels Occupation Governments. Why would they and their local collaborators treat Britain any differently?

The good thing is that – just as in the USA – such essentially internecine conflict will tend to suck up energy which might otherwise be directed on the world stage. Given the particularly malignant role of the warmongering British ‘deep state’ (MI6 in particular) on the world stage, this is a real blessing.

Britain, however, is now very divided. Failure to deliver a meaningful Brexit could conceivably spiral into real civil conflict, but I think it is more likely to cause several million patriotic, ‘right-wing’ voters to give up on the political process in utter disgust – which would hasten the demographically inevitable triumph of the globalist left.

Britain is screwed whatever happens. Just as in most of the ‘West’, the elite project to ‘replace’ the indigenous peoples with more malleable and far less cohesive immigrant populations is so far advanced that it cannot possibly be reversed.

In twenty or thirty years, the people trying to stop the Islamist pot boiling over in Britain, France, Holland, etc will probably be visiting Syria to try to take home tips on how to preserve tolerance and plurality in a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional state riven by hatreds inspired by political Islamism and wound up by Zionist ‘divide-and-rule manipulation.

Do you have plans to visit Syria again?

I certainly hope to! My last visit to Syria was in the dark days of August 2013, when British premier David Cameron was poised to unleash the RAF in a re-rum of his destruction of Libya. I travelled to Damascus and wrote the letter which the Speaker of the Syrian Peoples’ Assembly (Parliament) sent to all British MPs urging them to vote against war. Both the BBC and Sky News reported on the letter as a key factor in the subsequent frankly surprising narrow parliamentary vote against war.

Having played a minor role in that pivotal moment, I would very much like to return to Syria again. The Syrian government and people have set an example for the whole world; their courage and constancy have been truly outstanding.

The pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom, of which I am the Vice President, maintains good relations with the Syrian Social National Party, which also of course has played a brave role in the struggle against the Western proxy Islamist invasion. As a ‘controversial’ former Member of the European Parliament, I remain a figure whose opinions are of interest to those who can see through the ‘fake news’ reporting of the Anglo-Zionist media. I am always happy to share my views and analysis with people whose eyes and ears are open. Today, that’s your audience. I hope soon that it will once again be good people in Syria – they deserve to know that they have friends even in the belly of the Anglo-Zionist beast!

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  1. Wouldn’t you think the war in Syria would have reached its end by now? Obviously some evil parties, likely the outlaws in the U.S. are keeping it going. After all they are there totally illegally as invaders. I wish Griffin had mentioned this. But I liked his intelligent comments.

  2. “Large majority of British political elite are committed Europhiles.” Europhiles don’t put Europe and its countries in danger, mayhem, migrant catastrophies, sanctions and constant warmonger state. I am sorry but Britain majority and Europhilia are more like Isil and Assad government. Europhilia is also hardly expressed through supporting EU, which is probably basis for such a statement, where the Brexit-yes government still pays for EU enlargement. Europhilia can only be measured in bilateral relations among European countries, and rid of culturophobia and rid of seeking constant perceptions into “who controls the Baltics, North sea, Black sea, Gibraltar,…”.

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